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Chapter 6

"Your my mate" He looked at me and smiled uncertainly.

"Well, thats, well, i love you Jasper" I said nervously and looked up to meet his glowing eyes. He reached over and stroked my face giving me goosebumps. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my warm lips. I felt like i was on cloud nine the entire ride through the dark forest. I leaned back in my seat as he started the ignition again and he reached over and took my hand in his cold one. I realized that i had only just met this boy not too long ago, yet i felt like i had known him my whole life. I felt happy for once.

"Where are we gonna go Jazz?" I asked him after waking up from a couple hour long nap. I yawned and stretched waiting for his response.

"We're almost there, we'r going to a small town in Oregon. We'll stop and buy you some new clothes and such at the little shopping place down the road. " He smiled at me leaning over to kiss me on the cheek.

"Alrighty, but why do we have to shop? I dont need new clothes." I pouted slightly as we parked next to a small boutique. I shoved on my sunglasses and pulled up my hood only to have it pulled down by jasper.

"I love your hair, dont hide it." He also managed to take off my sunglasses and throw them back into the car before shutting the door. I gaped at him. I was SO not going in the store without my sunglasses.

"Isabella, dont be difficult." He said quietly pulling me into the store. A pretty blonde girl turned and looked at him practically devouring him with her eyes. I put my arms around him possesivly leaning my head on his chest. He chuckled feeling my possesiveness and jelousy and put an arm around my shoulder playing with strands of my hair. The girl frowned slightly and came up to us.

"Im afraid we dont sell mens clothing here, but im sure youll find something else to your liking." She said in an atempt to be suductive and batted her eyelashes.

"The only thing in this store to my liking is the girl in my arms and anything she wishes to buy" He kissed my head and we brushed past her. I laughed rather loudly and smiled up at him pecking him on the lips.

"Noww, what would you like to buy?" He asked me gesturing around to the store. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Whatever you want" I answered. His eyes sparkled mischiviously and he went from rack to rack picking off items. I looked in distaste when i saw the different pinks, yellows, blue's and violets. He then went to the shoe section and picked out a variety of different shoe boxes and set everything on the counter. I closed my eyes unwilling to look at the price and when i opened them i found he had bought even more makeup and hair things. All in all he carried out around ten bags full to the brim. I groaned.

"Why so much stuff?" I asked taking a few bags to help out even though i knew he could easily carry it all.

"Well, we'r going to be living here for quiet some time so i wanted to be prepared for everything ,my love" He said putting the things in the trunk. I rolled my eyes smiling. He pulled my to him and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Now, why are you rolling your eyes love" He said grinning, he chuckled and kissed me on the lips for a few momments before letting me go. "We should go now, i want to arrive before dark sets in so you can see the outside of the house."

After about fortyfive minutes of driving through the forest we came to a small sparkling lake surrounded by trees and winding driveway. The house was gorgous two stories but not too big. It looked cozy despite its size and had a tower. I squeled jumping up and down and felt very much like Alice.

"Iv always wanted to live in a tower, like repunzal." I continued jumping up and down giggling madly.

"Well, then im glad i picked this house. He laughed at me and then carried the things inside. The living room was spacious, a large stone fireplace stood opposite of the door and next to it where two grand staircases and one spiral one that i assumed led to the tower. The kitchen was to the right, everything made of marble and stainless steel. Everything was very elegent a bit old fashinoned but i felt like i was in a palace.

"Jazz, can we go see the tower please?" I asked him pouting.

"After you, my sweet love" She placed his hands around my waist and one hand under my knees lifting me up bridal style. I laughed and he took off to the top of the stairs, in less than a second he put me down in a small room. There was nothing but a rug in this room and a door that led to the room in the tower. I opened the door and smiled, it was perfect. There where two sliding glass doors on the far side that led to a small balcony looking out over the lake. A king sized bed was to the left with a canopy and plush pillows, the floor was soft tan carpet and all around the top was tapestry curtains in a burgandy color, to the right was a flat screen tv and a large wooden vanity. There where two doors to the side of the balcony one led to an enormous walk in closet and one led to a spacious bathroom complete with a hot tub that looked out over the lake and a shower for two, a toilet and two sinks.

"Its absolutly amazing Jazz" I said turning to look at him.

"No, your absolutly amazing love" He said quietly looking at me intensly. I blushed and walke over to him slowly reaching up and kissing him with as much passion as i could muster. He pulled me closer and wrapped his hands around my waist deepening the kiss by running his cold tongue over my bottom lip and sucking it into his mouth biting down gently. I moaned loudly and he pressed me against the wall grinding into me.


We heard the doorbell ring and i seperated my head leaning it back and catching my breath.

"Damn it, who could that be? Stay here Bella" Jasper said. He let me go and jumped downstairs. I followed behind him looking down from the top of the stairs curiouse.

"Hello Jasper." A statesque blonde stepped into the room. She could send Rosalie a run for her money. She had big blonde curls sweeping down her back and large bright blue eyes, Her lips where large and glossy and pulled up in a smirk, her skin was pale and looked good with her extremely short baby blue mini dress and tall blue heels.


She walked up to Jasper and kissed him rougly running her hands in his hair. I stared in shock. And when Jasper reached around her waist to bring her closer and moaned slightly i felt my heart break into a million pieces. I covered my mouth and stepped back into the room shutting the door and locking it and letting my tears runn down my cheeks and stain the pillow as i fell into a nightmarish sleep.

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