Title: I Promise You (1/?)
Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Puck/Kurt, Kurt/OMC

Summary: Puck witnesses a fight between Kurt and his boyfriend that turns physical when Kurt ends things with the other boy. Rushing to Kurt's defence, two vows are made to Kurt that day. One promises safety, the other promises anguish.

Disclaimer: SOOO not mine! I'm totally playing with someone else's barbie dolls.

Warnings: AU-ish, Abuse, Graphically Explicit Male on Male Sex, Violence, Romance, Swearing

Word Count: 4058

A/N: The Story is set in Lima still but in my version Quinn isn't pregnant and a few other things will probably be slightly different... hence the AU, haha. This is my first multi-chapter fic ever, I'm currently posting it on LJ and decided to post it here too, I have 6 chapters written so far (all of which are posted on Livejournal) this story is still in progress, not to sure how long it is going to be, haha. Enjoy my lovlies!

Puck wandered the halls of William Mckinley High School bored out of his freaking mind. It was fourth period math, and he hated math. Well... hate was such a strong word. He didn't hate it, it just bored him to tears. Math had always been something he was extremely good at, he showed up for the tests and quizzes and exams and aced them, and that's all that really mattered in his opinion. He didn't need to show up for the other boring crap.

Normally, Puck would be taking up residence in the nurse's office for his daily nap during fourth period. Not this time. He had way too much on his mind. Mainly one person - Kurt. He wasn't quite sure when exactly, or why, but he had developed feelings for the short brunette. It all started after he joined Glee club and began to see the soprano in a whole new light. He found he liked this new version of Kurt he saw. Confident, charismatic, funny, strong, he could go on and on. Kurt seemed to be a pretty amazing person, and the jock had started actually taking the time to get to know the young fashionista. Man, that first conversation was awkward, he thought to himself.

"Hey..uhh...Kurt?" Puck stood there awkwardly, scuffing the toe of his shoe on the ground.

Kurt turned around, eyes wide with amusement and shock at the unusual tone in Puck's voice. "Puck... how can I help you?"

Puck shifted uncomfortably under the glare Mercedes was shooting him from behind Kurt's shoulder. He stared at the ground, glancing at Kurt briefly, unsure how to proceed.

"Well...? Are you going to just stand there? I don't have all day you know" Kurt said impatiently, feeling the awkwardness of the situation himself

"Uhh yeah...I mean no! Uhm... I was just uh.. yeah. I've been a huge asshole to you, for quite some time. Like... I know I've been a really shitty person and all and you have no reason to believe me but like-"

"Puck, you're rambling." Kurt interrupted, "Please get to the point."

Puck flushed a bit, but continued on. "Sorry...I'm sorry... fuck like... I just want to call a truce to this whole...thing I got going with you. I'd just like to talk... maybe get to know you."

Kurt eyed Puck suspiciously. "A truce? *snort*...yeah ok! What's the catch?"

"Yes a truce. No catch... I really am sorry."

Kurt eyed Puck warily and then sighed. Going against his better judgement he held out his hand for the buff jock to shake. "Truce... but so help me God if I find out this is all some elaborate scheme you'll regret it."

Puck smiled to himself and shook his head lightly at the memory. Puck had indeed kept his word and the truce had been formed. They weren't exactly the best of friends when it started but they were a lot friendlier to each other than they had been in the past. Kurt still kept Puck at a distance, not fully trusting the jock that easily. That distance got increasingly shorter as time went on though, and Puck was determined to eradicate it completely. At least he was, until Kurt got a boyfriend.

