AUTHOR NOTE: Character description that're not explained (such as clothes, looks) are left for reader's imagination. This fanfiction is based on the Megaman universe in a semi-general matter. So You'll see bits from almost every Megaman game within the original plot. Also, the abilities of the main character's based upon Kamen Rider Decade. So I do not claim that part as my own idea.


Chapter 1: Awakening of a new Megaman? The beginning of his journey!

The story tells about one boy, with an unknown past, he seeks to discover his origins. It begins in a space. A dark, empty space. He was just floating there. Asleep for so long. Until one day, he finally awoke.

"Ugh… Where am I?" He said, as he opened his eyes. He saw himself floating and he became startled. He screamed and then said, "Where am I! What is this place?" He suddenly started slowly falling down. He managed to land on his feet as he looks around.

"How'd I get down?... W-What is this place? Too dark.." He looks around in confusion. A voice came out of nowhere and spoke, "You're finally awake." The boy then jumps in surprise, looking left and right panicking. "Who? What? When? Where!" The voice then laughs as a bright light falls to the front of the man. The light then bursts as an old man, sitting in the air, appears.

The old man was wearing a white robe with a white long beard. The boy looks at him in confusion. "… W-Who are you?" The old man laughs at him while holding his beard. He then replies, "I am no one of significance. But the important question here is… Who are you?" The boy answers, "I'm… I'm…. Wait.. Who am I?" The boy widens his eyes in surprise, realizing that he doesn't remember his name, or anything for that matter.

"Aaaah! Who am I? Where am I from! I don't remember!" He runs around in confusion. "Calm down!" The old man said as the amnesiac boy stops. "You are named Sora. Sora Trinity." The man replies, "That's… That's my name? You know me?" The old man nods to Sora's question.

"S-So, you know about my history? Or where I'm from?" Sora asked, he managed to calm down as he awaits the answer. "Sadly.. I do not. But that is for you to discover, eventually." Sora then sighs and says, "Great.. That didn't help much.. So can you get us out of here? I can't see anything."

The old man replies, "Not yet. First you must know of the danger coming." Sora then looked surprised at the old man's reply. "Whoa, wait. What danger?" He asked as he walks closer to the old man. "A danger that only you can stop. Using your inner potential, you can protect the world from the dangers coming."

Sora looks confused as he says, ".. Only I can stop a danger coming? You must have the wrong guy then. I don't even know myself. How do I even have This "Inner potential" you're talking about?" The old man laughs. "You can do so much, even you don't realize how far you can go."

"But I'm just a kid with no memory! I don't even know how I'm supposed to handle this!" The old man remained silent for a little while and then said, "You are right. You don't know." Sora then said, "Then I can't-" But he was interrupted by the old man. "HOWEVER, your instincts can guide you." Sora then sweats while looking at the old man. "… Yeah. That REALLY helps."

The old man then laughs and says "Do not be afraid. I will also guide you through this journey." The boy then said sarcastically, "Oh joy. I'm thrilled for this now.." The old man then said, "Good, good! I shall give you your equipment then."

Sora then shrugs and said, "Alright. What am I getting? Guns? Swords?" The old man snapped his finger as a blue light engulfs his right wrist. Then a blue thick round bracelet forms around his wrist. He looks at it in confusion and asked, "…. You're kidding… Right?"

The old man laughs, "No. That is your weapon for you to use. Oh, one more thing." The old man snaps his fingers again. This time, a belt with a cardholder generate on his waist. "Now you're all set." Sora looks at his new items and then said, "Great, now I'm gonna die with style…"

The old man grins at Sora and said, "I don't suppose it'll be all that bad." Sora glares at the old man. "How would you know? You're not the one doing the fighting." He said. "Oh you'll see." The old man replies as he flicks his wrist. Sora then starts floating again. "Wha? Wait! I still got more questions to ask!" The old man then holds his beard and said, "You'll get the answers in the right time. Until then.. Godspeed." Sora suddenly shoots up towards a bright light. The old man then thought, "You are our only hope… Good luck."

Soon after that, Sora fell into darkness once more. He couldn't see anything at all. He closed his eyes, thinking. (…. Why did I start out like this? …. Who am I to end up in a fate like this?) He kept his eyes closed. Remaining in silence for some time. He suddenly heard another voice out of nowhere.

