I am still amazed by your dedication. Your smile at our children. The soft smile you point in my direction when you know I'm overwhelmed. You remind me why I have to make this country a better place. For you, for our sons, for us. If anyone else was in power, our union would no have been accepted.

I remember going before the council telling them I was marrying the love of my life. They tried to talk me out of it. Many of them offering their own daughters or granddaughters. They saw a waterbender, an outsider, our complete opposite. They did not see the way we loved one another, how without one, the other was incomplete.

I admit, I abused my power during that time. I gave them an ultimatum. Agree, or be removed from their position.

Needless to say ten years later with the first of the Water Tribe to be considered Fire Nation royalty the council is still the same and my Firelady has won them over one by one.

As you still our children as we sit for a Royal Family Portrait I know I will never forget how far our world has gotten since the downfall of my father.

My mind floats to when we were talking to Uncle-May Agni bless his soul-about taking out my father in the Ba Sing Se camp of the White Lotus, I called him the Father-Lord while trying to deny the fact he was my father.

It is because of her that I know our sons, Kinaktok, the elder firebender, a spitting image of what a Water Tribe man should be, named for her biological grandfather, and Bohai, the younger waterbender, who's name means in Ancient Fire Nation literally means sea waves, I know that they will never be put in the same position I was.

I love you.

You have made me a great ruler, and I promise until my dying day that no one will ever be quite like you in my heart.

No, no one will ever be like my beautiful woman of the sea.

My Katara.

Okay, this is my re-introduction to the Zutara universe. If you couldn't tell, it's told from Zuko's POV. The sons names mean -Kinaktok is inuit for "is sharp" and Bohai is Chinese and again, means sea waves.

Well, that's all I've got to say. If you have any ideas for another Zutara feel free to shoot them my way. I've lost my muse, but, I have a desperate need to write them.


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