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"SURPRISE" the whole room shouted. Hotaru stood there staring at this room full of people. Natsume stood next to the fire place with Ruka, who was holding a small box in his hand. All our friends surrounded her each one holding presents.

"Mikan….did you?" she asked with no emotion

"Nope Ruka's idea" I said with a smug face

"Cool" she walked over to her boyfriend as if this was normal. I sighed shaking my head, and walking over to Natsume.

"Weeks we spent weeks planning this and there's not a single emotion on her face. I feel like a failure in life." I said pouting

"Well what did you expect?" he asked "did you expect her to go 'OMG MIKAN YOU AE THE BESTEST FRIEND AND THE WHOLLLEEEE WIDE WORLD I LOVE YOU!'" he said in the highest girl voice possible making his eyes wide and jumping like a girl. I laughed shaking my head

"No if she did that I would start looking for the flying pigs, a thank you would have been nice" I said sighing looking over to where Hotaru was opening everyone's presents.

"Hey Mikan…can we talk?"I was surprise at the softness in his voice

"Uh sure?" he took my hand and pulled me upstairs to Ruka's bedroom and closed the door.

"Everything all right Natsume?" I asked slightly concerned.

"Do you remember when we were in the hospital?" he asked looking down. I nodded

"Not really something I enjoy remembering" I pointed out "Natsume that was almost a year ago why you are bringing it back up" I said moving to the end of the bed and sitting down.

"Well I remember seeing you in a dream before I woke up in the hospital..? He said. I blinked for a minute and then turned bright red remembering the dream I had of him kissing me

"Um what did I do in the dream" I asked shifting nervously.

"Well you see you kinda just appeared and you were sort of beautiful..? He said trailing off

"Sort of beautiful? In a dream? Does that mean you think I'm beautiful or I am only beautiful in your dreams?" I asked narrowing my eyes

"polka you have always been beautiful to me but that's not what I…I mean I…" he turned red" forget it never mind" he grumbled heading to the door.

"No Natsume what" I said rushing over to him grabbing my hand. His red eyes locked onto my brown. We stood there for what seemed like hours and he started to lean in closer when the door flew open and Natsume was suddenly across the room.

"Oh…sorry….ummm Mikan its time to light the cake….it can wait if you want I hope I didn't interrupt anything."Ruka said standing at the door looking guilty Natsume stormed out of the room growling something under his breath,

"Oh Ruka... I'll be there in a minute" I said Ruka nodded. I slowly walked over to the bed and sat down. I remembered the intensity in his eyes. I covered my face-was…was he about to kiss me? - I thought to myself.

Few minutes later

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOTARU" she blew out her candles and then cut it with some strange new invention. I looked around the room for Natsume but he was nowhere to be found. I had to drive him home but I'll find him after the party. I felt a tap on my shoulder

"Mikan…Hotaru told me to give you this" Ruka said handing me a small yellow stick note that had

-Thank you for the surprise sorry for being drama queen on you won't happen again now go find Natsume he stormed out a few minutes ago- scribbled on it. I looked up at Hotaru and she nodded at me. I smiled and flew out the door jumping into the jeep. –He couldn't have gone far on foot-I thought driving down the street. After going a few blocks a saw a figure walking ahead. I drove up next to it and saw it was Natsume.

"Are you going to get in?" I asked tilting my head

"You should keep your eyes on the road" he said looking ahead

"Still protecting me" I smiled.

"Always" He stopped in his footsteps and looked at me. I pulled over "Mikan I will always protect you I will never let anything happen to you" he said looking at me" I won't ever let you get hurt again" his red eyes stared straight into mine. I felt my face turn bright red and my heart started beating fast.

"Thanks…get in ill drive you home" I said softly. He sighed and got in the car.

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