I struggled with this story for a long time. Attempted a new technique - Created story in head, then wrote a synopsis, expanded upon synopsis. Turns out that doesn't really work for me. I still am not completely happy with the story but figured I'd publish before it drives me crazy.

Anyways, can't get better if I don't get any critiques.

Revelation: Chapter 1

A beautiful summer day in Konoha, the sun shines brightly through the cloudless pale blue sky. Shizune, the seemingly mild assistant to the Fifth Hokage, strolls through the streets running errands for her Lady. As she rounded a corner her eyes were overcome with a bright orange object. Slightly stunned it took her a few seconds to realize it was Naruto Uzamaki in his synonymous garb. With a telling smile she greeted Naruto.

Exchanging pleasantries Shizune held her arms tight against her chest accentuating her breasts, Naruto could not help but notice. He quickly regained control of his eyes and brought them to Shizune's. Now scratching the back of his head with a smirk drawn across his face, Shizune began to think of how much Naruto had grown. Now 19-years-old, he had grown in not only height but in power. Maybe he really could reach his goal of Hokage.

Shizune was lost in thought as Naruto tried to gain her attention. She quickly snapped out of her daze and realized what just happened, with a slight blush she sheepishly apologized. Remembering there were errands to do, Shizune said goodbye to Naruto and they parted ways. The seemingly mild assistant was now walking down the street with a slight skip in her step sporting an adorable smirk reaching ear to ear.

This little encounter did not go unnoticed. A villager walking by noticed Shizune and Naruto's conversation. This villager took note of Shizune's seemingly joyous reaction to having seen Naruto. As she past the villager, with a hint of laughter he said:

"You know, most people look down on a woman going after a younger man."

This caught her off guard. Not knowing what to make of the man's comment she gave him a quizzical look and kept walking. Shizune kept on with her errands, but never was she able to push that villager's words out of her mind.

Later, at her home, she grabbed a cup of hot tea and began to relax. Shizune closed her eyes and was taken back to her encounter with Naruto earlier that day. A smile etched across her face. Then those words, "...going after a younger man." Those words echoed in her head. Shizune opened her eyes.

Could she really have feelings for Naruto? Thoughts of the knuckle-headed ninja ran through her head. Shizune began to blush and her body was heating up. Quickly she got to her feet and started fanning herself in an attempt to cool down, making her way to the nearest window she watched as the sun was getting lower in the sky.

The sky a magnificent orange as the sun set, the skilled medic contemplated on whether or not she really did have a more than formal attraction towards Naruto. Content with her decision, Shizune made her way to Naruto's place to confront, and hopefully make sense of her feelings.

It was warm and a little muggy, just before dusk Shizune stood at Naruto's door. Waiting. Waiting for the words she needed. Minutes passed before she gained the strength to knock.

"Oh, hey Shizune." Naruto exclaimed as he opened his door.

Shizune just stared at him as she took in a deep breath, stalling for time as she tried to remember her excuse for being there. She couldn't.

"Hello, Naruto. May I come in?"


They both sat at his "kitchen" table. Shizune and Naruto sat across from each other, after a few minutes of silence Naruto started the conversation.

"So, why did you come over?"

"How has it been going, Naruto?" Shizune seemingly oblivious to what Naruto had just said.

"Okay I guess. How 'bout you?"

"Oh, I've been doing just fine. Have you learned any new jutsu?"

"Just been practicing..." The chime of Naruto's microwave interrupted him.

Naruto looked at the microwave then back at Shizune, she smiled and motioned him to go ahead. It was a bowl of instant ramen that had been in the microwave. In his usual fashion Naruto retrieved the scorching hot bowl with his bare hands, the bowl then preceded to burn his hands. Naruto dropped the bowl spilling it's content all over his shirt and pants. He let out an excruciating scream as the hot liquid ran down his skin.

Her medical training, and concern, kicking in. Shizune quickly ran to Naruto's side. Knowing that the clothing was just trapping the scorchingly hot liquid on his skin, Shizune quickly disrobed the blond haired ninja, leaving only his boxers. She then led Naruto to his bed where she laid him out. Utilizing her medical jutsu the burns are healed and the pain subsides.

Shizune sits next to Naruto on his bed. As he sits up Shizune says:

"Are you feeling better?"

"A lot, thanks."

"Does that happen often?"

"Well … It's not the first time I've done that." Naruto replies while scratching the back of his head.

They both smile. It is just then that Shizune realizes Naruto is in his boxers. Her gaze quickly goes to her feet as her body starts to heat up and her cheeks turn red. Dim as he may be Naruto notices.

"Shizune, are you okay?"

Her head lifts to meet Naruto's eyes. With hesitation Shizune is able to muster the will to ask one question.

"Naruto … what do you think of me?"