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Teddy Lupin sat swaying to the music in his head. He was bouncing three week old Lily in his arms. The tiny red head wouldn't quite down for anyone it seemed not even him. "Shh Lily quite sweetie." He crooned to the tiny babe in his arms. He walked a bit farther down the hall and came face to face with four portraits.

"Hello there son." Remus smiled down at his only child from his frame.

"Hello dad." Teddy smiled back at him he then glanced at the other portraits. "Hello Mum, Aunt Lily, Uncle James, Uncle Sirius. Harry had found pictures of the three Marauders and Lily and Dora a few years back and placed them in the hall way it seemed that as each of them died a picture of them was deposited into the Potter vault but they had been buried so far back that harry had now just found them.

"So who do you have there." James potter asked glanceing at the baby.

"Oh this, this is Lily." He held the baby a little farther up in the crook of his arm so they could see her

they all knew that Ginny was pregnant again but with all the excitement of a new baby none of th potters or extended Weasley family had made it down to end of the hall.

"Aw she's adorable." Lily and Dora cooed.

"Yeah if she would just stop crying she would be even more precious" Teddy groused.

"Oh some one's cranky." Sirius teased Teddy stuck his tongue out at him.

He watched his mother in her frame having fun changing her hair color and that gave him an idea. He started to change his hair a specter of different colors. Lily's green eyes widened and she started to giggle.

"You like that do you." Teddy asked the giggling baby. One point for the Metamophagus." He smiled walking away "Goodby he called to the pictures "By they called back watching what know one realized at the time was going to put the Potter-Lupin-Black blood lines together one and for all and be one of the most turbulent and romantic courtships of all.

A/N this just popped into my head I think its going to be a series of connected one shots of Teddy and Lily talking to the Marauders and Lily and Tonks but only if people want it to happen. Please review but don't flame.