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Minus this intro and the outro, there are 2000 words in this chapter.


2D woke up slowly to the dimly lit room. He had a mild headache; he was still coming off of the previous night's painkillers. He found his bottle and opened it easily. He swallowed two pills dry and sat up out of bed. Outside of the window, the whale passed by, causing him to shiver and look away. There was a visitor a few months ago, he remembered. The person made the whale disappear temporarily. He forgot how though.

His eyes widened as he remembered. The person had closed the curtains. Murdoc, that rotten sod, must have opened them while 2D was sleeping.

2D quickly drew the curtains together. He could still hear the groans of that terrifying beast, but at least it couldn't see him. He wished that person who had randomly shown up on the beach was still around, but the visitor eventually left, tired of waiting around for a key or something of the like. This left 2D as lonely as ever. He had no friends on the island, and no one to talk to, even. The cyborg didn't talk much, and when she did, she was usually just relaying cruel messages that Murdoc was too lazy to tell 2D himself. 2D avoided Murdoc as much as he could, and the maintenance guy was usually too busy screwing things up.

He thought about getting something to eat, but just didn't want to. He lit a smoke instead and left his room to go outside. He'd barely eaten in days, he mused as he took a long drag. These habits would be the end of him, his health declined every day. Maybe.. He thought to himself. 'f I wen' an' died, I'd be free of tha' rott'r.. 's all 'is fault anyways…

Firm steps from behind him made him tense.

"2D," called a cold voice resembling Noodle's.

"Wot." He said quietly, refusing to look at that metal mockery of his friend. "Wot d'yew wont?"

"You have not eaten in days."

"Yeah I 'ave." 2D insisted. "Why d'yew care any'ow?"

"My orders are to make sure you eat." The robot said coldly.

"Yew tell Murdoc tha' 'e can suck et." 2D said angrily.

He took another long drag and blew the smoke out through the gap where his two front teeth should have been. The cyborg took his arm in a bone-crushing grip, causing him to shake and drop the cigarette. The grip only tightened when 2D tried to pull away, and the cyborg began to drag him back to the condo.

"Leave me alone yew rott'n scrap o' met'l!" He yelled angrily.

The cyborg just continued on with 2D, not bothering to slow her pace even when he tripped and stumbled over the junk on the floor. She took him up to the patio, where Murdoc was sitting at a table.

"2D.." The Satanist trailed off in his familiar gruff voice. "Take a seat ol' pal."

2D looked between the cyborg and Murdoc, and sat reluctantly. There was a plate of bacon and eggs on the table.

"Why don' you 'ave yerself a bite?" Murdoc offered, his expression hard and unfeeling.

"'m not 'ungry. I don' need anyfing." 2D said.

He shrunk back a bit, expecting Murdoc or the cyborg to hit him, but no blows came- yet. Murdoc simply scooted the plate closer to the depressed-looking singer and eyed him carefully.

"S'not 'ealthy, you know. I can' have meself an unhealthy sing'r now can I?"

Murdoc leaned in, peering out from behind a sheet of perfectly cut bangs. The bassist's eyes pierced directly into the scared 2D's black ones, and 2D looked down at the plate, and then the fork beside it. He was hungry, ridiculously so, but the though of eating made him feel like he'd gag.

"Get a move on, face-ache. I don' 'ave all damn day to wait for yer slow 'ead ta figure this out." Murdoc barked.

2D carefully picked up the fork. He wanted desperately to not listen, to tell Murdoc to go away and then leave the forsaken island, but he was still stricken with fear. He ate slowly, avoiding eye contact with anyone.

"Ah, there we are. Cyborg, do fetch me a glass o' rum. Always need some wit' this dullard around."

2D didn't respond to Murdoc's abusive words, he'd learned to get used to them over the past 13 years. Instead he ate, somewhat defiantly at first, but as he took his first forced gulp, his body realized just how much it needed food. He ate a bit more quickly.

"See 'ow good that is, face-ache? 'm 'elpin' ya out here." Murdoc said.

"Wotever. I wont t' leave." 2D said between bites.

"Mm, methinks you'd best get used to it, poor li'l Stu-pot."

2D finished his food and stood defiantly.

"No, I wont t' leave an' yer gonna let me, you dir'y, evil bast-"

2D was cut off as Murdoc stood and slapped him hard across the face. He fell hard to the ground, holding the side of his face and whimpering in pain and fear. He looked up at Murdoc with sad eyes.

"Why d' yew 'ave t' 'it me so moch?" 2D asked, hurt.

"Cos I can do what'eva I want t' ya!" Murdoc yelled. "And cos yer so damn stupid! You woul'nt make it a damned day without me around tellin' ya what t'do."

2D looked down sadly. He held back his tears, knowing Murdoc would just hit him and throw more angry insults at him if he cried. He didn't have time to do anything before Murdoc's boot smashed into his chest though, sending him back a few feet and knocking the breath out of him.

"Get up, ya stupid dent face." Murdoc growled.

2D stood up slowly, wheezing. He wished he had someone to help him, even if it meant simply offering him a hand and helping him up. He wished he had a friend right now so hard that it made his poor, abused heart ache something terrible. He wished he had Noodle, the real one, or Russel… Someone, anyone to tell him that everything would be okay. He looked quietly at Murdoc with heartbroken eyes. The older man glared back, bearing his sharpened, green teeth angrily.

