Marion stared up at the building on the hill. Well it sure gave her the creeps, just looking at it. So, this was where Ezra worked? She sighed. She hated hills.

She pulled out her laptop and ran a few formulas through the system, connecting a few technical looking devices to the central gates. If she played her cards right she wouldn't get caught. She had thought about just walking away, thought about it a lot, but that was no longer an option. She had to know. It was all she had left now.

She managed to get through the gates without detection. Now came the hard part. Think cowboys and Indians, she told herself. But Running Bear and Little White Dove drowned in the river. Look, girlfriend, you see any rivers? She shook her head. She had to keep it together. She had come here for a reason. Now, all that was left was to determine that reason and finish the original operation.

She crossed her fingers. She had done away with her blonde wig and her red hair was done in two low pigtails.

She was almost upon the building when a deafening buzz began in her head. Images flashed across her unseeing eyes.

Marion fell down on her knees and was sick in the bushes.

She leant against the wall shivering, knees drawn up to her chest; every now and again her body gave her involuntarily twitch.

She couldn't go in there. She wouldn't go in there. She could barely move. 'Baby sister?' Her eyes grew wide at the voice in her head. Instinctively, she found herself trusting the voice.

"What?" she whispered inaudibly low.

'Baby sister came back.'

Marion moaned, a fresh wave of sickness churning her stomach.

'Baby sister control. Baby sister remember. Baby sister control.'

Her head was hurting so much. She just wanted to curl up and die. Anything would be better than this.


Marion shook her head.


"I can't!" she screamed. She didn't care if they found her. She didn't care if they killed her. If they killed her, then the feelings would go away. It wouldn't hurt anymore.

The voice in her head began to sing. 'Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own…' He couldn't remember the rest of the words, just the melody.

The world seemed to shift oddly before Marion's eyes. Colours morphed and changed, objects clouded and cleared again. Then she stood and brushed her clothes down.

Marion tossed her hair back, humming "humpty dumpty". The witch was back, and she meant war.

Parker stared at the redhead Brigitte look-alike. She turned to the Sweeper standing beside her, surveying the monitor with anger. "What she do?"

"Killed eight of our Sweepers."

Parker scoffed. "That pretty little thing?" she scorned.

"She ain't no Jenny from the block, that's for sure!"

Parker shook her head, disbelieving.

"Snapped the first one's neck, shot the other six with the gun from the first. The eighth got to her before she got another gun. Bit clean through his jugular. We had to tranq her. Four of my team are in the Renewal Wing because of her, and five others too. I should have just stuck a bullet in her head and finished it there."

Parker was feeling a little queasy now. "She really killed eight Sweepers?"

"She really did!" the Sweeper confirmed.

"How the Hell'd she get inside in the first place?"

"It seems she hacked the mainframe and overrode the gates without us knowing."

Ezra came bursting into the room. "The techies are going ballistic."

Parker rounded on her techie angrily. "Get! Out!"

"It's a virus, Miss Parker!"

"Then stop it!"

"I can't."

On the monitor, Marion turned to the screen and winked. A moment later the surveillance went blank, all of them. The PAs began to buzz. "BOO! The wicked witch is back. Quick, tie her down before she escapes with her magic flying ointment!" Parker jumped. The PAs cleared once more.

"What the Hell was that?"