In life you only get one true love. This story revolves around two lovers that will do anything to protect their love for one another. Even in the afterlife, one did not expect that Till Death Do us apart meant latterly. Bella and Edward will prove just how wrong that statement is.


June 25, 1918 Chicago

In the midst of a cold summer evening, the breeze gives a spine tingly shrill on one's back. The streets of Chicago were oddly quiet. Summer days belonging to kids who were happily enjoying their school break. The parks should be filled with people enjoying the freedom that summer brings upon it. The warmth you get when you breathe in the air melts away all worries and replaces it with an uncontrollable desire to run without obstruction anywhere. And the eyes open to accurately perceive the suns magnificent power to cast an elaborate glow on all things in view. The stores, bakery's and ice cream shops should be filled with lines of people who eagerly wait to purchase their little guilty pleasure.

No not this evening. Seeing that it is Chicago, thunderstorms, and summer rain arises from short-lived hit-or-miss storms rather than prolonged rainfalls. Today just so happens to deliver its rain dance. Everyone knowing that there is a storm approaching went home early. Not going to idly be outdoors while the squall arrives. No I don't believe humans can be injudicious enough to do that.

Mr. Masen defiantly has a higher intelligence to be aware of when to call it quiets and head home early. Mr. Masen is a demanding man. Everyone who is anyone knows of him. He is one of the most prominent and esteemed judges of the city. He was raised from a well educated and wealthy family. At the age of 16 he was married to a very delight enchanting woman. Elizabeth. She was his other half that one can simply not live without.

Still adjusting to the new invention of transportation, he drove home keenly. He started to reminisce on the meeting he had a week ago. One of which involved his one and only son. Edward. He knew what will happen and the reaction he'll get from his son but it was inescapable.

He let out a sigh entering their long drive.

It was family tradition and really more of a business affair with wealthy families. Arrange marriages were fairly common among their class. He knows he's doing the right thing and his wife supports him all the way.

He feels that the same things that happen to him will happen to his only son. That eventually he will fall in love with his wife and live a happy marriage, just like him. Of course that is after his stubborn son gets over his rant.

Once inside his home, he went straight to the parlor were his wife waited for him.

"Edward, thank god you're here early. I didn't want you to get caught in the storm." Her eyes displayed with concern as she went up to him and gave a chaste kiss.

"I wouldn't do that again." He said remembering the last time that had happen. He was stuck at his work all night.

"Besides, we have to give him the news today. Where is he?" Mr. Masen asked shifting his head around the room.

"Last time I saw him he was riding his horse. He should be here soon once he realizes that a storm is approaching." She said in a state of fact. But she truly was eager to see her son. No mother is ever calm when their children are out of the house. Even do they know they are safe. It can't be helped.

On the outskirts of town rests some woods that hide meadows and rivers. Many people like to do horseback riding there but on a particular spot you will surely find a strong handsome lad, with piercing green emerald eyes and messy bronze hair. Of course on some days he brings his most trusted noble steed. Philippe. He was on a dirt road that unsheltered by an overview of branches. He was enjoying what little of the sun was out.

A sudden cold chill gave him goosebumps and altered his train of thought.

"Whoa Philippe." Edward pulled the reins to a stop.

"We should head back. It's getting kind of cold, don't you think?" He smiled at Philippe and as if the horse could speak it let out a neigh.

"Hey, I know you're hungry. Let's get home and feed you." They quickly headed back home staying on the road as they entered the woods behind their house.

"You know Philippe; I have a strange feeling upon my return home." He pulled the horse to a stop. Subconsciously trying to delay his arrival.

"I don't know maybe it's just me or…" He was cut short as he heard the stumps of horses approaching from the left. Before he could process anything the most beautiful being he had laid eyes on appeared.

He was stagger to see her appear and disappear as quickly as a blink of an eye. He thought it couldn't be real. For one, she was a wearing a long blue skirt with a ruffle white shirt and a long black coat. She was riding a black horse in a way that a lady should not. No lady will be caught dead riding it like man. It was improper. But made him happy to see that she did. Even if it was only a glimpse he was able to catch so much detail of her.

He can see that she had fair skin and dark chocolate hair that contrasted her face beautifully. She had a full set of red lips that can drive any man mad, him included. The only thing he didn't see were her eyes for she was staring straight ahead as she crossed him. Not even aware of his presence.

Philippe let out a neigh as two men in horses hurried after the beautiful girl, calling out to her. "Come back."

That snapped Edward out of his trance as he knew that she was real and being followed.

Confusion came to Edward. "Why is she…Does men…are they after her?" It clicked to him that she is escaping them. Immediately Edward set on after her.

