Ok I don't think I'll get any revews or at least berly any I'm not very cofadent when it comes ta whriting storys in stead of what I ushaly whrite but oh well any of you that know me know I'm lazy and will try just about any thing also fair warning my spelling sucks so hear we go

hollow talk


normal talk

auther talk

disclamer I don't own bleach or any of it's ppl if I did you would know cuz ichi would have white and orange hair by now

chapter 1 it begins

ichi's pov

when I first woke up I felt off like some thing was whrong and low and behold I was right the roome I was in was not my own where am I?I wonderd as I lookd around the roome I was in, it had white clawd up walls a white bed a small white bathroom and even the floor was white with a few claw marks like some wild animal had been lockd in and tryd to escape.

After some time of looking around I decided to get up and take a shower and see where I was but when I stood up I noticed I was taller than befor but ignord it and starded tward the bathroom looking forward to a shower to calm my nervs.

Grimmjow's pov

as soon as I woke up from the few times I slept a fist was fermly planted on my face"what the fuckare you doing you pice of fucking shit" I said as I kickd the man who had so rudly atackd my befor I was even conshos enof ta block"why douse my son hate me so much"the goat faced man said befor scuying out of the room wich I noticed was not mine I wonder were the fuck I am I thot to my self as I headed to the roome just out side this roome markd bathroom to take a realaxing shower.

Ichigo's pov

as I stripd for the shower I noticed that I hadent been wearing the cloas I wore to bed last night and also I had a hole were my stumic is saposd ta be but even tho I was now milldly freakd I still took a shower than went to brush my teeth thinking that it was just hichigo playing tricks on me again un till that is I lookd in the meror and found bright blue eyes and shocking blue hair with a jaw bone fragment on my cheak you can proby guse what I did next so I wont go into detail on that(he freakd out big time)

gimmjow's pov

I stripd not even caring that I wasn't wearing the same cloas that I was befor I went to sleep thats when I noticed the fackd my hollow hole was missing and so was the scar that korosaki had givin me the first time we met wich as you proby gused shockd me thats when I knew some thing was whrong not only was I shorter than normal but I was missing stuf and when I lookd in the meror every thing became clear I had orange hair and brow eyes"hahaha you swichd with king and you didn't even know it until now man you are stupid hahaha"a voice said, I lookd around to see were it had come from and found my anser a all white vershon of korosake was standing right behine me"who the fuck are you"I askd/yelld at the man, his gold eyes bore in to my brown ones as he said"now now no need ta yell ya waunt ta wake king's sisters and cuz a panic dam and whats worse you dont even know who I am you are stupid"I stared at him with a what the fuck look on my face and said in a suprsingly low voice "why the fuck should I care about korosaki's famly an of corse I don't know you I just met you""god now I'm startin ta miss king you even stupider than he is I'm his inner hollow hichigo sheroske luckly it's saturday so you have all day ta figure how you two swichd bodys"he/hichigo said and then disaperd leaving me standing there like and idiot trying ta figure out what the fuck just happened.

Ok thats the first cappter the next one is about what happened so keep reading also I still don't know who all are gona swich bodys so give me some ideas if I like them I'll add them to the story so revew until next time bie bie