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The phone on Gibbs's desk rang. He picked it up and while his face remained calm, everyone in the room could tell he was livid. He hung up the phone a little more forcefully than necessary. "Find out everything about that damned lawyer. Now."

"On it." McGee said.

"What do you want us to do with them, boss?" DiNozzo asked.

"Let 'em sit there." Gibbs grumbled, already on his way out.

DiNozzo stood up from his desk and eyed the plasma screen thoughtfully. "Do you think they're both in a relationship with James?"

"What do you mean?" McGee asked, glancing up from his computer.

"Well, in the footage from the cell they're both rubbing his back…"

"Why does that mean they're in a relationship?"

"You don't think it's suspicious?"

"I just don't think Dean's they type of guy to share."

"That's ridiculous, you saw how unhealthy that family is. I bet Dean'd share his skin if he had to." DiNozzo said.

McGee paused. "His skin?"

DiNozzo hesitated, then turned to McGee, glaring. "Shouldn't you be looking into the lawyer?"

McGee's mouth opened for a moment before he bent over his computer.

DiNozzo grinned.

Fornell was smirking when he entered the room. "Sorry 'bout this, Jethro."

Gibbs cast Vance an inquisitive look.

"We're transferring custody, Gibbs."

Gibbs snarled. "They killed a navy officer. They're ours."

"Actually," Fornell said, "you have no proof that they killed anybody. All you've got is circumstantial evidence, no witnesses, and a family that refuses to come forward. You've got nothing. We on the other hand, can have these boys crucified."

"I'm sorry, Gibbs." Vance said. "This is out of my hands. Get them out of here."

Fornell smirked as they exited the office. "Man, you just can't hold on to your suspects can you? Slacks, go grab the prisoners."

Tony, Ziva and McGee cast Gibbs a curious look. "Boss?"

Gibbs joined them, watching as Fornell and a handful of suits made their way over to interrogation. "They're the feds problem now."

DiNozzo laughed. "Let's hope they keep a better hold on 'em this time."

Ziva cast him a curious glance.

"Last time," DiNozzo said, "the Winchester's got holed up in a police station somewhere in the middle of Colorado. This guy, I think his name was Henriksen, calls in that the Winchester's were loaded into a helicopter and, surprise surprise, the helicopter blew up, killing them and destroying the bodies along with it."

"Wonder what he's going to say now that they're back in custody." McGee mused.

"Nothing, probie. He died a few hours after he made the call."

Crowley groaned, his head rolling back. "I've got to hand it to you boys. I never thought being in custody could be this boring."

Sam scowled. "It's not boring."

"Whatever you say, ki –" Crowley's head jerked up. He glanced at Castiel, and found the angel watching the door intently. "What the hell is –"

The door opened and a man walked in, a large grin covering his face. Outside Dean could make out at least five, perhaps more, men in dark suits looking in the room. The man leaned on the table, pushing himself into Dean's line of sight, drawing his attention back. "I'm Agent Fornell, and you are in for a world of hurt, boy."


"The jig is up. The game is over. You lose." He nodded his head towards Sam, then Castiel. "You'd better take a good look at these two, buddy. 'Cause if I have my way you'll never see either of them again. We'll have you in separate cells, hell, separate jails, and you, haha, you'll be in solitary confinement for the rest of your very short life."

The agents in the hall entered the room, walking around the table until two flanked Sam and Dean, and one behind Castiel. As if on cue they each grabbed a handful of cloth and flesh and yanked Sam and Dean out of their chairs, dragging them towards the door. The man behind Castiel smirked. "You too, pretty boy." He fisted his hand in Castiel's collar and roughly pulled him to his feet. Dean wasn't sure how he'd managed it.

"Hey!" Bobby shouted, leaping up. "You can't treat them like this!"

Fornell's eyes left the Winchester's and landed on Bobby. "Of course we can. They resisted."

"Like hell they did!"

A smirk crossed Fornell's face. "I think you'll have a hard time proving that." He looked at Crowley, a pointed smile on his face, and then he left, following his agents.

Bobby turned to Crowley. "Well?"

Crowley scowled but said nothing.

