Revelation: Chapter 2

"What do I think of you?" Naruto confusedly replies.


"I don't know, what do ya mean?"

"Well, am I nice?",

"Yeah, you've always been pretty nice to me.",

"Am I pretty?",

"You have your moments.", Naruto says with a smirk, Shizune smiles back

"Naruto?" Shizune's glance moves back to her feet, "Do you like me?",

"Yeah, I like you. You've always been good to me."

Shizune looks up at Naruto, she pulls herself closer. Hesitation and excitement fill her body.

Naruto, not sure of what's going on, just sits still.

Shizune brings her lips to Naruto's. As they touch Shizune recoils slightly but begins again. A shiver runs down her spine. Naruto gets into the action returning Shizune's affection. Each moment more intense than the last. Naruto's lust takes over as his man-hood begins to harden.

Shizune quickly disrobes, her clothes strewn out on the floor she returns to her kiss. As her breast touch the warm damp air Naruto becomes fully aroused. He could not hold back his urge to caress her supple mounds. Shizune lets out a soft moan into Naruto's mouth as he massages her breast. She moves her hand down to his crotch. Stroking his rock hard shaft through the cloth of his boxers.

Naruto lifts up from his bed as Shizune slides off his boxers. His dick no longer being contained springs up, stretching high like a monument.

Only now does Shizune break the kiss. She looks at Naruto's dick, lowers her head and gives the tip of his rod a good lick, circling her tongue around the top of his penis. Naruto gives off a quick laugh and moan to this incredible feeling.

Shizune plunges down on Naruto's penis, slowly moving up and down enjoying every inch of his man-hood. Shizune lifts her head, pulling off Naruto's dick. She straddles Naruto, he laying on the bed legs together, Shizune on her knees on either side of the aroused ninja's body.

Holding her pussy right above the tip of his penis. She takes her middle finger into her mouth getting it wet. She runs her wet finger on the lips of her vagina, then plunges it deep inside her.

She uses two fingers to spread the lips of her pussy open, then slowly lowers herself onto Naruto's throbbing dick. Slowly descending on Naruto's hard rod Shizune's body shakes with pure ecstasy. Naruto grabs onto Shizune's ass and rams her down onto him. The sudden force causes both Shizune and Naruto to yell out in pleasure.

Naruto lays flat on his bed, Shizune collapses onto him, her head resting on his shoulder. Naruto wraps his arms around Shizune holding her tight to his body. Both breathing rapidly unable to control their bodies.

Their embrace lasts minutes, they finally regain control of their senses. Naruto's rock hard dick still plunged deep into Shizune.

Shizune brings her head up so she can look into Naruto's eyes. Both smile. Naruto brings one hand to her face brushing her hair away. His other hand resting on her firm ass.

They kiss, probing each others mouth with their tongues. Shizune starts rubbing her crotch against Naruto's, stirring his dick inside her pussy.

Holding her tight to his body with the hand on her ass, Naruto slightly pushes himself into Shizune in time with her grinding. The grinding became more aggressive and turned to light prodding as Naruto lifted the medical ninja's ass and let it drop back onto him.

As Naruto reaches his climax he pounds into Shizune harder and harder, he grabs both of her ass cheeks like handles and rams his dick as far into her as possible. When he releases his load, both Naruto and Shizune, disengaging their kiss, arch their backs and let out euphoric moans.

They both collapse onto Naruto's bed. They lay there enjoying each others embrace.

Once they regained the strength they both sat up.

"Damn, that was awesome!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Shizune agreed with an embarrassed smile.

Shizune and Naruto have a short conversation about what happened. Where Shizune explained that she thought she might have had feelings for Naruto, that's why she came over. Naruto then thought about pregnancy. Shizune comforted him revealing she knew a contraceptive jutsu and would take a morning-after elixir just to be safe.

Before Shizune headed home she wanted to clean up, Naruto led her to his shower. Shizune started the water as Naruto got her a clean towel. The shower now going Shizune stepped in. Naruto returned with the towel and was met with an amazing sight, Shizune's body glistened as water streamed down her body. Drawn in by her beauty Naruto joined her in the shower.

The spikey-haired ninja placed his hands on Shizune's shoulders and slowly ran them down her back and came to a rest on her hips, he then pulled himself into her body. Shizune turned to Naruto, they kissed. Since Shizune pleasured him earlier, Naruto decided this time he would return the favor. With warm water running down her body. Naruto lowered himself to Shizune's womanhood.

He parted the lips of her cunt, savoring her smell. His tongue massaged her clit, she grabbed both her breast, one in each hand firmly kneading her tits. Naruto's tongue explored Shizune's tight pussy, soon she climaxed, the walls of her vagina convulsing translucent liquid erupted. Naruto raised up kissing Shizune's body on his way.

They took turns soaping each other up, and rinsing off. Once clean they toweled off, exited the bathroom and headed towards Shizune's clothes.

As she dressed Naruto said:

"I really hate to see your body covered up like that."

Shizune shyly smiled and continued dressing. As her kimono covered those firm mounds Naruto placed a hand on the back of the medical ninja's neck and brought her into another sensual kiss. They embraced each other for moments, Shizune broke the kiss as she had to leave.

As Shizune walked out the door she couldn't help but smile as a completely nude Naruto waved goodnight. The whole walk home her hand was firmly placed upon her heart and a slight smile across her lovely face.