"…ey….. Hey... Hey! Are you OK?" … He slowly opened his eyes, trying to see whoever's calling him. It was too bright for him to see clearly right away. "Hunh… Who?..."

It took him a while, but he managed to see clearly, he saw the blue sky. Realizing he was on ground, he instantly sat up straight, looking left and right in confusion. "Where am I?... How'd I get here?"

"Umm… Are you OK? I found you laying here unconscious." Sora turned around to look at the mysterious person. In front of him, he saw a beautiful girl around his age, with long purple hair. He kept gazing at her while she was talking to him. "Hey… Can you hear me?" The girl asked. Sora then blinked. "Huh? … Oh! Oh, I'm fine.."

The girl then stood up and offered her hand for Sora to help him up. Sora grabbed her hand and pulled himself up, dusting off his clothes. "So, who are you?" The girl asked. Sora then replied, "I'm… Sora. Sora Trinity." The girl then pressed on her palms as she said, "That's a lovely name. My name's Elina Tsugami. Pleasure to meet you." Sora replies, "Likewise…"

"So.. Where are you from?" Elina asked. Sora paused for a bit and said, "… I don't remember. I only know my name… But nothing else about me" Elina gasped in surprise. "Oh no.. W-well, come on in. You must be hungry." Sora was about to reply, but suddenly a loud growl can be heard. "…. Yeah, I'd like to eat something."

They both have gone into Elina's home, which happened to be across the street where he woke up. They both ate while Sora kept asking about the city he's at. "So… This is Kite city?" Elina replies. "Yep. This is the new name for Tokyo. Some still call it by its' old name. But now it's officially Kite City. Odd name if you ask me."

After they had finished, they have gone to take a seat at the living room. Minutes after that someone entered the house. "I'm home!" Elina then stood up to greet him. "Welcome home, brother." The one who entered the house was her older brother. He was wearing a black rain coat over his clothes, which were black pants and a grey shirt. He had black, smooth hair. He came in and kept staring at Sora. "… Why do we have a kid in the house, Elina?"

Elina explained Sora's story to her brother. ".. So let me get this straight, this kid lost his memory and you want him to live under OUR roof?" Elina nods. "He has nowhere to go. I just don't think we can leave him out at the streets." The brother sighs and said, "But look at him. He's 16 years old. He can get some work. Besides, he's not exactly stylish. Aside from the freaky blue hair that looks like spiky edges heading back, kind of haircut."

"He's still a lost boy with amnesia. And style doesn't matter! You have to let him stay, until he gets his memory back at the very least.. Please?" He crossed his arms, thinking for a few seconds. "… Fine. But only until he gets his memory back." Elina clapped her hands once with happiness. "… Name's Sky. Sky Tsugami. You can look through my old clothes for something fitting. You look like shit"

Sora replies in a sarcastic tone, "Thanks for the compliment. I'll cherish it." Elina smiled and said, "This way. I can find something that fits for you." She then went onto the stairs to the second floor of the house while Sora followed. Sky then shrugged. "This is juuust great. She met him 2 hours ago, and already she treats him like someone close.. I don't trust him. I better keep a close eye on him."

An hour later, Sora and Elina walked down the stairs. Now Sora was wearing a blue jeans, sky blue T-shirt with a dark blue tank top over it. "… Alright. I'll admit, looks good on ya, kid."

".. I'm not a kid. It's Sora.." Sky then replies, "I'm 18, you're 16. You're a kid to me." Sora then mumbles. ".. Asshole.." Elina then pulls Sora to the mirror across the room and stands behind him while he was looking at himself. "It looks good on you.. You know, you have nice blue eyes." Sora then blushed while he scratches his cheek with his finger. "T-Thanks… I guess.." He then thought, (This is… Me?)

Soon after that he adjusts his bracelet given by the old man while he put his belt back on. Elina looked at the bracelet. "That's a really cool bracelet. Where'd you get it from?" Sora was about to reply but then paused. He knew he's not supposed to talk about the old man because it'd make him sound crazy.

"I uh… Just had it with me when I woke up. I think it and the belt must mean something." Elina tilt her head, thinking about it.

"I don't see what's valuable in this junk. All these cards are blank." Sky said, holding the cards from the card holder in his palm. Sora then snatched them away and said, "It's none of your business." Sky and Sora stared at each other for a while.. Until a flip-flop hit Sky upside the head. "Ow! What gives?" Elina hit Sky with the flip-flop. "It's rude to steal people's things behind their backs! I can't believe that you'd do that." Sky then shrugs.

