A lot of talk concerning the destruction of accounts and stories is going around. I can't stop the destruction; but, I can stand against it. If accounts and stories continue to be destroyed, writers and readers alike will look to a more open place for their stories.

In all honesty, by deleting stories that are appropriately rated, and not notifying the authors as to their mistakes, you are not living up to your slogan "Unleash Your Imagination."

I ask the Advisers to stop the destruction, or at least give us a 'heads up' as to why a story or account is in the wrong, before things get blown out of proportion. It is not we, the subscribers, that will suffer the consequences, it is you the managers of the web site. Please consider what my friends and I in the M rated section are saying before deleting accounts and stories, because you are not the only story posting site around. All we really ask is you give us a valid reason as to why the story or account was or will be deleted.

To all those who are afraid of getting deleted, or not being able to read our stories, I'm pretty sure that a lot of people have Deviant Art accounts. If not, I suggest you get one to allow all of the people who adore, or will adore, your stories to continue to do so.

You can find me at Deviant Art as timcanpykitty12