Chapter 7: Chapter 7

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July 10th, 1918

The next morning, everyone was surprised to see that there was no damage resulting from last night's storm.

Edward and Bella were at the time eating their breakfast and the room was silent. Not a word had been said since a 'Good morning' was exchanged between them. Still feeling embarrassed from last night, Edward ate his food quietly, which slowly caused Bella to become irritable with the silence around her.

"So, Edward…" Edward's eyes suddenly became lock on Bella's as he heard her speak.

"Um; how did you sleep last night?" Bella asks with a weary smile.

"Oh; I slept fine. And you?" He asks now gaining his confidence back.

"Well, it was… weird." Bella's voice sounds confuse. Edward curiosity picked up as he became rather interested with her answer.

"Weird? How so?" he probes.

"It doesn't make any sense really, but at first I slept fine. Then; I assume that it was around the time the storm hit, I felt rather tired, even though I was sleeping. Soon after that, I dozed off into one of the best slumbers I have had in a while." Unable to completely understand her own statement, Bella wondered if any of it made sense to him. Edward couldn't help but feel joyous over being of some use to her.

"I understand." He replies.

"You do?" Bella asks wondering how he could possibly understand her when she was not able to.

"The same happened to me Bella." His smile towards her caused Bella to lose her breath.

"Is there anything that you would like to do today Bella?" Edward asks as one of the maids came in, clearing the table.

"You promised that we could talk some more." Bella answers.

"Isn't that what we are doing?" Edward grinned; from what he learnt about her yesterday, he was attempting to guess what she would say next.

"Well yes, but this is different. You promised me that we will discuss more in regards to our interests, not about how we slept." Bella's voice had a hint of annoyance. Still, even though he knew her answer would be similar to how she responded, it never stopped to surprise him the workings of her mind.

"How about I take you to one of my favorite spots and we can talk there." He gave her his crook grin, knowing how she couldn't resist it.

"You really don't play fair." She accuses causing Edward to laugh.

She's so cute when she's angry. He thought as he gets up and walks to her; holding his hand out towards.

"Come on, let's go." She takes his hand and follows him out the back door towards the stables.

"Where are we going?" she asks.

"It's a surprise." He answers as the stable boy brought their horses out to them.

"You know I'm not really fond of surprises." She snickers.

"You'll like this one; I promise." Edward lifts Isabella onto her horse. "

"You know I'm fully capable of getting on a horse without any assistants." She complains, patting Luna's head.

"Oh I know." He smiles to her as he runs his hand down the horse's neck. Bella smiles at him, forgetting of her little annoyance.

"Her name is Luna." Bella's voice showered with love for her horse.

"She's beautiful." Edward answers. Unfortunately Bella you're still a thousand times more beautiful than your horse.

"Hey Philippe, I'm sure you remembered these lovely lady's; but let me properly introduce you." Edward maneuvers Philippe in front of Bella and Luna.

"Philippe meet Luna and my wife, Isabella Masen. Luna, Bella… meet Philippe" Edward feels enamored when mentioning his last name at the end. My wife, Isabella Masen.

As if the horse could understand, he replied back with a neigh. Bella cheeks glowed with a soft pink when Edward introduced her.

"He sure is handsome." Philippe turns towards the road and begins to move, eager to begin their ride.

"Whoa boy." Edward calls.

"I take it we should go now." Bella responds running beside Philippe and Edward.

"Philippe sometimes forgets who's in charge." Edward said in a sarcastic tone.

"Come on." Bella takes off towards the gates.

Within the woods behind their neighborhood, Edward had led Bella to a small clearing.

"Whoa Philippe." Edward pulls him to a stop.

"Are we here?" Bella asks stopping beside him as she looks around.

"No, we'll have to go on foot from here. It's just through that small arch up ahead. Do you see the light coming through there?" Edward points to the east side of the clearing where a lot of trees and shrubbery surrounded a small light that was peeking through. The entry was too small for the horses to pass through.

"Oh." Bella responds as Edward quickly descended from his horse and tied him to a branch. He then quickly hurries to assist Bella from her horse.

"Go on ahead. I'll catch up to you. I just need to gather a few things from Philippe." Edward runs back to his horse as Bella heads to where Edward pointed her to go.

As she got closer, the ground became more rigid and she fought to keep her balance. Getting curious, she quickened her pace, eager now that as she saw the light looking pink rather than white.

Finally Bella reaches her destination as she pushes a branch out of her way. At that moment, she lost her breath while she took in her surroundings. It was a small meadow with a riverbank, the ground covered in pink Irises everywhere. At the south side of the river you can see a small cascade pour down from some rocks just 30 feet away from where Bella stands.

"Wow." Bella breathes out while she takes a step down to the riverbank.

Still hypnotize by what she has seen, Bella was not paying any attention to where she was walking when suddenly her foot hit an innocent rock causing her to lose her balance. Edward notices Bella's predicament and rushes to steady her, wrapping his arm around her waist, the close contact causing Bella to blush. Edward, finding his voice upon seeing her, asks:

"Are you okay?" After becoming mesmerized by the site and closeness of Edward; Bella nods as she glances down, unable to trust her voice.

