Purge was a fun loving child. When he had the chance, he would play with others, and be happy. However, his parents put a stop to all that.

His mother was a tall woman. She was extremely skinny, and always wore a black dress, black high-heels, and red lipstick. Her black hair and grey eyes always made her look evil. She wants everything to go her way, or die. When she became pregnant, she became even crazier. However, she was a strong religious woman, and didn't believe in abortion.

Purge's father, however, was a small fat man. He was a ball of bitterness, and never liked anything. He wanted a baby girl, but instead got Purge.

Together, they both made hell for Purge's life. Cursing at him, calling him a bustard, and other names. By the time Purge was seven, he knew every cuss word. In fact, on Purge's third birthday, he learned one.

15 years before...

His mother staggered over to him. His father had jumped while on the third floor, knocking over a vase that was near Purge, but everyone thought Purge had done it. "You clumsy little maggot! How many times do we have to tell you to stay away from our stuff?" She grabbed him by the neck, opened a closet door, threw him in there, and locked the door. "When you've learned your lesson in two days, we'll let you out of there. You little bustard!" Purge started crying inside the closet.

It was dark in there, he was starving, and he had cried himself to sleep.

Purge spent a total of forty-nine hours in there. His mother opened the door. "Come on you little worm! Wake up! Your chore-list is building up!" She threw a broom, a sponge, a bucket, and a soup bottle at him, along with a list. "NOW GO!" The saddest part was that he didn't know how to read. So, he just cleaned everything. The cars, the garage, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room. He didn't finish until 4:00 A.M.

His mother found him sleeping on the floor of the living room. "This isn't the damn Crown Royal, now wake up!" She smacked him across his face. "Now go to your father's room."

Little Purge, with beat-red eyes, and a tired body, trudged up the one-hundred and thirty-seven stairs to his room. His father greeted him. "Hello. Now, here is what needs to be done." He gave Purge a set of keys. "Go to the breaker room and check the fuses box. Its spelled F-U-S-E. Then go to the basement and look at the pipes to be sure they are not cracked. If you do what I tell you, you'll be rewarded." He patted him on the head, and he went off.

His dad was nice. He wasn't tainted at all by evil...yet. Purge went down to the breaker room, put in the key, and entered. He opened a box that said, 'Fuse.' He looked at them in the dim light. He turned around to leave, when he tripped on something, and hit his head on a switch. The light went out. He heard four stomping feet coming. His mother opened the door. Behind her, was his father, looking sad. Purge rubbed his head. His mother picked him up.

"What the hell are you doing? Do you know how long it will be until we can pay someone to fix this switch?" She pointed at the broken switch. Purge's mother then put a hand up to smack him, and Purge closed his eyes, already feeling the pain.

His dad had grabbed her hand. "What the hell are you doing, Marien! You know not to smack a child! And you call yourself religious!" He pushed her aside and picked up Purge. "Marien, we may be in a broken house, and in a poor state, but love can get us through this. And apparently you know nothing about it...only when you married did yo-"

"How dare you talk about me this way? Do I have to straighten both of you out? This is my house, and I can make you both homeless. This little runt doesn't even deserve to live, and if you want to continue your lives now, do as I say." She stormed back into the house and disappeared.

Purge looked at his dad. "Why can't we just escape from her?"

"We would have nowhere to go...I've been such a fool. To marry her...your the only thing good in life anymore...and if we want to live we have to obey her." A tear dropped from his chin. Purge looked at the ground, relising that only death could help him escape that witch, and the crooked grey house on with gates, and everything that made him sad.

He was just a child, and couldn't do anything, but he had to try. To save his dad from her clutches. For all of hell that put together that monster, how could his dad marry such a creature? That night, they both slept wandering how to escape.