"… Whatever. I'm heading to bed. Night." Sky then stood up and walked up the stairs to his room. Elina then sighs "I just don't know what to do with him.. He doesn't mean bad, he's just not friendly to strangers.."

Sora then thought about Sky for a while and then yawned a little. "Oh! You must be tired. I can get a bed ready for you." Sora replies, "No thanks. I can sleep on the couch. And yes, I'm sure I'll be fine." Elina then looks at him with a concerned expression. ".. If you say so. Good night, then." Elina said. "Good night." Sora replied. Elina then went up the stairs while Sora rested on the couch and went to sleep.

The next day, Sora woke up from his sleep. He looks around as he sees the house empty. He stood up and stretched. He walked outside the house to take a look at the area. He sees Elina looking at the plants in front of the house. She happened to wear a school uniform.

".. Oh. Good morning." She stood up. "Had a good sleep?" Sora nods. She then said, "Well, I have to head to school now. I'm sorry I couldn't prepare breakfast for you." Sora replies, "It's OK. I'm not that hungry anyway."

"OK then. I'd best be off. I'll see you later!" She waves as she runs towards school. Sora kept thinking for a short while. He then decided he'd follow Elina. So he closed the door and followed her from a distance.

After a few blocks, he reaches the School Elina entered. The bell already ringed, so there were no one around. He notices her from a window next to a tree. (.. I wonder what they're learning up there?) He ran towards the tree. He thought about wanting to get up at the branch facing the window. He subconsciously jumped high enough to actually grab hold of the branch and sit on it. He then took a few seconds to realize it.

"… Hold on. How the f*ck did I do that?" He then shrugged it off and kept watching the class from the window. After half the class time passed, he looked at Elina for a bit. (… Man she's cute…. Hold on. I'm not thinking about hitting on her, am I? But that'd be rude, considering she took me into her own home…. Oh god, I'm thinking to myself. I'm going insane already..)

Later on after the class ended. She left from the class door. He rested on the branch. "Swell… She's out of my*Snap* …. Snap?" Without realizing, the branch broke and he fell to the ground screaming.

After a short while he opens his eyes, only to see a small crowd of students gathering around him. "Oooh… I'm OK.. I'm OK.." He said while standing up. Dusting off his clothes. The students looked at him in confusion. One of the students walked up to him and asked, "Hey man, what were you doing on a tree? That's dangerous."

Sora thought up a quick random excuse. "I was uh… Training on my climbing skills." Then a voice came from behind. "You picked an interesting place for training." Sora then gets surprised. He turns around, only to see Elina standing behind him.

"E-Elina! … Hi." Elina laughs lightly. "What're you doing here? Did I forget something back home?" Sora shook his head. "No, no.. I was just curious about the school.. That's all.." Elina replies. "I see… You could've asked for me to sign you up for the school."

"… Oh… I didn't think you'd do that for me.." Sora brushes his head from the embarrassment. He didn't think that she'd do that for him, which made him feel like an idiot. A student then asks Elina, "Hey Elina. You know him?" Elina nods.

"He's a boy I found unconscious in the streets. He has amnesia. That's why he's staying at my place until he gets his memory back." The boys then all gasp of shock. Sora then tilts his head in confusion. ".. What's with them?" Another male student walks to him and said, "Dude. Elina's one of the most popular girls in the school. You living under her roof is every man's dream."

"…. That's one f*cked up dream.." Sora shrugs. Elina then grabbed his hand and pulled him into the school entrance. "Come on. I'll go with you to register." Sora replies, "Uh… OK."

Elina took Sora to the principle office and left him there. Later on, at lunch time, Elina was sitting with the other girls from her class eating the lunch. Sora walks towards her table wearing the male school uniform. "Oh, Elina. How do I look?" Elina turns around to see him. She looked surprised from how he looked and said joyfully. "You look like a model student! It looks good."

"Gee, thanks.." Sora said. He sat at the table, all the girls were staring at him except Elina. "… I don't smell, do I?" Elina shook her head. "Naw. It's probably because.. Well, we like having girl talk, and you're a boy.." Sora kept thinking about it for a few seconds. He then snaps, realizing the situation. "… Oh! Oh, sorry. I'll just.. Sit on the other table then." Sora stood up and walked to get his lunch. He then sat on the other table by himself.

