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Loyal St. Bernard

He was going to tell Ziva and McGee both at the same time. Gibbs told him to invite them over to his house and they could use the basement. Abby came along too because she wanted to see the others reaction.

"Okay, what I am going to tell you and show you today can't leave this room. Do you both understand?"

"Yes." Both of them said.

"McGee, you can't put anything that happens into a book, or even write about it."


"What I tell you could get me kidnapped and have tests run on me if it gets out."

"We won't tell, Tony." Both McGee and Ziva replied at once.

"Gibbs is going to enter me in the dog show coming up because I am going to be shifting into my canine form which is a St. Bernard."

"Really, Tony. This isn't science fiction."

Tony shifted into a white, tan and black St. Bernard. McGee blinked in shock and stepped back. Ziva had seen many things in her life, but never something like this. She grinned as the dog looked at both her and McGee. Green eyes were peering out at her. Then suddenly Tony shifted back into human form.

"Isn't that cool." Abby said as she clapped and bounced up and down. Tony grinned at the excited Goth.

"It's scientifically impossible." McGee finally found his voice.

"And this is why you can't tell anyone. Because somebody will want to know how this is possible. They will run tests on me and then if they see what I can do then not only is it I that will be in trouble, but both my parents. My father can also shift. He can shift into a gray Greyhound."

"I understand, Tony. I will not tell anyone your secret."

"Thank you, Ziva."

"Neither will I." McGee replied.

"Thank you, McGee. I am not telling Vance because I don't trust him. I know that he doesn't like me and if he knows about me he may tell someone and I'll be in trouble."

Tony walked into the dog show and sat at the sign in desk. He looked around to see if he could find out who was going to be killed and who was the killer. His collar, which was black and had spikes on it, was courtesy of Abby. She fitted the collar with Audio before she put it on him.

"What a beautiful dog you have there." The sign in person said.

"Thank you, Sir." Gibbs glanced down at Tony. Tony had told Gibbs that he could hear what people said and could think as himself in canine form. He wondered what he thought of what the sign up form said.

Tony was left alone in the dog holding area where the other dogs were currently being held for showing. There were a few people milling in and out, but not many. A man was walking amongst the dogs with a longhaired blonde who was glued to his side.

"As soon as I kill your husband we will be rich. Where is he? I don't want to run into him with you on my arm."

"Don't worry, he won't know that we are here. If we see him I'll tell him that you are my cousin's husband." She said as she extracted herself from the mans arms. "I can't wait until you get rid of Gary." She replied. She looked around. "There he is." She said as she nodded towards her husband. He wasn't looking at them. Tony looked around and saw the man who they were looking at.

Gibbs heard though his ear piece the entire conversation. He wondered if he could find out that guy who they were talking about. He didn't have to worry because a blonde haired man was currently petting Tony and he looked to like the attention. Tony looked up right then towards Gibbs and nodded that this was the man who they were supposed to protect. Gibbs made his way towards the stranger.

"Hello, my name is Gibbs." He showed the man his I.D. "We have some Intel that you are in danger. Someone in here is supposed to kill you." Tony had seen the killer already leave. "We will get you into custody until we find the killer." Tony watched as Gibbs told Gary to go with another Agent. Tony took off and smelled around the area. They had gotten close enough for him to get their scent and so he took off. The two people were in the next room. Tony butted the mans leg and the guy looked down. Tony looked to Gibbs who had followed him and Gibbs knew that Tony found the killer. He told Ziva and McGee to meet them that Tony had found the killer and what might be an accomplice in the woman who was on the man's arm.

They led the killer to the car and Gary who had seen them told one of the Agents that the woman they were leaving with was his wife. Gibbs came back after letting the other agents take the two back to headquarters. He came back to Tony when suddenly the speakers came alive to go show the dogs. Gibbs sighed as he led Tony around. He was surprised as Tony was picked out and he was given the first place ribbon. Only Tony would get a first place. He was told to stay a minute later because they were showing the winners from each category. He couldn't stay any longer, but he thought Oh, why not because he would let them sit in interrogation until he was ready anyways and it was right after this. They were told once again to lead the dogs around and Tony of course won again.

Back at the office Tony stood there watching the interrogation. He couldn't believe that he had won two ribbons. Tony watched as Gibbs broke the man and he found out that Gary's wife Brenda was in on the assignation attempt too. Both of them got life in prison for attempted murder.

The End

Authors Note: I wasn't sure if I should have, or shouldn't have put in Tony winning the ribbons in dog form, but then decided to. I hope you liked this story.