Somewhere, in a luxurious ballroom I had never seen before, I was watching a raven-haired boy twirl about a lavishly dressed princess about in a delicate and precise waltz. His delicate and handsome features were hardened with concentration, every step of his calculated and precise. The two danced together as elegantly as low soaring birds, each turn complimenting the other. It was as if their very souls were in unison. Under his curtain of dark hair, I could spot the small and charming smirk that the prince offered the princess. It was what I could imagine to be some encouraging and admiring gesture, though her eyes were fallen shut and she was lost in the world of the elegant and lovely waltz that the two had created together. It was as if his adoring gaze shone on her in his own secret way. I watched as the prince snaked his arm around the girl's thin waist and lean down towards her into a dip. As he pulled her back to her feet, the girl let her bright eyes flutter open to beam up at her prince, a small smile playing softly on her lips. The prince could only turn his gaze away, almost bashfully, as his cheeks seemed to color in embarrassment. Something about that beautiful princess struck a chord in me. She was wonderful in every way, majestic in every way I couldn't be, that prince I recognized was the one who I wished would look at me that same way -

"Sabrina." Luciano spat, tapping his foot impatiently with his arms folded over his chest. "How long are you going to stand there daydreaming? As soon as we finish practicing for one measly waltz, no less. Don't get so full of yourself just yet," He sighed, shaking his head in disappointment. Luciano took dancing more seriously than anyone in the entire kingdom. "You've got a long way to go." He made his way to the old fashioned record player stationed in the corner of the grand ballroom used only for dancing practices, sifting through the line of different music to dance along to for practice. He caught my eyes as I stood, dumbfounded, watching him. "What?" His cheeks flushed under my gaze until he sneered in response. "Do you think you're too good to practice now? Quit daydreaming," Luciano muttered again, averting his attention back to the records.

I can't say I'll ever be as good as I've dreamed. Frankly, I'd never had an interest in dancing until I ended up in this lush and beautiful kingdom called the Flower Kingdom, home to the annual Saint Lyon Ball that housed an elegant and fantastic dance competition that welcomed royals from all neighboring kingdoms. But if my hard headed and determined dance partner, Luciano, has anything to say about it, I'll have to be even better than I have ever dreamed I would be. Since he was a child, his passion was dancing. His brash and cold attitude makes me think he doesn't seem fit for such an graceful and delicate art, but when I watch him dance in the ballroom is when I see every inch of talent within him come flooding out. For that, I'm proud to be his partner. With that thought, I skipped up to him and leaned to look over his shoulder at the record he held in his hand. "

"Hmm? Swan Lake?" I prodded, leering up at him mischeviously. "Do you have a preference for ballet?"

"It happens to take quite a bit of skill to master!" He insisted in a huff. "But you would know that if you took this seriously."

I rolled my eyes at his usual barrage of insults. "What would it take for you to realize that I do?"

I've learned not to take them to heart, and that at his core Luciano was a sensitive but brash person - of course, I had yet to see his sensitive side. But I would still like to continue to believe that somewhere within that strict perfectionist brain of his was a nice guy. As such, I didn't mind being patient with him; as I should be as his partner anyway.

With that, Luciano whirled around and placed the record gingerly onto the player, lightly placing the needle onto its mark. He turned to face me again and extended his hand out invitingly, offering me a bright grin. "For you to dance with me again. Let's continue to practice, princess!"

"Of course," I consented with a returned smile, letting him take my hand into his. To the soft and subtly elegant tune of Swan Lake, I let Luciano escort me into the bright and beautiful world of dancing yet again, where every turn of our bodies was an art, and everywhere we looked we saw magic.

After the daily practice with Luciano, I had always found my body exhausted from the physical demands of dancing. For such a graceful art, it is physically taxing in every grueling way, and something that my body in its weak constitution will never grow used to. I heaved a weary sigh as I pushed open the heavy doors of the empty ballroom. Luciano was quick to leave as soon as we finished our allotted practice time for the day. Punctual as always, but I can't help but wonder if it's because he can't stand being near me for too long.

The sun had already set as I stepped outside and onto the dirt road. Across the road was my own dormitory soley for my own dwelling, and beside it was the castle of the Flower Kingdom. I had often made my way there whenever I had the chance, to be able to peer inside and witness some preperation for a new dance competition or royal ball. But the guard always stopped me and hindered my curiosity, saying if the King calls for it, I'll be summoned. Which was never. What a drag. Being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes, is it?

The crisp air was cool on my skin as I looked up to see the tiny bright stars dot the clear and dark night sky.

A princess, huh.

I seemed to have filled the role as easily as anyone could. Could it be that I had a talent for acting instead of dancing?

Of course, I did enjoy my new and carefree life here in the Flower Kingdom. Nothing but to wear beautiful dresses and be able to dance(which was proving to be quite the unexpected difficulty) was expected of me. No schoolwork, no chores, no petty teenage occurrences typical of average highschool life. I was glad to be rid of that and to accept this.

I felt a harsh wind rip through the heavy trees that lined the long roads that wound about throughout the kingdom. "Maybe it's time for me to get some sleep," I conceded defeat against the oppessive dark of the night and made my way up the road towards my dormitory building.

My wanderlust was getting the better of me, even in this perfect new life of mine. The routine of waking up early to rush into the dance hall and be scolded endlessly by Luciano was beginning to wear me down, and the stress of the oncoming Saint Lyon ball and the everyday expectations of a princess of the throne made me realize that this new life of mine was not as perfect as I was beginning to imagine.