I freaking love Sam and Grace. So cute!

The curve of her body was hypnotic in the moonlight. Her pale skin was radiant, almost glowing. Her chest rose and fall in slumber, decorated with her blond hair. My love for Grace was almost ridiculous it was so strong. I wish I could just shout, shout so loud that everyone in the entire world could hear. But I didn't want to wake her, so instead I watched in silence.

I watched her eyelashes, the shadows they formed on her pink cheeks, full of life. It was hard to not touch her. I wouldn't risk waking her. She looked so innocent in her sleep. Heartbreaking beauty, how can you be mine? Heartbreaking beauty, I love how you shine.

As I thought up chords for the lyric, I tried to memorize the contours of her body, incase this was all just a dream. Incase, God forbid, I wake up, still a wolf, still tortured inside of myself, and she isn't real. If she was just a dream, I would die. If only it were that easy.

I couldn't help but think back to when I was a little kid, and my parents tried to kill me. Cut, bleed, heal. Cut, bleed, heal. It was a nightmarish, never-ending cycle.

But when I looked at Grace, at her sleeping form, it all washes away into a pleasant, other-worldly dream.

Softly, I sang to her, "heartbreaking beauty, how can you be mine? Heartbreaking beauty, I love how you shine. Heartbreaking beauty, with forces divine, only you can make my planets align.

Heartbreaking beauty, you saved me from death, heartbreaking beauty, my first and last breath. Heartbreaking beauty, I'm truly obsessed, lay down your head now, it is time to rest."

And I hoped in my heart of hearts, maybe she slept a little more soundly.

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