Chapter 11: Nightmare

Jacob's POV

We arrived at the clearing where the Cullens were currently occupying. Sam and I approached them as the rest stayed hidden in the trees. Carlisle turned to me.

"Alice says they should be here any minute," he acknowledged us. I nodded and waited for the arrival of the bloodsuckers. Within minutes three stenches hit my nostrils. They smelled worst then the Cullens as they appeared in front of us. There was a guy that looked huge to the right with a petite blond girl in the middle and a guy that looked similar to the blond next to her.

Sam and I got in our attack stance as the Cullens stood by.

"Well Carlisle I would never thought you would team with our mortal enemies," the tiny girl spoke.

"It's a temporary thing; it'll end when we finish the Volturi."

"That'll never happen and you should know better Carlisle."

The girl turned to me and stared me down. She cracked a smile.

"You must be the alpha; I can sense it in you." I growled at her. She turned her attention to Edward.

"Where's Bella?" she asked.

"That's none of your business," Edward stated. The little vampire smiled showing her teeth.

"Well there's no need for you to tell me, Aro already knows where she is." We all stiffened.

"What? What the hell? How?" I demanded to know.

"I have no idea Jake," Edward replied. I snarled and moved forward to attack these clowns.

"That's not a good idea pup, I suggest you back off," she warned me. I showed her my pearly whites.

"Guys, move in!" I commanded and Jared, Paul, Quil, and Embry came out of the woods and jumped towards the vampires.

"NOOOOOOO! Jacob called them back!" Edward yelled. We ignored him and they launched towards the bloodsuckers and tore the little guy limb from limb. The big guy was fighting Sam as I stood by and watched my pack tore them apart. Suddenly Quil went down in pain. Paul, Jared, Embry, and Sam followed after.

"What the hell?" Before I knew it I went down in pain as well. It was the most excruciating pain I ever felt. I looked at the tiny vampire who was looking down at me.

"I told you that was a bad idea. You'll pay for killing my brother!" she screamed. I was in so much pain; I didn't realize I had transformed back into my human form. It felt like all my bones were being crushed at the same time.

Suddenly I saw Carlisle and Esme take down the little vampire. The pain slowly decreased as I got control of my body again. I sat up to see that the pack was well back on their feet. Emmett and Jasper were fighting the big vampire.

"Jacob!" Edward screamed at me. I turned in his direction.

"They're heading for Bella!"

"What? Who's heading for her?"

"Aro, Cauis, and Marcus are heading their way! They sent the three of them to come here to distract us."

"Shit!" I cursed. Seth can't handle three powerful vampires by himself. The girls probably haven't even reached Port Angeles. Shit, the girls! I transformed back into my wolf.

"Sam, Jared, Leah, Quil follow me! Collin and Brady help Embry and Paul! Let's go!"

We all ran off towards the girls and Bella. Edward followed closely behind us.

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