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Chapter 10: Home Coming, pt.1

Saturday. The first day of the weekend, where everyone can take a break from their jobs and from school. This particular Saturday marks the day where Sora goes back to his real home, to find answers for the questions he's had ever since he woke up in Kite City.

"… So again, WHY is HE coming with us?" Sora asks Elina, while pointing at Kiyoshi. "Aww, cut me some slack here. I've got nothing to do this weekend, and when Elina told me about your trip, it's the perfect opportunity to do something fun!" Kiyoshi replies, giving a thumbs up in the process.

"You'll just be in the way, idiot.." Sora says angrily. "That's mean Sora-kun. There's no reason to stop Kiyoshi-san from coming with us." Says Elina. "Besides, the more the merrier, right?" Mizuki then replies cheerfully. "Right!"

"Don't encourage them!" Sora says to Mizuki "Besides, I'm not waiting for Kiyoshi to pack his luggage." That's when Kiyoshi instantly replies to Sora with a shine from his eyes. "All set!" Lifting a backpack. (When the hell…) Sora thought. He then sighs. "Whatever. Just don't be a hindrance."

"I can look after myself. I even brought a weapon for self defence!" Kiyoshi then brings out a wooden katana. The group then stare at Kiyoshi, unable to make a remark of the weapon of choice.

"…. You brought a wooden katana to fend off people wearing 10 ton armors…" Sora said, pointing out to Kiyoshi's odd choice of weaponry. "I'm just a high school student. Whaddya want from me?"

"Gah, whatever! Let's just go already. Mizuki?" Sora says, looking at Mizuki. Mizuki nods as she opens here palm with Model X hovering in front. "Here we go!"

"Executing portal." Says Model X. As a bright blue portal shapes in front of them. The inside looked like a blue whirlpool. Sora noticed it was different from the portal that Vector used against him during their previous battle. "Shouldn't there be a visual from the place we're going to?" Sora asks. Mizuki replies, "That's only for small distance portals. This one is connected to the gate we use for travelling to worlds. Since it requires a different link."

"… I honestly did not understand one bit of that." Kiyoshi said in confusion, with Elina nodding in agreement. ".. Let's just go, OK?" Sora said as he stood in front of the portal. Elina then asks, "… Will it hurt?" Mizuki shook her head in reply, "It's totally harmless."

"Well then, let's roll out!" Kiyoshi said enthusiastically as he jumps through the portal. "Ah! Hold on!" Elina chases after him, with Mizuki running behind them. "Hurry up, Onii-chan!" Mizuki yells at Sora with excitement. "Ah, right!" He answers as he follows them as they jump through the portal. It then closes behind them.

They all fall down through swirls of energy, eventually reaching a bright light. "We're here!" Mizuki yells as they fall down to the light.

Meanwhile, in the world of Mizuki and Sora, at the base where the gate to other worlds lies at. There were a lot of personnel gathered at the computer while receiving the co-ordinates from the portal that Mizuki opened.

One of the workers says, "These coordinates.. They're from Earth-69M. But we never send any forces there.. What should we do, Captain?" He looks behind him at a woman wearing a lapcoat. "… Prepare the crew on alert. Let some of the soldiers stand guard at the entrance. I'll go meet these "unexpected guests". "

As sirens sound off, personnel prepare as the gate opens and a group of soldiers looking like reploids stand guard at the stage in front of the gate. First Kiyoshi, Elina, and Mizuki fall out of the portal. "Ow… The landing could've been softer." Kiyoshi says as he stands up. He then notices the guns pointed at them.

"Ooooooh shit." He says as he raises his arms up sky high. Elina wanted to grab her backpack that fell at a distance, but wasn't aware of the soldiers. One them screams at her. "You! Don't move!" He aims his gun at her, she then is startled from the soldier and screams. "Kyaa!"

At that swift moment, Sora jumps from behind and kicks away the soldier. The rest of the troopers instantly gather around Sora, pointing their guns at him. "Punks.." Sora says as he gets ready. "Fuwaa~!" Mizuki was surprised by how things suddenly took place and started yelling randomly. "Don't shoot! We're friends!"

