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Author's Note: This is an AU fic based on the line that Gibbs said and my loyal St. Bernard was last. What happened if Tony really was a St. Bernard and Tony has a nice family his father never left him in Hawaii for two days and his Mom is still alive.

Loyal St. Bernard

Tony walked up the steps to his parent's house and rang the doorbell. He loved his parents and would always go and visit his parents when they didn't have a case and were allowed time off. His Dad opened the door.

"Hello, son. I am so glad that you called. Your mother is in the kitchen getting the food ready to serve."

"Hello, Dad. How are you doing?"

"Good and you?"

"I am good."

"I see you gave the staff a day off."

"Yes, I knew that you might want a chance to change."

"Good idea. I do need a chance to change and run."

He brought his bag inside and left it in the living room to take it up to the extra room since he was spending the night. He smiled as he made his way towards the kitchen and saw his Mom.

"Hi, Mom."

"Hello, Tony." She smiled as she walked up to him and hugged him.

"Anything I can do to help?"

"You can take the roast to the table."

He picked it up and then helped with the salad and the vegetables. After dinner his Mom Elizabeth went back into the kitchen and brought out dessert.

"Maria made the cheesecake and left it in the refrigerator. Tony did the dishes and then went outside and changed into a white, tan and black St. Bernard. He took off running around the backyard. He was lucky that his parents had brought a house that wasn't near anyone else, so he could change without changing inside and then coming outside. He was also lucky that he had mastered the change back with clothes on when he changed back. He got his changing genes from his father's side of the family. His father could change as well. He was a greyhound and he too changed running alongside his son. They played for a while and then finally they both changed back. His Mom was watching her husband and son run around the backyard. This is why they brought this place, so that Anthony Sr and Jr could run like this.

"Thanks Dad I needed that."

"It was fun running around the yard. I should start doing that more." Anthony Senior said to his son.

"Yes, it does feel good. I wish I could do that more often though. I can't change into a St. Bernard at my apartment and there's no dogs allowed either."

"You know that you're welcome here anytime you want."

"I know Dad, I know. Thank you."

Tony picked his bag up and made his way towards the guest room. He went and took a shower and then changed into his pajamas. He was very happy that his parents loved him and allowed him to come to their house and let him take out his energy by changing into a dog.

He stretched and yawned and rubbed his eyes as he woke up. He looked around and smiled. He could smell pancakes, bacon, eggs and potatoes being cooked. His parents had a cook, but they both knew how to cook themselves.

He got up and made his way downstairs to go into the kitchen. He found his Mom was putting orange juice on the table. His father was cooking the eggs. The bacon was already on a plate and so were the potatoes.

"Smells good."

"Sit down, son. Do you want coffee, orange juice, or both?"

"I'll have both." Tony made his way towards the kitchen and picked up a cup and poured himself some coffee and put the hazelnut creamer into the coffee stirring it as he walked to the table. He sat down and poured some orange juice into the cup that was sitting near his plate. When everyone had sat down they all served the meal onto their plates.

"Thank you for the breakfast. It was good. It's been a while since I had a homemade breakfast like that."

"You need to come over and spend the night more often, Tony."

"I know, but with work." He said leaving the rest unsaid.

After breakfast they went outside and walked around. He would change back into the St. Bernard later. Right now he wanted to talk and spend time with both of his parents. When they got back home they watched a movie that was in his Mom and Dad's DVD collection. He smiled as he sat down. His parents were the ones who gave him his love of movies because both of them loved movies too.

On Sunday he had to go back to his own apartment. He loved his parents and would love to spend some more time with them and loved that he could turn into a St. Bernard and run around the yard and nobody would know.

He wondered what the team would think of him if they found out that he could turn into a St. Bernard as he parked in his parking spot, got out and locked the door. He made his way up to his apartment and unlocked the door and threw his bag into the couch and his keys onto the table by the door.

The End