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I took a deep breath before I walked into the class room. - Lets get this over with- I thought to my self. When I entered the room the teacher stood up

"This is Mikan Sakura. Please welcome her Class" The teacher said.

The class mumbled a welcome. I looked for a place to sit. - If only Hotaru was going to this high school- I thought to myself sadly.

"Miss Sakura there is a seat next to Natsume Hyuuga." I nodded slowly.

"Mister Hyuugya please raises your hand for Mikan" The teacher asked

There was a grunt in the back of the room. I noticed a raven hair boy with Red eyes in the back-that must be him- I thought and noticed that the seat to his right was empty. I slowly started walking towards him, His red eyes pierced me and I shiver went down my back. I sat down next to him.

"Don't bother me or else you might as well be dead" he whispered softly in my ear.

Iturned quickly in my seat and glared at him. He of course did not expect this. I smiled at him and returned to the front.

When the bell rang I turned to Natsume "You think you can scare me?" I asked nicely tilting my head

The Natsume just stared at me while I noticed the boy sitting next to him. HE had blond hair and the clearest blue eyes I have ever seen. I just stared. The boy stood up and looked at me sweetly.

"Hey my name is Ruka Nogi, "he said.

"Oh hi, I guess you learned my name Mr. Nogi" I said softly.

"You can call me Ruka for now, but only if I can call you Mikan" I nodded

Natsume stood up and grabbed Ruka's arm"lets go" he said almost in a growl

I watched the two go off. I looked at my watch"Oh no I'm late" I gasped. I grabbed my stuff and raced down the hall. When I reached my pink jeep I jumped in and drove off. –Great, Hotaru is going to kill me for being late…at least she got rid of that baka gun- I thought to myself. I pulled into the drive way of Angel Café. I walked into the café and saw Hotaru starring at me expression less. I slowly looked into her hands and saw the baka gun as she raised it towards my direction. "Uh oh" I muttered.

-A few minutes latter-

I rubbed the bruise on my forehead"I thought you got rid of that thing Hotaru-chan" I said

She shrugged and brushed her black hair out of her violet eyes" I knew you would still be an idiot so I had to save it"

I sighed and looked at my friend. Every year she had been the smartest girl in our class, when she was asked to go to a school for smart people I wasn't surprised. They boys all freaked out when she said she wasn't going to my school. She stared back at me with her violet eyes with question.

she said "How was the first day" she asked

"I got stuck sitting next to this boy, I am guessing a bad boy but he is so stuck up…. But the boy that sits on the other side of him is so cute. HE seems nice to. Is name is Ruka Nogi" I said.

Hotaru glanced up when i said Ruka's name then back down quickly, I didn't ask why and ignored it.

"What about yours?" I asked

"Oh the same even the teacher was amazed about how much I knew…I got one of my baka guns taken up for hitting someone in the eye with it…that was my favorite baka gun to" she said with a little sadness in her voice.

I laughed "Oh Hotaru, you love your inventions way to much" I said.

"So?, oh and by the way your paying" she said

"Fine" I muttered and pulled out my wallet to see how much money I had

Her eyes flickered to the door. Natsume and Ruka walked through. Ruka waved at me, I waved back but stopped at a glare from Natsume. His gaze was like fire, it seemed like he was trying to burn a hole threw my head. I turned away quickly only to see Hotaru slightly blushing. I tilted my head at her

"Hotaru,are you ok" I asked not used to my friend showing expression

" oh its nothing" she said.

It was then Ruka came dragging Natsume with him "Can we sit with you?" he asked. Natsume growled under his breath.

"Sure" I said trying to be nice. Ruka sat down next to me while Natsume sat next to Hotaru. . Natsume glared at me the whole time.-This is going to be great- I thought sighing.

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