2D turned and walked down the stairs that lead into the study. The cyborg pushed past him, carrying a cup of rum and ice, causing 2D to stumble and fall. Luckily it wasn't a long drop, and he was able to catch himself and land on his feet. He entered the lift and made his way down to his room. The room was underwater, so there was naturally less light. It helped his migraines a little, but it still always depressed him. He just lay on his bed, now letting a few tears fall down his face. He was trapped in the prison of his own success. He was always trapped, it seemed. Murdoc was an ever-present demon in his life. The disgruntled bassist had even tracked him all the way to Beirut and asked to be part of this new project.

2D couldn't deny that the first two phases held a lot of wonderful memories for him, but they also reminded him of the loss of his friends Noodle and Russel. Then there were all the bad memories tied to them. So, of course, 2D just couldn't handle another phase, but then the evil Murdoc gassed and kidnapped him!

The long-limbed man turned over in the bed and switched on the radio. There was only static, as usual, so his popped in a cd, looking for whatever escape he could find in the soft melodies. His chest ached awfully where Murdoc kicked him, and his face still stung, not to mention the dull throb in his head that had leaked through the pain killers. He grabbed his head and curled up in a sad heap as the whale could be heard passing by and groaning.

"Make it stop, I'm going crazy! Just make it stop!" He cried.

The music broke into a sad beat, almost as if reacting to his cries. He let the calm melodies put him to sleep and let him escape his hell for a while.

He opened his eyes to the sight of little Noodle before him, sitting with her guitar, Russel's familiar form sitting at his drums behind her. Both figures looked at him with pitying faces. Then a cold hand with sharp nails and calloused fingers that he recognized all too well took hold of his hair and pulled him up.

"Come on then, face-ache, don' sleep on th' floor all day."

2D got up and looked around at the other three.

"W-wot 'appened?" He asked innocently.

"You passed out, man. You feeling okay?" Russel asked.

"Must be those drugs 'e's always on." Murdoc scoffed. "Just a li'l headache, can't you suck it up an' keep off those things for one day, eh?"

Noodle nodded.

"2D-san. Very unhealthy." She said.

"'m sorreh, guys.." 2D muttered.

"Yeah, just come play." Murdoc said as he picked up his bass and stood to the right of a keyboard.

2D walked towards the beautiful, polished keyboard, knowing the band was waiting for him, but before he reached it, everything before him was engulfed in a terrifying white. After that, he was alone. Far away, he heard the moans of a whale, and then spotted a grey dot in the distance. It moved towards him at break-neck speed. Frightened, 2D ran, but he tripped and turned to see the whale, mouth agape, moving in for him. He covered his face with his arms and shut his eyes tightly as a blood red engulfed him, his arms itched terribly; it felt like bugs were crawling beneath his pale skin. He rubbed his arms, trying to make the sensation disappear.

2D jolted awake and looked nervously at the clock. It was 17:00. He sighed and looked down at his arms to find that he'd scratched at them until they bled some. The blood disgusted him. He hated the night terrors that the medicines gave him, but nothing else could be done. A green cloth, clean and dry, sat at the foot of the bed. 2D picked up the cloth gratefully and wiped the blood from his arms. His muscles ached from the blows he'd been dealt earlier, and from his general lack of activity.

The day passed by without much incident, and 2D mainly just lay in bed, letting his music and his mind take him to a much calmer, much more peaceful place. A place without Murdoc and his creepy cyborg, mind you. He daydreamed of being up in the clouds, flying like a bird might, free of his pain and fear. He thought of the things Noodle had tried to teach him. She and Russel shared the concern that 2D was always caged, imprisoned by some invisible demon. Noodle had always tried to teach 2D to use his strength to gain freedom, and she always gave him that precious little defiant face of hers when he insisted that he just wasn't able to do that.

"When you feel stuck, you must use your strength to break out of your prison." She'd say in her cute Japanese accent.

"I ain' got any strenf, luv." He'd always answer with a goofy grin.

The young girl would just shake her head and look at him.

"You just don't know how." The young girl persisted. "But, you must find the path for yourself, or risk being lost forever."

"Look at'chu. Yew're so wise, li'l Noods." 2D cooed. "But yew know I'm not stuck or anyfing. 'm plen'y 'appy here."

Noodle just crossed her arms and gave 2D that look of hers.

The singer smiled at the memory. He missed Noodle the most, though now he was sure he'd be a bit scared of her because of that ruthless cyborg.

"I 'ate this place.." He murmured to himself.

So, new fic centering on 2D. I rediscovered my love for Gorillaz after seeing their latest video for 'On Melancholy Hill.' From there, I discovered the world of Plastic Beach, and many, many other wonderful Gorillaz songs that I hadn't heard before. With this new resurgence of Gorillaz love for me, I have also fallen in love with 2D, whose story for me has become more and more tragic as I continue to learn about it. I think that he's adorable, lol. But I do really feel bad for the uphill battle he seems to have to fight daily, so I decided to write about his day to day life on plastic beach. I might add story events as they happen in the real Plastic Beach storyline.

Any love would be appreciated, shows me that you guys are out there, and it feeds my creative hand when I can't do it all by myself.

(For those less familiar with 24-hour time, 17:00 is 5:00pm)

Quick glossary. I tried to write dialogue in the unique accents that we see in Gorillaz, but obviously, that makes it a bit harder to understand it at times. So here's just a few terms that might be hard to figure out. Sorry if they're obvious, just making sure.

Cos: Cause (because)

Dir'y: Dirty (British accents seem to almost lack a hard 't' sound at times, so that's what that's about)

'f: If

'it: Hit

'm: I'm

Moch: much

'ow: How

's: it's

Strenf:Strength 'th sounds tend to come out like 'f' sounds in 2D's accent

Wont: want, not to be confused with won't

Yew, ya / yer: You/you're or your

Thanks for reading! See you all soon!