As she tries to talk with the soldiers, a voice come from behind. "Ara? … Mizuki? Is that you?" She looks behind at the labcoat woman, wearing glasses with short brown hair and brown eyes. ".. Ah! Anna-chan!" Mizuki yells. She then runs and hugs Anna. "It's been so long!" Mizuki says.

"I'll say. You've really grown since last year!" She then signals the soldiers to lower their weapons. "I'm really happy to see y-" Before Mizuki finishes her sentence, Anna hits her on her head. "Mizuki! You should know about our rule of bringing in outsiders from other worlds! We can't bring any at all! And that also means you told them! Which you should have NOT done!" Anna says, lecturing Mizuki.

Mizuki laughs nervously, then says "I guess it slipped my mind. But it's because I finally did it!" Anna then looks with confusion. "… You did what?" She asks.

Mizuki then runs past the soldiers and grabs Sora's arm, pulling him towards Anna. "I found Onii-chan! I finally did it!" She says happily as Anna and the other people in the area look in shock. Instantly everyone started whispering to each other. Kiyoshi and Elina looked around in confusion. "… The hell's with this reaction?" Kiyoshi asks. "Well, in the first place, they thought Sora-kun was gone.. It's not surprising, I think.." Elina replies.

In the midst of the whispering, the group can hear people say different things. "Is it really him?" "That's him! God-Speed Heartnet!" "No way!" "I thought he was dead for sure."

Sora looks around, for some reason he felt anger, looking at everyone that was from his world. But he hid his feelings. He needed to keep a calm mind during this home coming.

"… Is… Is he really your brother, Mizuki?" Anna asks, "What's that supposed to mean? I know my own Onii-chan!" Mizuki replies angrily.

"It's just… There's something different about him." Anna says. (.. Did she notice?) Sora thought to himself. Anna catches a glimpse of the bracelet as Sora hid it behind his back. "What's that bracelet?" Anna asks.

Sora remained silent for a bit, then answers "I don't know. I had it when I woke up on the world we came from. "… Woke up?" Anna asks. Mizuki then says, "… It seems, Onii-chan lost his memories. He doesn't remember anything that happened to him except the last two months."

"Strange.." Anna says. "And you don't remember anything at all?" She asks Sora. Sora answers, "I only know about this place and my past from what Mizuki told me. Other than that, I've no idea whatsoever."

"Hunh… Well, sitting here thinking about it won't do anything. For now…" Anna says while she's looking at Mizuki, "You need a change of clothes. These are too dirty for you!" Mizuki replies, "I'll change later." Anna then pulls Mizuki's cheeks, "That won't do, first of all, you're not taking care of yourself properly. Have you been eating well!" "Owwsh~!" Mizuki says as Anna pulls her cheeks.

"… Who are you supposed to be anyway?" Kiyoshi asks. Anna then regains her composure as she lets go of Mizuki's cheeks and clears her throat, while Mizuki was holding her cheeks in pain.

"My name's Anna Ryken. I'm currently the Captain of this facility, meaning I'm in charge of operating troops transportation and assistance." She then puts her hand on Mizuki's head, "And I also happened to be this little troublemaker's roommate back during school."

"… Hunh, I expected something more from that introduction." Kiyoshi shrugs while saying that. "… What's that supposed to mean, shrimp?" Anna asks. Kiyoshi reacts to her statement, "Guh! I ain't no shrimp!"

"Anyways, you two staying here is a problem. Please return to your world." Anna says to Elina and Kiyoshi. The two were surprised from what she said. "But Anna-chan.." Mizuki tries to convince Anna. "Sorry, Mizuki. I know they're your friends, but rules are rule-" Anna was then interrupted by Sora. "Whether it was in the rules or not, those two are staying."

"I'm sorry, but what gives you the right to say that?" Anna says as she looks at Sora. "How about the fact that they're involved with what one of your people did in our world?" Sora replies. "… What do you mean? We never detected anything in your world nor did we sent anyone there." Sora looks at Anna with suspicion. He found it odd that she didn't know anything about Vector's attack at him and the others. It was almost as if no one from his world knew about him other than Vector. Mizuki looked at Sora with confusion from what he said.