That one hurt to think about now. Ever since Kurt started dating Tony Riolla, Puck pulled away slightly. He wanted the soprano to be his, not someone else's. He couldn't quite understand what Kurt saw in this guy anyway. He was a totally sleaze bucket! He had it written all over him, from his slicked-back-with-gel black hair, down to his pointy toed alligator skinned shoes. As far as Puck was concerned, this chump did not deserve Kurt in the slightest. Kurt was way too good for him; hell Kurt was probably way too good for Puck, but Puck thought he was a little more in Kurt's league then this Tony guy. What did he have that Puck didn't? Puck was muscular, he was hot, he could be a nice guy, he was charming and he was a gentleman. Tony? Tony was a dick head. He yelled at Kurt all the time, they were always fighting, he never held the door for Kurt, or pulled out his chair for him, or gave him rides to and from school. Ok, so Kurt didn't really like anyone driving him around it was the thought that counted though right? Bottom line, Tony was a jackass. A bigger jackass than Puck ever was and that's saying something because Puck had been a huge douche. He still remembered that one fight Kurt and Tony had while he, Mercedes, and Brittany were over for movie night.

"Kurt, what the fuck? What the hell are you doing?"Tony spazzed out as he frantically wiped at the coca-cola that had spilled onto his jeans.

"Excuse you? Don't you talk to me like that! It's only coke!" Kurt replied, his voice trembling with anger.

"Only coke? ONLY coke? This is going to make a stain so huge the dry cleaners won't even be able to clean them! They're ruined! What kind of an idiot are you? God you can be so STUPID sometimes!"

Puck had to take a deep breath to calm himself down. Yeah, Puck really didn't like the bastard. He couldn't stand the way he treated Kurt and he wasn't too sure why Kurt stayed with him. It wasn't his place to meddle though, he guessed. If the dick head made Kurt happy, Puck would begrudgingly stand by the side and keep his thoughts to himself. He had worked so hard to earn Kurt's friendship and he didn't want to chance ruining it by bashing the guy to Kurt, even if it was true. The sound of the bell ringing, signalling the end of the period, brought Puck out of his thoughts. He happily headed over to the cafeteria for some much needed food, all of the thinking had made him hungry. He patted his stomach as it let out a load growl - patience my pet, he thought, patience.

He got to the cafeteria and joined the usual table of gleeks he now sat with instead of the football jocks. Becoming friendly with Kurt made Puck realize how much he really disliked the assholes he called teammates and used to call his friends. They did however stop picking on Kurt once Puck started hanging around him. Puck had made sure of that, several times, connecting his fist with Karofsky's face every time the guy so much as breathed the wrong way in the soprano's direction. He eventually got the hint and backed the fuck off.

"A penny for your thoughts, white boy?" Mercedes said, casually sitting down across from the jock with her lunch.

"Pennies? I love pennies! Can I have one?" Brittany chimed in enthusiastically.

Mercedes stared at Brittany dumbfounded for a second before shaking her head. "Brittany, 'A penny for your thoughts' is a figure of speech. No damn pennies are actually going to be given out."

Puck chuckled to himself at the exchange. "Just thinking about how nice it is that I don't have to pound anyone's face in anymore to keep them from fucking with you guys"

"You mean to keep them from fucking with Kurt?" She smirked at Puck's blush. "I know you don't think I believe you did that for anyone but him"

"Hey, they leave all of you alone don't they?" The jock responded, still blushing. Ok so he had originally done it solely for Kurt's sake.

"Added bonus. You weren't thinking of us when you used Karofsky's face as your personal punching bag over and over again. Conveniently after he would do something to Kurt might I add." The diva's smirk bloomed into a full on smile. It was no secret between Mercedes, Brittany and Puck that Puck had feelings for Kurt. Mercedes and Brittany swore to Puck they'd never tell Kurt, even though they both thought the jock would be a much better boyfriend for the fashionista. They didn't think too highly of Tony either and Brittany thought highly of everyone. She would make friends with a wall if you'd let her.

Puck played with one of the strings on his hoodie and muttered bashfully, "Yeah, whatever." He looked around suddenly noticing Kurt was nowhere to be seen. "Speaking of which, where is Kurt anyways?"

Mercedes and Brittany shared a knowing look and Brittany spoke up, biting her lip somberly. "He's having lunch with Tony somewhere. He said something about Tony wanting to be alone with him, not liking the way he acted around his friends or something. Kurt seemed pretty upset actually. He hates it that Tony doesn't like us."