Elina then came and sat to his table. "I thought you wanted to talk with your friends?" Elina replied, "It's OK. Plus, I didn't want you to be alone on your first day." Sora started eating the sandwich while lightly blushing. "… Thanks…" Elina giggled a bit after she saw him like that.

Hours later, they finished school and are on their way home. "So Sora, where'd your clothes go?" Sora then slapped his forehead. "Ack! I forgot it at my locker. I'll go get it." He ran towards the school and got his clothes into his bag. He then walked back to Elina. "Smooth.. Forget the clothes they gave to you.. I'm insane already."

Sora suddenly heard a scream. He ran towards the source, only to see a giant berserk robot grabbing hold of Elina. "What the hell! Where'd a robot come from?" He looked in shock, he was too scared to move. But Elina screamed at him. "Run! It's a golem! A military robot. It's going maverick. Run away!"

"And leave you? Forget it!" Sora gathered up some courage and charged at the golem. It then swipes with his hand at Sora, sending him back as he hit his head on a light pole. He then had a blurry vision, dizzy from the strike as he barely stood up. (Can't… Let her….)

Elina keeps screaming at Sora. "Run you idiot! You'll die!" Sora shook his head as he regained focus. ".. I won't. I can't.. You took me in even though I'm no one..I owe you for that… That's why I won't let you go like this!"

He screams of rage as the bracelet starts shinning along with the card holder. Elena then looks with surprise. From the bracelet forms some kind of a card slot. He then subconsciously pulls out a card from his card holder. He then inserts it into the slot. A sound came out of the bracelet as some kind of digital ring with writing as "Megaman X"

Megaman Energy Gene Amplifier awakened. M.E.G.A. Ride accepted


Suddenly a blue light engulfs Sora as his eyes transform to green. A blue armor forms around him, with light green limbs. A helmet with a red crystal forms on his head. His right arm transforms into a buster. He then remains silent as he stood still.

"..S… Sora?" He suddenly snaps as in a split second, the golem's arm breaks apart as Elina fell. Sora then appears next to her and grabs her as they land. He put her down while she looked with great shock. "How did you?.." Sora then charged up his buster. He screams as he shot a plasma shot that made the golem crash into a wall.

He then opened a slot into the buster. He inserted yet another card.


Sora aims the buster at the golem, who had a bad damage from the previous charge shot. Sora charges even more as his buster starts showing blue sparks and electricity. He screams as he shoots a giant blue plasma shot at the golem, piercing its' core. It then explodes. Sora then reverted as the bracelet and card holder returned to normal. He then looked at himself.

(… You old bastard…) Elina looked at Sora in surprise. She said while still shivering. "H-H-How did you… Do that?" Sora looked at her. ".. I don't know.. I'm sorry." Elina then snapped to normal. ".. Wait, why are you apologizing?" Sora replied, "I probably scared you to death. Maybe I'm just a burden on you after all." Elina shook her head and she grabbed his hand. "No! Thanks to you, I'm still alive. It's thanks to you, Sora! This power.. It's amazing!"

Sora looked surprised from Elina's reaction towards him. He expected her to be scared, rather than amazed. "I… Thanks.." Elina then said, "Well.. Let's go home before the police arrive. They're bound to be here anytime soon. I don't want to be interrogated."

Sora nods in agreement. "Alright.. Let's go . We'll figure this out tomorrow." Sora and Elina walk home. (… This is my power… This is what you meant… Maybe this isn't all that bad.. I feel like with this, I can protect Elina..) Elina then knocked on his head lightly while he was thinking. "Hello~. Anybody in there?" Sora then snaps. ".. Huh?"

Elena giggles a bit. "What're you thinking?" Sora shook his head. "It's nothing. Let's go." Elena then asked, "Are you sure? Maybe you're thinking about a girl? Hmm?" She said that in a teasing manner. Sora then blushed and yelled. "A-As if!" Elina laughs. She then looks at Sora for a bit. ".. What?" Elina replies, "You know… you now have beautiful green eyes." Sora then blushes even more. "T-Thanks." Elina smiles while holding his hand and they run back to home.

(… Now I realize what you mean by inner potential.. I think I understand what I should do.. Use this power to protect them.. Protecting the ones that are dear for me.. Even if it's one person, or a dozen, I should do whatever it takes… And I'll use this power… Megaman..)