(What does this mean…?) Sora thought. "Anyways, for now those two wi-" Anna then gets interrupted by an old voice. "Those two are more than welcome into our world." Anna and Mizuki look behind them in surprise to see an old bald man wearing green ropes with a long white beard. "Ah! Chief Elder! Long time no see!" Mizuki says while bowing to the old man. Anna bows along with her. "B-But Elder.. What about the rules?" Anna asks, in relation to what the Elder said. "They're just two young'uns. It doesn't hurt for them to explore. Besides, it's a bonus for Mizuki's success." The Chief Elder says while chuckling.

"… Sora-kun?" Elina looks at Sora, who was speechless for a few seconds. He suddenly let out a loud scream while pointing at the Elder.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! OLD MAN FROM MY DREAMS!" Sora says while surprised. "Eh? You know the Chief Elder?" Mizuki asks. Sora was too surprised, he could barely make out a word. "Hoo hoo. I see he's quite energetic. That's good for people his age."

At that moment, Elina and Kiyoshi gather next to Sora. "The hell's wrong with you man? Why're you panicking?" Kiyoshi asks. Sora replies, "That's the old man from my dreams! He's the one who gave me the bracelet and card pack!" "Eh? So that means he must know something about you!" Elina says as they all stare at him.

"My, my. Youth these days." The Elder says. "Well then, I leave them in your care, Anna."

"Eh? But Elder, I still have my duties here.." Anna says. "You can have your second-in-command take over. For now, I'm leaving them in your care." The elder says. "… Yes sir." Anna replies.

"No need to be so serious. Now then… Sora." Elder calls out to Sora. "Once you're free, please do come to my office. It's at the tallest building in the city." Sora then nods. The Elder walks away from the group. Mizuki then approaches Sora, "What was that about, Onii-chan?"

"A-ah! That is.." As Sora was trying to figure out a way to answer to Mizuki without relating the subject to his bracelet, Anna kept staring at him from a distance.

Later on, the group are currently walking in the middle of the city, with Anna being their guide. "This is our city. Mythos. Most of our city names in this world are named based on greek words." Says Anna.

"Whoa… This is somewhat similar to our city. Except it looks more advanced." Elina says as she's looking in awe. "No doubt about it! We're hundreds of years ahead of your world's technology!" Anna says proudly. Kiyoshi looks at a screen then says in surprise, "Oh sweet! They already applied that Cyberworld gig here!" Anna then looks with surprise, "Eh? You're aware of that?" Sora replies, "Yeah. Apparently they started developing the system. They're almost about to implement it in our school there. But this might explain why it was familiar.."

"Isn't it somewhat similar to a Megaman world?" Mizuki asks Anna. "True, but it's not strange that there are worlds that share the same technology as the original Megaman world." Anna answers.

"… That reminds me!" Anna says, "You haven't seen the others in a long time, right? They should be at school now. Let's go!" Mizuki gets excited as she nods. "Speaking of which, how old are you anyway?" Sora asks. "I'm 16, same as you. I got promoted to Captain 5 months ago. Guess you could say I'm a prodigy. I don't go to school since my intelligence exceeds the level of my age." Anna replies. "But I still go see them once in a while."

The group arrive at their destination. It was quite a large field in front of the school. "Huuuuuuge!" Kiyoshi says. "It's just like our school, only bigger!" The group then look at all sorts of different reploids, some flying, some communicating through screens as they walk around. "…. I take that back." Kiyoshi says, with a sweat dropping on his forehead.

"What's going on over there?" Elina points, noticing a large group of students gathered. They all go to see, as they see two reploids fighting. "Oh, just some students fighting." Anna says, "Even at high school age, they never grow.." Kiyoshi nods in agreement. "Very true." "You're one to talk.." Sora says.

