Purge was sitting on the long couch with his psychiatrist. He continued his story.

14 years ago; Marien's car...

Marien talked to the man. "Well, now we have Purge. Next, we shall hit the lock him up in the basement, and go to the next household. After that, let's return to Sasollya's house and gather their gems and valuables."
"Marien, that idea is just as lovely as you." He said.
Purge thought, "You don't know how lovely this monster is! She is a stabber and a smoker! Also a drinker!"
Marien put her hand on the man's hand. "You'll know how much after we collect our fortunes. Other then that, It's glad to see your energetic now. I don't know how I lived without you Dante." They pulled into the crooked driveway.
The man opened the backdoor. "Come on kid, get out." Purge got out and followed. Running away now was impossible. They both had guns, and the house was surrounded with a fence.
They reached the basement's entrance. As usual, Marien opened it, and then threw Purge inside...but this time there was a light in there. Unfortunately, the light only made it much more scarier.
Inside the room, there were bear traps, a tub filled with a white sea of foam, with smoke coming out of it. There was also a wooden board with some knifes and daggers in it. Purge looked around, only in horror. What was Marien going to do in this room? Purge could only fear for the worst. In the corner were some discarded pillows. Purge went over there and went to sleep in the pile.
He awoke to the sound of blades, and a muffled scream. In the corner, Marien and Dante had their hands over an old lady, while one of them was slashing her up, the other was holding her mouth and arms back. Eventually, the old lady died, and they put her into a bath-tub in the basement. A sizzling sound, along with smoke, filled the room.
Dante grabbed Marien's hand. "Now, we can go to Sasollya's house and claim our money." They left the room, as the body of the old lady melted away in the tub of acid.
Purge thought of an idea. He grabbed the chain of one of the bear traps and dragged it near the entry way, that way when Marien and Dante walked in, they'd both step on the traps. He could only hope that it would work...then he could open the door and see the sun shine and fresh purified air of a peaceful life...but as long as the tall dark shadows of those two cast their demonic wrath, all that was a dream and nothing more.
He then went to sleep, with the thought of how to kill or get rid of them both.

Note: To all the people who have enjoyed this series, I will be stopping for awhile. I've thought of a lot of ideas that I want to do. Sorry if this upsets any of you. Reporting from a chair in front of a computer, Mikhailnoise! Over and out.