Bobby shook his head and left the room, moving quickly after their retreating figures. A few seconds later Crowley joined him. "Want to tell me what that was about?"

Crowley ignored him.

As they rounded the corner, Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ziva and McGee straightened up and watched as the Winchester's were all but dragged out of sight. Fornell grinned at Gibbs as he stopped beside them. "I wouldn't worry too much about them, Jethro. With any luck, they'll die on their way to where we're going. Accidents, right? They happen all the time."

They were taken outside where four cars waited for them, and each were loaded into the back of a separate vehicle. Fornell exited the building looking inordinately pleased with himself. He climbed into the lead car, and the convoy was off.

Dean was silent for the first twenty minutes, but as the cars exited the major highway and started tracking through back roads, he felt he had to ask. "Hey. Cupcake." He rapped on the metal grate separating the front from the back seat. "Where are we heading?"

The agents remained silent, neither even looking at him. Dean frowned and twisted around, watching the black cars that trailed behind them. At least they were still together. Dean want sure how long they'd remain that way. With a sigh he shifted back, kicking a leg up against the barrier. He estimated another hour, maybe two had passed when the buildings began to thin and were replaced by trees.

He quirked an eyebrow as the cars pulled off the main road and onto a dirt one, so uneven the car rocked every few seconds. "What's up, guys? We going on a picnic? I mean, I'm flattered, but you're not really my type." Dean wasn't surprised when he didn't get a reaction.

They kept driving, the road eventually leveling out and then becoming paved.

As the sun set the convoy pulled off onto another dirt road, this time stopping completely.

"Um, guys?" The agents shared a look and stepped out of the car. A second later his door opened and he was dragged out.

"Hey! This isn't legal!" Dean heard Sam shout. He looked over the agents shoulder, and saw Sam and Castiel being likewise removed from their cars. He grinned at the idea of Sam giving the agents hell during their little trip. The moment Sam saw him, the fight drained out of him, and he allowed his agents to steer him over. The agents maneuvered the three of them into position and then stepped back, an obvious presence, but not a forceful one. Dean was confused, but he didn't question it. The agents seemed to be… waiting. Then the doors of the lead car opened and Agent Fornell stepped out with one of his lackeys, his feet crunching loudly on the dirt and rocks.

He came to a stop in front of them, and casually drew his gun. Fornell smiled at the weapon, cocked it and aimed it between Dean's eyes. "I think you boys owe me a thank you."

He pulled the trigger.

The gun clicked.

Fornell laughed, the sound ringing through the trees. "Oh, that was priceless."

"Yeah." Sam said, his face dark. "Priceless."

"Aw," Fornell said, pushing close to Sam. "Did I make somebody mad?"

"Fuck you." Dean growled.

"Don't tempt me." Fornell answered. A smile slowly spread across his face as a low growl filled the air. "Something to say, James?"

"Is this really necessary?" Castiel ground out.

Fornell made a face. "Of course it is. Presentation is everything."

"What the fuck are you –" Dean began.

Fornell held up a hand. "You mean you haven't figured it out yet? I knew you were an idiot, but this is a bit much." With a very put-out sigh the agent sidled up to Castiel, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "I would have thought my baby bro here gave it all away." And in that moment Fornell was… no longer Fornell. Gabriel, still dressed as a dour FBI agent, grinned widely.

Sam and Dean looked around them; the other agents who had stood just behind them were gone. They were alone.

Dean lunged at Gabriel. "You mean we've been free since the Goddamn NCIS building and you just now are telling us?"

Gabriel placed a finger on Dean's chest, easily shoving him back. "Hm, let me think. Yeah. Problem?"

"Problem?" Sam snarled. "We've been –"

"What?" Gabriel interrupted loudly. "Worried? Freaking out? Who's fault is that? You bozos had so many opportunities to get yourselves out of there, and you waited until I had to save the day. I think you deserved a little punishment, don't you? Besides," he turned and snapped his fingers, the Impala appearing on the road beside them. "No harm no foul, right?" He frowned at Castiel. "Next time stand up to these idiots, brother. You either are their charge, or you're just their pet." Before anyone had a chance to respond, there was a fluttering of wings, and he was gone.