Mizuki then gets an idea as she stands behind Sora. "Onii-chan! Now's your chance!" Sora looks behind. "… Eh?" "You can use this as your come-back! Go in and stop the fight!" Mizuki says, looking at Sora with high expectations. He then shakes his hand. "No way. You do it." Mizuki looks at Sora with a bit of a surprise. "I'd rather keep my existence as low as possible at the moment."

As soon as Sora said that, a piece of rock flew straight into his head. He fell on the ground after it hit his head, with everyone surprised at what happened. Sora then stood up and dusts of his clothes. "Sora-kun! Are you O.." Elina says as Sora lifts his head up, pissed off. "….k?"

"… I could always rough them up a little." Sora says, cracking his knuckles. "… Talk about a change of heart." Kiyoshi commented. At that moment he cought a glimpse of a beautiful white haired girl walking towards the gathered students. "Oh-ho! Hot H-cups detected!" Kiyoshi says, instantly resulting in Sora's usual head pounds, resulting in Kiyoshi lying face down with his nose bleeding. Anna looks in confusion. "Ah, don't worry about it, it happens all the time." Elina says.

At that moment they all look at the girl who interrupted the battle. In a cold, strict tone the girl yells at the two fighting. "You two! You know the rules, if there is a fight in school grounds, a severe punishment is to be held at both sides fighting. Break it up!" At that instant, both students got off each other and reverted. "This time, I'll let it slide. But if I catch you fighting again, I'm taking both of you down myself. Understood?"

Both students nodded as they walk away, the crowd then breaks off. At that instance, Sora whistles "Wow. Way to take control." Mizuki then says, "That's expected from your partner." "Eh? You mean it's her?" Mizuki nods as they look at the girl walk away. "Looks like she didn't notice us. That's good. I'd like to see the surprised face that she'll make later." Mizuki says as she grins. "… Seems that you don't like her that much.." Sora says, sweating at Mizuki.

At the same time, Elina felt uncomfortable, looking at her chest, with Kiyoshi noticing her. "Don't worry. Your breasts are just as good." He says with a thumbs up. At that instance Elina hit Kiyoshi on his head with her slipper while blushing. "… Where'd she get that slipper?" Anna asks.

They all enter the school halls. As they walk, no one seem to have taken notice of Sora's presence. "Odd.." Sora says. "It's not that surprising. You never did show your face that much. Only ones that would remember you are grown ups and the people you worked with." Anna replies. "It's true, I never got to spent much time with Onii-chan in class." Mizuki says.

"Aren't you two years younger?" Sora asks. "I skipped classes." Mizuki says while giving the victory sign with her hands. "As expected of the smart little sister." Kiyoshi says while nodding. Sora remained silent.

"We're here. Most of the classmates from last year are here. Ready, Mizuki?" Anna asks. Mizuki nods and gets ready as if she's gonna barge into the classroom. Sora then grabs her shoulder. "Oy, oy. Don't make a big mess out of it. Just go in casually." "Onii-chan.. You're no fun." She says while blowing a cheek. "Well, him appearing in front of his old classmates will make big of a fuss already." Elina says.

Anna then opens the class door, then calls everybody. "Hey, everyone!" One of the students then greeted her. "Yo, Anna. What brings you here today? Don't you have work?" "I do, but I've been assigned to take care of a few brats. Particularly her." Anna says, pulling in Mizuki. The class suddenly got up in surprise and gathered to greet her as Kiyoshi, Elina, and Sora look from the door entrance. "…" Sora remained silent, looking uncomfortable. "What's wrong, Sora-kun?" Elina asks Sora, concerned.

"I don't know. I suddenly feel… Angry." Elina looked in confusion. "I wonder why…" She says.

Sora looks through the window, seeing a group of 3 giant reploids colored green, black, and purple bullying a smaller one. He kept looking for a little while. Elina and Kiyoshi kept looking as well. "… Shouldn't somebody do something?" A student next to her says, "Are you crazy? Those guys are total powerhorses. Anyone messing with them gets beaten up bad. That poor guy is toast."

"No he's not…" Sora says, opening the window then jumping out of it. "Ah! Sora-kun!" Elina yells as Sora jumps off.