Mercedes immediately recognized the dark look that spread across Puck's face. "Now you listen to me! I hate the the dirty sleaze bucket as much you do, but he is Kurt's boyfriend. If you go rushing off to give him a piece of your mind, and by mind we all know I mean fist, it's only going to prove to Tony why he shouldn't like us and then he'll really try to keep Kurt away from us," Puck's jaw twitched and his fist clenched even tighter. Mercedes didn't like using Puck's feelings for Kurt against him, but in times like this, it was the only way to keep Puck thinking rationally, so she rushed on. "Besides, you won't exactly be in Kurt's good graces if you send his boyfriend to the hospital!"

Puck relaxed a little at that thought and finally deflated, letting his anger subside. "Right... You're right.. but... FUCK!" He slammed his fist against the table.

Two sets of hands rested on his, both squeezing comfortingly. "I know it's difficult Puck, but Kurt's a smart boy, and he's strong. He's not gonna let some guy tell him who he can and can't be friends with. That's just not who he is. You'll see"

"I know, Mercedes, I'm not worried about Kurt not hanging out with us. I'm worried about Tony not giving Kurt a choice." Puck said darkly, finally allowing himself to talk about his true thoughts on the sleaze bucket.

Brittany gasped and Mercedes said worriedly, "Puck, are you saying..?"

Puck nodded. "That's exactly what I'm saying. I don't trust this guy, girls. Something about him just doesn't sit right with me"

Brittany scrunched her nose. "I never really liked his shoes... and they obviously had no choice in whether they were going to be shoes are not either... I think I may actually agree with you Puck, but... what can we do now?"

Mercedes just shook her head. "Nothing... we can't do anything. We can't tell Kurt this, it'll just freak him out and drive him further into Tony's slimy grasp."

Puck looked away angrily "Fucking...shit, so I'm just supposed to sit here and wait and pretend I'm happy for him?"

The diva smiled sadly. "Oh we don't have to be happy, but we can't do anything until something happens that proves Kurt's in danger. As soon as it does you have my full permission to beat the living daylights out of the little shit."

Puck smiled a little at that. "I guess I can handle that"

It was time for Glee before Puck saw Kurt that day. The brunette came trudging into the music room, a frown in place where a smile would normally take residence. The jock ached to comfort him, to tell him that everything would be alright. He'd make it alright, make that louse of a boyfriend treat Kurt like the treasure he truly was. The boy deserved no less than that. More than anything Puck longed to wrap his arms tightly around the smaller boy, whispering promises of love into his ear, while kissing him tenderly. "Ffffuuuucckk," Puck groaned inwardly, muttering to himself, "I've really got it bad"

Watching Kurt plunk down in his usual seat beside Mercedes, Puck opted to stay put in his chair, deciding that it would probably be best to not cause a scene in front of all the Glee kids. Kurt hated making a scene, especially when it came to things about him and his personal life, so he decided to talk to him after practice, once everyone had left.

Rachel was ranting again about togetherness and how they needed to act as one if they were ever going to beat Vocal Adrenaline, and blah, blah, blah. Oh he'd beat them alright - to the ground that was. Every time they competed against them that one snake from the tenor section eye-fucked the shit out of Kurt and it drove Puck insane! Kurt was his and that little fuck twerp had no right eyeing him up. Ok, so Kurt wasn't really his, but they didn't know that. For all they knew he was fucking him. He felt his cock twitch enthusiastically at that thought and he leaned back further into his chair letting himself indulge in the delicious image his brain happily provided him when the sound of Kurt talking snapped him out of it.

"Mercedes, I can't take it anymore. He's gone completely nuts! He's jealous and angry all the time now and won't stop harassing me about not being friends with you guys anymore."

Mercedes grabbed Kurt's hand, sounding incredulous. "What? Are you serious? Who does he think he is?"

Kurt responded, exasperation lacing his voice. "I know! What the fuck? I'm not down with that. He can't control me. Like, not liking you guys is one thing, telling me I'm not allowed hang out with you guys anymore is a completely different story!"

