River Song brushes dust and rock out of the crevices of an ancient wall. Each stroke is gentle with flawless precision. Her curly golden blond locks are entwined with ribbon, cascading down her back in a long frizzy braid.

She blows into the crack to dispose of dust. River looks puzzled. She steps back and examines the wall in front of her.

"I can read it? I can read it!" River joyfully spouts as she runs down the corridor.

"Professor, Professor! You aren't going to believe this!"

River runs up and down the dimly lit cavern until she runs into her Professor. The bump causes him to drop a dirty, time worn necklace.

"RIVER SONG DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS IS WORTH?" He immediately leans down and picks up the necklace. After examining it the Professor pinches his brow and sighs.

"I'm sorry for yelling. I thought you broke it. You must be more careful. Now what caused you to come screaming down the corridor?"

"I can read the Pax sir."

"Pax is a dead language. No one can read it."

"But look!"

The Professor cuts River off. "Go back to camp. You've been working yourself to death. You're delirious. Get some sleep."


"Sleep River. Everyone needs it. Even you. Now go."

River storms off back towards the way she came.


"Yes professor?"

"The exit is that way."

River sighs and begins to exit the ruins.

River pouts for only a brief moment before she is consumed with reading everything on the walls around her. In her excitement she does not notice what is right in front of her. River slams her face on the back on the TARDIS.

She grabs her nose and yelps "OW!"

She examines the strange blue box in front of her. She pulls out her communicator and scans the TARDIS.

"Police box, 1960s, Earth. What are you doing here?"

River runs her fingers along the outside of the TARDIS. As she reaches the front the doors swing open for her.

Orange light fills her face. Her jaw drops open with a smile, and she steps in. River walks up the steps and to the console. The Doctor in his seat with his legs propped up and crossed. Lost in a book he does not look up and thus, does not notice she is there.

River runs her fingers along buttons but does not actually press them. She circles the consol several times, too mesmerized by this amazing sight in front of her to notice anyone else was in the room.

The Doctor looks up from his book and in surprise he jumps up and yells "AH!"

River jumps as the Doctor exclaims pulling a lever on the TARDIS console. She flips herself around and screams "AH!" in return. After she turns and makes a confused face. She leans on the console and accidentally presses the buttons her hands land on.

The TARDIS begins to whip through the vortex. River and the Doctor stumble back and forth trying to get their footing on the shaking ground.

"River? When did you get here? Why must you always hijack the TARDIS? If you ask, I'll take you there you know?"

"How do you know my name?"

River is unable to stand her ground, slips and lands on the Doctor, causing the both of them to slam to the ground. They bump heads. River's green eyes flash other colors as images of the Doctor and his different faces strobe by.

River whispers with absolute wonder, "Who are you?"

The Doctor looks confused. He thinks for a moment.

"Of course. Of course! Right then. Slight memory transfer. Don't worry you just got the basics. I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor Who?"

The Doctor laughs, filling the TARDIS console room. River looks confused closely followed by awkward. She blushes turning bright red as she realizes she is still on top of the Doctor; their bodies naturally curving and fitting together perfectly like a human puzzle.

As River climbs off of the Doctor he speaks first, slowly.

"So you don't know who I am then? It's not some little game that I don't know the rules to is it?"

River raises an eyebrow, and says nothing.

"Oh this is exciting," the Doctor squees as he claps his hands. "How did you get in here? "

"The doors swung open for me."

"And how did you know I was here?"

"The bigger question is why are you here."

"No no no . The bigger question is why you are here. It's never a coincidence with you."

"You are strange," she sighs. "If you must know I am working on my doctored in Archeology. I was on the excavation of the Patuxent ruins. I've been working out my thesis but hit a dead end. Then today, all of the sudden, I don't know... It was like the words were no longer in Pax, but in English. I wasn't translating it I was reading it."

"That was the TARDIS. She was translating it in your mind for you."

River pauses between each word, "What? How? Why?"

The Doctor makes a silly face.

"It's complicated."

"And I'm smart. So please, do go on."

"Well…" The Doctor began. "What is your opinion on time travel?"

"What does that have to do with anything? Misdirection in the form of changing the subject won't work on me."

"Oh my dear River. It has everything to do with the topic at hand."

The Doctor grabs River's hands and leads her over to the seat next to the TARDIS console. He lets go of her hand.

"The TARDIS is where you are right now. It's my, well, space ship… And time machine. The TARDIS translates every language. "

"I'm listening."

"The reason why you were able to read the ruins is I. When the TARDIS entered your proximity, aka this planet, she did what she always does. She translated for someone she recognized."

"It recognized me?"

"She. She recognized you."

"That just brings up another what, how and why."

River sits there staring at the Doctor intently, awaiting explanation.

"And now the conversation comes back to time travel. There is you now and all that you know. Then there is your future self who has experienced so many more things, known and loved people whom you yourself have yet to meet. Now let's say you are a time traveler. You go to the past and run into your older self. Technically you are not in the future, but you would be crossing your own personal timeline. I know you from your personal future, although not necessarily in 'the future'."

"You're longwinded. I like that. Besides I can't argue with that logic."

"Really? I'd thought it would take more explanation."

"Well, this thing is bigger on the inside, You know my name, and the words on the walls did turn into English for me. When faced with the impossible you mustn't reject it, but embrace it."

"River Song, you are something else."

She smiles.

"You have no idea... Well we have to have adventures together for future us to remember fondly don't we? So Doctor, show me the stars."

"Why don't I give you that tour first. The TARDIS is the most interesting place in the whole universe."