"Oh, guys!" Mizuki says, "I've got a surprise outside. Come check it out!" She runs outside as the class follow her, seeing Elina and Kiyoshi. "… You made new friends?" One of the students ask. Mizuki then looks in confusion. "Ehh? Elina-chan. Where is..?"

"He jumped out of the window to fight some big bullies!" Elina says. Mizuki along with the others look from outside the window, seeing Sora running towards the reploids.

At that same moment the black reploid says to the small one, "Oy shrimp. That's some nice customizing ya got there. How about you give it to us? Eh?" The small one replies, "I-I don't want to! This is a p-present from one of my friends!"

"Oy, that's too bad. Guess we'll have to take it by force then." One of them raises his fist, his other friend says "Oy, isn't that cruel?" The black replies, "… True, true. How about we just beat him up then?" The green one replies, "Sounds fine to me bro! Me first." The green one gets ready to throw a punch at the small reploid as that reploid tries to guard himself out of fear.

At that moment, Sora jumps and sends a spinning heel kick at the green giant, sending him spinning back from his friends. The others look at Sora in surprise as he lands. "… W-WHAT THE HELL? He didn't even transform!"

Sora slowly stood up, looking at the bullies. "… You guys… You've been gifted with something great, and you use it to bully one weak guy? Pathetic!" Sora looks at them with anger. The two remaining giants, the black and purple hesitate a little. The purple one then charges at Sora, with a drill for his right hand. "Watch out!" The small reploid yells at Sora.

At the instance that the drill was to pierce Sora, he vanishes from the point he was standing at. The purple reploid kept looking for him left and right. The black one then screams, "Behind you!"

Sora was standing behind the purple reploid, facing the other direction. The purple reploid tried to react, but didn't have the time as Sora sends a counter kick, a roundhouse to the head of the reploid before he could attack, sending the purple reploid flying past the black one.

"… B-Beast!" The black reploid said out of fear, aiming his gun at Sora. Sora kept staring at him without fear. "… Don't suppose you heard of me then." Sora says. The black reploid couldn't understand what Sora had meant.

"… AH!" At that instance, the small reploid recognized Sora. "I know his face! He's the one that disappeared a year ago!" The small reploid screams. "He's Sora Heartnet!"

Everyone that had heard him looked at Sora in shock. They were all startled, "I-It's true! It IS him!" "I thought he was just a myth! Is it true!"

Everyone around him started talking about him, some even looked at him with fear. The black reploid started stepping back, then ran away. Sora then brushes his head. "Seems like people recognize me now.."

"… Sora" He heard a voice from behind. Sora turns around to see the white haired girl from earlier. She kept staring at him for a while. "… U-Umm…" Sora was caught off guard. He didn't know what to tell her. She immediately ran towards him and hugged him.

At the same time, Mizuki and the others were looking through the window. "No way.. Heartnet's alive? I can't believe it." One of the students say as they talk about him. "… Say, Mizuki-chan.." Elina calls out, "Huh?"

"… Who did you say the white haired girl was again?" Elina asks, Mizuki replies, "Sora's partner in the force." "Well then.." Elina says, "Why is she hugging him like that?" Elina points while seemingly uncomfortable. "If I remember, she had a crush on Sora." Kiyoshi said.

"Doesn't mean that she should h-hug him like that.." Elina says. They keep looking at both Sora and the girl that was hugging him. The girl then kisses Sora as Elina and the others were watching. "EEEEEH?" Mizuki looks in surprise. "S-She kissed him!" Anna says, they all seemed surprise.

"Uhh…. Mizuki-chan? I'd back away from Elina if I were you." Kiyoshi says as he back away from the windows. Mizuki looks at Elina wondering why Kiyoshi said that, she then felt an intense aura around Elina. "Eek! E-Elina-chan?" Mizuki calls. "K… They k-ki-…" Elina looks in surprise. Everyone backed from Elina. "O-Oy… Someone's about to face a woman's wrath." Kiyoshi stated.

To Be Continued