"I can't believe the fucker would actually try to pull that shi-"

"Guys, are you even listening to me?" Rachel cut Mercedes off, sounding annoyed. "See this is what I was talking about when I said..."

Kurt, Mercedes and Puck slowly tuned Rachel out as she started going off on another long winded rant. Man did she ever stop talking? Puck allowed hope to build inside of him for the first time. Kurt wanted to break up with Tony huh? Maybe he had a chance with the other boy after all. He just had to be a little more patient. He'd play the sympathetic friend for a little while longer then as soon as Kurt seemed ready to move on he'd swoop on in and claim his prize. It was a completely brilliant plan. All he had to do now was wait, but fuck was he impatient. Kurt's worth it though, he thought to himself, he'd always be worth it.

About half way through Glee practice Puck noticed Kurt lean in to Mercedes and whisper something into her ear. She nodded smiling encouragingly at him and Puck watched curiously as Kurt packed up his things and slipped out of the room. She spoke up when Mr. Shue stopped the song. "Personal reasons, Mr. Shue. He said he's sorry but something just came up that he had to deal with."

Mr. Shue seemed to be ok with her explanation because he turned to nod at the accompanist and immediately started up the song again. Puck took the moment go to Mercedes and sit beside her asking casually, "What was that all about?"

She looked at him with a knowing smile. "He's gone to break up with Tony."

It took all of Puck's willpower to swallow down his excitement. "Really? That sucks, is he ok?"

Mercedes bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud. "Yeah, I can tell you're really broken up for him about it. He's ok I guess. He seemed a little upset but he was more angry than anything."

"Hmm, well good - Kurt deserves better anyway."

"Hey now, Romeo, I know you're wanting to make your move and all, but at least let the oven warm up before you put the cake in, you know what I'm saying?"

Puck raised a hand to his chest in mock indignation. "I don't know what you're talking about! I'd never try anything-"

"Oh, puh-leeeease!" Mercedes cut him off. "Don't even try that! Besides, I didn't say not to make a move, because trust me, and I never thought I'd actually ever say this, I'm all for it."

Puck smiled faintly at her. "Really?"

"Yes, really. All I'm saying is to give my boy some time to breath before making your move on him, ok?"

A gigantic grin spread across Puck's face. "No worries Mercy, I hear you. I've got it all planned out."

"...Mercy? Really? You seriously just called me 'Mercy'?"

"I could call you sweet cheeks if you'd like?"

Mercedes rolled her eyes and face palmed. "God kill me! Why couldn't you just call me Aretha again? At least the bitch could sing and was fierce!"

Puck laughed and they quietly joined back in the song, thoughts of Kurt racing through his mind and how he should go about actually making his move on Kurt. Should he give him flowers? A gift? Ask him on a date or kiss the hell out of him? He sighed; he was clueless when it came to things like this. Did Kurt like what girls did? Would he want romance and all that sappy shit? Or would he just want Puck to be blunt and straight forward?

Fuck, why was this so complicated?

Puck strolled out the school whistling a happy tune as he headed towards his truck and he waved good-bye to the other Gleeks. "Smell ya later!"

They all waved back and shouted out their good-byes before getting into their respective cars and driving off. Puck continued on to his truck and was just about to get in when the sound of people arguing stopped him. Carefully, he peeked around the edge of the truck, trying to catch a glimpse of who was fighting. He gasped a little when he noticed it was Kurt, having what appeared to be a VERY intense screaming match with his boyfriend...well ex-boyfriend now, he guessed. "Must not be taking it too well," The screaming became louder, and Puck found himself glued to the spot. Something about the situation made him want to stay and make sure Kurt would be alright.

"Who the fuck are you to talk to me like that, you little shit?" Tony screamed out, the look in his eyes was wild and slightly psychotic. Quite frankly it kinda freaked Kurt out a bit.

"Fuck you! Who are you to talk to me like that! You're an ass, Tony! You've always been an ass, and you've never treated me right! This bullshit you pulled today is the final straw. I can't take this jealous, angry, crazy, obsessive behaviour anymore! I'm not some THING you can pick up and control!" Kurt was shaking with anger, his voice wavered slightly but he kept it firm. "It's over, Tony! We're done!"

