Chapter 1: I Left Him

I looked at myself in the mirror hanging in the hallway. I can't believe I was going to end what I worked so hard for. Just in a few minutes I was going to break Edward's heart. I took a shaky breath. Then the bell rang grabbing my attention. I slowly walked towards the door, hands sweaty and shaking uncontrollably.

I grabbed the door knob and slowly turned it opening the door of the house. When I opened it wide enough, there stood the man who I once loved. Edward had a stern face on looking down at me.

"Alice saw your decision," he simply stated. I forgot that Alice would see what I had chosen. I closed my eyes trying to not let the tears fall.

"I'm so sorry Edward," I said trying to contain myself. He stepped closer to me and pulled me into his chest.

"It's okay Bells, as long as this is what you want, I'll happily oblige."

"You deserve way better than me Edward. All I have done is brought you and your family pain and trouble."

"That's nonsense Bella. You had given me something I thought I would never find in my entirety, true love and happiness. My family has adored you from the moment they met you. We wouldn't have wanted it any other way."

"Thank you Edward. There's something that you have of me that no one else can ever have."

"What's that?" I pulled away from him and looked into his golden eyes.

"You'll always be my first love. No one can ever take that place but you." He smiled down at me.

"That's good to hear Bells. I love you and I always will. If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to call me."

"I won't, thank you Edward for understanding."

"As long as this decision makes you happy, I'm happy. I'm serious Bells if you need anything, anything at all, even if it is to castrate a certain werewolf, I'll be there in a heartbeat." I giggled at his comment.

"That won't be necessary Edward. But I will call you if I need to."

"Well that's a little disappointing but I guess I'll have to deal with it. I'll miss you Isabella Swan." I put my arms around his neck for one last final hug.

"I'll miss you too Edward Cullen," I whispered in his ear. He pulled back and placed one last kiss to my forehead. His lips lingered there for a few seconds before pulling away and disappearing before my eyes. I closed the door and took a deep breath. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door into my truck. It was time to pay Jacob a little visit.

Jacob's POV

The entire right side of my body was still heavily bandaged. Doctor Fang had given me enough pain killers to make me sleepy. Fortunately for my body heat, it burned it off quicker than normal. It's been two days since the newborn fight. Two days since that Bella left. Two days that I was left alone in my own pain and misery. Maybe I should rip off these bandages and run off in my wolf form.

I was currently standing on the cliff where Bella had thrown herself off not too long ago. With a crutch in hand, I look out to the blue sheet of water. It seems to last forever until I heard some rustling noises behind me.

I turned around to be greeted by wolf Quil and Paul. Human Sam came from between them.

"Jacob you should be resting your injuries," Sam stated. I turned back to looking out to the deep blue sea.

"I needed to get out of that room. Felt like I was being a caged animal in there." I heard a throaty laugh from Quil.

"Jacob we should head back, your dad will start to worry about you," Sam said. I knew he was right. I slowly made my way towards Sam. I was still unable to walk without pain but nothing hurt more than the heartbreak I was suffering. Sam helped me walk back to my house. Paul and Quil phased back following us closely. Seth, Jared, Embry, Brady, and Collin were all hanging out in front of my house.

We barely had arrived at the front steps of my house when we heard a running engine coming down the road. We all turned our heads towards the noise. I thought I was hallucinating but then again if I was the pack wouldn't be looking in the same direction I was. Within a few seconds, an old beat up red truck turned into the driveway. Bella was behind the wheel making her way towards us.

She stopped the truck a few feet in front of us. We all just stared at her stupidly. She stared at us for a few minutes before getting out and walking towards us slowly. She stopped within a few inches of me.

"Bella, what are you doing here?" I asked breaking the silence.

"I want to talk to you Jake."

"Bells, I told you I needed time. It's only been two days. I need longer than that"

"Please Jake this is important."

"Not now Bells," I said turning to walk up the steps of the house. If she said it was important than it most likely was. I thought it must have been about her wedding to that filthy bloodsucker. Sam let me go giving me to Embry to help me up the steps.

"Jake please I really need to talk to you."

"Bella I think it's best if you go on home," Sam said blocking her from me.

"Please Sam I really need to talk to him. It's about the wedding." See I was right. She better not of been thinking of asking me to be her maid of honor. Now that would just be wrong.

"I don't think this is the right time to talk about that Bella. Please leave or I will have to force you to," Sam said sternly.

"Jake, Jake we really need to talk." She urged trying to climb up the steps. Sam nodded for Paul and Jared to take her back to the truck. I for some reason had my back to her on the patio not budging.

"Go home Bella please," I said looking down before I started to walk into the house.

"Jake the wedding is cancelled! I left Edward!"

My head snapped up at the word 'left' and 'Edward' put in the same sentence. I quickly turned around to face her. The wolf pack was too shock as they all stared at her along with me.

"You what?" I asked not believing what she was telling me.

"I left him Jake. I realized that I didn't love him anymore. I love you Jake." I hurriedly stumbled down the stairs almost tripping over my crutches as they pack tried to prevent me from falling flat on my face.

"Bella you left him for me?" I asked approaching her.

"Yeah Jacob, I left him for you." I couldn't help but let a smile appear on my face as my left arm came to wrap around her waist pulling her to me smashing my lips against hers.

"You don't know how good it is to hear that Bells. I love you so much," I said kissing her in between sentences. She smiled into the kiss.

"I love you too Jacob." If I could, I would grab her in my arms and twirl her around but I couldn't do that with one arm. Maybe I could but I wouldn't risk that.

I settle for just wrapping my left arm around her. She smiled and buried her face into my chest.

"She left him for me! I can't believe it!" I yelled in my head.

"Well now that Bella is back on our side, I guess you can tell her now Jacob," Quil stated. She pulled away from me. The pack looks dead at Quil.

"Tell me what?" Bella asked looking at me for an answer. Way to ruin the moment Quil!

AN: My version of breaking dawn. :) Jacob and Bella of course. Is it just me or did the ending of the Eclipse movie was a little disappointing? It should of ended just the way the book did with Jacob running away.