"I really hate that guy." Dean muttered, stalking over to the Impala. He inspected his baby closely. There were a few random tags marking the seats, and there was dust all over the door handles and windows that could only have been left by latex gloves, but other than that she seemed fine. Dean settled himself in the car and paused. There was a soft noise, and Castiel sat in the back. The door opened and Sam slid in beside him. "What's up?"

"The keys."


"The bastard didn't leave the keys."

Dean groaned and slipped a hand down his baby's side. Within moments he'd hotwired her. She purred to life, and Dean pulled onto the road, grateful for the first time for the privacy the location had as they took off in a small cloud of dust.

It was a mystery; no one could explain how it happened. One minute the Winchester's had been en route, the next they'd disappeared into thin air. No cars had gone missing, no agents had turned up dead, they had simply been in one place, and then they had not.

Gibbs was livid.

When the elevator doors slid open and Fornell walked into the room, Gibbs descended on him. "How could you lose them like that?" He all but shouted. "What happened?"

"How could we lose them? They were in your custody! You want to explain this to me?"

"What? Conference room. Now."

They both stalked back to the elevators, waiting until the doors had closed and the car froze mid floor before continuing. Gibbs turned to Fornell, far calmer than he'd been on the floor, but by no means placated. "What happened out there Fornell?" He asked softly.

Fornell's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean? What happened in here, Gibbs? I thought we could trust them with you! I thought you might, might, actually be able to crack those assholes, and you let them get away?"

Gibbs eyed Fornell carefully. "You took them out of here, Fornell."

Fornell scoffed. "When exactly did I do this?"

"Yesterday. 1300."

"Yesterday at 1300 I was being debriefed by my director."

Gibbs' eyes narrowed. "No, you were here."

Fornell frowned. Gibbs turned the elevator on and led the way out when the doors opened. They had some footage to go over.

Fornell watched the video feed with a tight expression on his face. There he was, smiling far too much. Swaggering a little as he walked. Flanked by a few familiar agents and a few unknown faces. There he was. Taking the Winchester's out of custody and releasing them into the world.

"This can't be right." He said.

Gibbs paused the feed. "Zoom in." He said. The film focused on the face that Fornell knew couldn't be his, and yet was. He clicked a button and the screen focused on the other agents with him. They all had the same expression on their faces; expressions that were what you would expect to see on a procedural cop show, but that looked so strange in real life. "Who are these agents with you?"

"I don't know." Fornell answered quietly.

Gibbs cast him a slightly surprised look.

Fonell shook his head. "Aside from Slacks, I've never seen them before."

Gibbs considered him thoughtfully. "Where did you say you were yesterday?"

Fornell glared. "With my director."

Behind them the door opened and McGee walked briskly towards them. He glanced at Fornell, and then back to Gibbs. "His alibi checks out, boss. The FBI director confirms that they were in a meeting. He couldn't have been here."

"How the hell did they do it…." Gibbs mused, he rounded on McGee. "Get their lawyers in here. Yesterday, McGee!"

"On it boss!" McGee answered quickly, rushing from the room.

Gibbs watched the door for a moment before turning back to Fornell. "Tobais…"

Fornell held up his hand. "I get it, Jethro. If you'd let those monsters out of their cage, I'd be hounding you too."

Gibbs smiled at his friend and left the room.

"Where are the lawyers?" Gibbs barked as he strode towards his desk.

"Uh," McGee's eyes were glued to his computer as his fingers danced across the keys. He was searching every data base he could, but so far as he could tell, Robert McCormick didn't exist. He tried Anthony J. Crowley, and again found nothing. "They're not in the system…"

DiNozzo frowned. "How can the lawyer not be in the system?"

"They wouldn't be if they weren't really lawyers."

"…They were in on it the whole time?"

The expression on Gibbs' face was fierce enough to silence the room. They were gone. They were gone, and they had no leads. This was almost as bad as Ari's escape from Autopsy. As Gibbs returned to his desk, pulling up files and video feeds on the Winchester's and their entourage, the team knew they would continue searching for the family, and God help the Winchester's when they found them.

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