"Come on Philippe. " He hurried Philippe to run faster. They quickly approached the two men that were after her. One was taken by surprise when he realized that Edward was behind them. He looked back to check who was following them, then turn back only to come face to face with a branch. It hit hard. Sending him flying off his horse.

Edward dodged the trees and the man that had fell trying desperately to catch up with the girl. He knew where they were at and knew what to do to stop the man that was still in pursuit of the girl.

Up ahead was the river and he knew that: one, the girl will stop or two, she will jump.

He didn't wonder long since the girl took the jump.

On the other hand, the man that was in pursuit was quickly thrown off his horse when it came to an erupt stop.

"HeYa, Philippe lets go." Philippe quickly made the jump and ran faster to catch up to her.

"Excuse me!" Edward yelled out to her as they neared her. She didn't respond.

"Excuse me!" He yelled again but the girl seems to have speeded up.

"Really? This girl. Come on Philippe lets show her who we are." Philippe ran faster and finally reached her right side as they dodged trees.

"Excuse me but those man stopped following you. You can stop." He called out to her. Yet she kept going and it bothered him that she didn't even look at him but kept her view straight ahead of hers.

Why do I want her to look at me so bad? He can see that they are reaching a clearing.

He rode Philippe around some trees and went faster to reach the clearing before she did. When he did he stopped in front of her.

The sudden appearance of Edward seems to have angered her escaped.

He finally had her attention as her eyes met his. He became lost in the sea that held him captive to her.

She was baffled by him. She stopped breathing as she took him in.

He was handsome. Like no one she has ever seen. He didn't look real and she felt scared that if she blinks he would disappear. His eyes. Can anyone have eyes like that? She was amazed by the depth his eyes held. If she wasn't in a hurry she would have stared into them forever. A blush came across her face when she realized what she was doing.

He couldn't pull away from her till he saw a lovely shade of red appear on her cheeks. If angels were real he imagined them to look like her.

He was confounded when she tried to turn and go around him. He quickly came back to life, not wanting her to leave.

"No please, those men that where after you aren't anymore." He called out in discomfort.

"How do I know that they didn't send you after me?" He was taken back from her voice. Her voice sounding to him as a bell- like- chimes with a hint authority.

The girl tried to figure out what to do. She knows that she isn't being followed by those men but here is a boy that appeared out of nowhere. She can't just let her guard down just because he's beautiful... Who is he? She thought.

"Well, I don't know why they will send me after you but I can assure you I just wanted to make sure you were safe." He responded.

Safe. Who is he? Why does he care about my safety? All these thoughts kept repeating in her mind.

"Why?" She asked, prepared to run again if she senses any hint of dishonesty.

He smiled. "A gentleman will always come to rescue a damsel in distress." She couldn't help but grin back after hearing him.

"A gentleman huh. I'm sorry to inform you but this damsel can handle herself just fine, now if you don't mind I'm kind of hurry." She pulled the reins to his left an attempt to avoid him and leave.

He let out a laugh and moved to block her again. "Oh and how were you going to handle them once they reached you?" He mocked.

"Easy, they weren't going to reach me." She smirked. Edward smiled at her comment. Not just any smile but his infamous crooked grin. The girl's heart skipped a beat when she saw him. She felt an unbelievable shock run through her.

Philippe nicker and Edward quickly looked around to see that they were surrounded. The girl gasps when she heard Philippe.

"Good job boy. You catch up to her" One of the men said to him as he neared the girl. Edward felt anger course through him.

The girl felt a sharp pain in her as if she had just been stabbed on the back.

Both their eyes finally met. Her eyes showed nothing but pain and Edward couldn't stand it. He tried to speak but his voice was caught as the girl's expression quickly went from hurt to anger.

One man held the horse reins and steadied it. The remaining ones moved around her to make sure she didn't tried to escape.

"Gentleman? ...yeah right." She said to him as she turned her head out high and straight ahead. Admitting defeat in a way that only a good sports man could do.

Edward still couldn't believe what had happen but the roar of a thunder snapped him of it.

"I'm so stupid. How did I fuck this up? How many times in the last 10 minutes had I spaced out?" Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! On top of that, he had made the one person he wanted to make a good impression as a traitor.

The rain started to pour and temperature started to drop dramatically.

"I'm so stupid, stupid, stupid!" Philippe let out a neigh.

"Fine Philippe lets go home." He sighs in frustration. Not even caring that he was getting soaked. He only had one thought in mind.

Who is she?

Knowing that he will do to the impossible to find her again he hurried home.

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