"About time!" Puck mumbled to himself. He silently cheered Kurt on and seriously thought about doing a crazy, football touch-down, happy dance but before he could his private celebration was cut short by Tony's response. Puck's face drained of all its colour when he got a good look at the guy. This wasn't going to end well. He crept a little closer, becoming more concerned as the long seconds dragged by.

Tony's eyes went dark, his face void of emotion. "What did you just say?"

Kurt stood firm, angry tears starting to trickle down his face."I said it's OVER, Tony! We're throu-"

A loud crack echoed across the parking lot as the back of Tony's hand connected with Kurt's face, sending him flying into the parked car beside him. Kurt's hand flew to the side of his face that was now throbbing in pain. His face paled as Tony loomed over him and he shut his eyes preparing himself for another blow.

Puck's mouth fell open in shock as he watched the scene before him happen in slow motion."No.. fuck no! You did not just..." Puck saw red instantly and jumped into action, his instincts taking over. He sprinted over to the pair thanking the lord that no teachers, or anyone for that matter, were around to witness him thoroughly beat the shit of this creep.

"Hey, asswipe!" Puck shouted.

Both Tony and Kurt turned to look in the direction the voice came from. Relief washed over Kurt and he sunk to the ground watching Puck come running up to them, anger written all over his face. Tony, pissed off at the interruption, turned around and began to shout back, "What the fu-" Puck's fist connecting with his jaw interrupted him though and caused him to stumble back. He held his face with his hand as he turned a murderous glare on the jock, yelling out, "What the fuck is your probl-"

Puck smashed his fist against the guy's nose, smirking at the sound of it breaking, and interrupted him. "You're my fucking problem!" Punch to the right eye. "He told you it was over..." Punch to the left eye. "...So I'd fucking appreciate it..." He punched the other side of his jaw and Tony let out a yelp of pain. "If you left him the FUCK alone!"

Puck kneed him in the gut and stopped to catch his breath, panting for air, as Tony fell to his knees on the ground, clutching his gut in pain, his eyes and jaw starting to swell. Puck sneered at him in disgust. "You so much as BREATH around him, ever again, and I promise you, you won't be able to walk away!" His body trembled with anger as he eyed the man with pure hatred. He spat on the ground beside him and kicked him in the gut again as he walked past the man over to Kurt. He crouched down in front of the smaller boy, gently cupped Kurt's chin with his hand and tipped his face up looking searchingly into his eyes. "Hey, are you okay?"

Kurt blinked a few times before speaking softly, "N-Noah...Yeah... I'm..I'm ok." His voice thick with emotion, tears very slowly started to fall.

Puck ever so slowly moved his hand from Kurt's chin to his cheek, caressing it slowly, smiling to himself when Kurt didn't flinch away. He swiped his thumb across Kurt's cheek bones, wiping the tears away. His own voice filled with emotion he spoke gruffly, "Don't cry, it's gonna be okay. I won't ever let him hurt you again, I promise you. I'll keep you safe - always."

Kurt gazed back into Puck's big brown eyes as he nodded in response before falling against him, wrapping his arms tightly around the jock's neck as Puck wrapped his arms around Kurt's small frame holding him tightly. Kurt spoke, his voice slightly muffled by Puck's shoulder, "Thank you."

Puck pulled back slightly so he look into Kurt's eyes, swallowing nervously he asked, "Do you, uh... Do you need a ride home?"

"Yes... please..."

A moan coming from behind them brought Puck back to reality as he glanced over his shoulder and was instantly reminded of the reason why he was even here in the first place. He turned back to Kurt. "Okay, let's get out of here." He held Kurt tightly against him and walked them past the man lying on the ground and over to his truck, helping him get in the passenger side before closing the door and walking over to the driver side and climbing in himself.

As the truck drove off into the distance a lone figure watched through swollen, puffy eyes, a dark look passing over his face, "This is far from over, my sweet. You belong to me, you'll always belong to me and if you can't see that, well...I promise you, I'll make you."