As she slowly calmed down, Bella was able to notices what Edward is holding in the arm that wasn't around her waist.

"A picnic basket?" she inquires liking the idea of spending a quiet, romantic moment with a picnic on the riverbank, surrounded by the pink Irises.

"I thought we'll have lunch here." Edward sounded bashful as he released Bella so that he could set the blanket and basket down.

"I would love that Edward. This place is amazing." Bella says as she helps Edward straighten the blanket.

"I promised you that you'll like it, didn't I?" Edward says in triumph.

"Don't you go getting yourself get a big ego now Mr. Masen; anyone with any kind of taste will love this place." Bella mocks.

The sound Edward's laughter causes Bella's heart automatically reacts, surprising her with how good it is to hear this god like creature's laugh.

"Bella, I have no desire to hear other people opinion, it is yours that counts, and you clearly love it." Edward voice was serious. He pulls away from her eyes and sat down on the blanket; patting the spot next to him for Bella to sit on.

"You've probably brought all your dates here haven't you?" Bella quickly grew jealous and noticed a feeling of anger towards the girls that Edward had ever dated. She was confused upon hearing Edwards's melodic laugh.

"Why are you laughing?" She requests him.

"Bella, your mind never stops amazing me. Why would you think I've brought any dates here?" He still had amusement in his voice.

"Come on Edward, be honest. You mean to tell me that you have this secret place and you have never brought a girl here. I find that very hard to believe." Bella manages not to choke out.

Edward was serious now. "Mrs. Masen." Hearing him call her that, brought butterflies in her stomach.

"I have never courted anyone before you; no one knows of this place besides the two of us." Bella couldn't help but feel idyllic when she heard Edward say that.

"Why had you never courted a woman before you married me?" Bella asks curious.

"No one has ever gotten my attention… until a few weeks ago." He stops to look at how Bella was taking his confession in. Obviously Bella was on alert now waiting for him to continue.

"I was out with Philippe when I first saw her. I couldn't believe someone like her could be real at first as she disappeared as quickly as she appeared. It was only when I saw others after her did I realize that it wasn't my imagination. Before I knew it, I was after her trying desperately to find her, to see her again. Since then, she has been all I can think of." Edward hadn't planned to tell her how he felt about her; but since last night, he knew he was in love with her. He wanted her forever.

"After hearing I was to be married, I tried to say goodbye to her, but my heart and mind wouldn't have it. The following weeks where pure torture; I argued with myself to just let her go, but how could I when my thoughts were being consumed by her. I fell into anguish and despair as the wedding ceremony which would seal my fate approached; a fate that would bring nothing but misery. Can you imagine the luck I received when it was finally revealed to whom I just married? All I thought when I saw your beautiful face was… it's her. I must have saved a country in my past life to have been blessed with you."

Tears filled Bella's eyes as she continues to watch him.

"Isabella Marie Masen; I know that even without our arranged marriage, I would have found you. I know that I would have asked to court you. I know that I would have asked your fathers permission for your hand in marriage. I know that I would have watched you walk down the aisle. I know that I would have given my own vows to you. I know that I would have faced you when I said I do. I know that I would have loved you as I do now." Edward had leaned in towards her as he spoke his words in whispers.

"Please, tell me what you're thinking?" Edward asks as Bella stares at him motionless, hiding her face so that he was unable to read it. He fears he may have scared her with his declaration.

He did not have to worry for long as Bella finally understood his words, taking the initiative to kiss him.

At first, it was sweet and innocent, thought it slowly became deeper and more passionate as they both felt the fire that arose from their kiss. Edward's tongue asked permission to enter Bella's mouth and Bella eagerly accepted. Edward gently lies on the ground bringing Bella with him, never breaking their kiss. His hands roaming from her shoulders, sliding its way to her waist and thighs, only to bring them back up to her waist. Bella's hands were tangled in his hair as she pulls slightly. Both needing time to breath, they broke the kiss, pulling their heads back but an inch.

"Edward, I love you." Bella takes the opportunity to confess her feelings for him which she wouldn't admit till now. Edwards's eyes were filled with lust once he hears confession of love. He quickly turns the tables on them and moves Bella so that she was now on the ground as Edward laid on top of her, beginning their lustful dance with one another.

After what seemed like hours of being lost in a world where they only existed, Bella and Edward made their way home as the sun began to set. Their grins never left their faces as they arrived home.

"Bella, we should go visit my parents soon. I'm actually surprised my mother hasn't dropped by for a visit." After having a late dinner Edward and Bella were heading upstairs to call it a night.

"I like your mom, even though she was drunk the only time we met. She seems lovely." Bella states as she remembers how drunk her mother was also.

"Yes, she is. Would you also like to visit your parents after?" Edward asks concern that it would seem unfair to only visit his.

They both stop as they reached Bella's door.

"Um, no it's okay. My parents are quite busy right now. Visiting them now will only be burdensome." Bella recalls.

Her mother specifically told her that she would not see her for a week. Saying how she needs to consume her time with Edward and not her family, especially since they didn't go away on a honeymoon. Renee's mind truly is a piece of work.

"I sincerely doubt they will ever look upon you as a burden Bella." Edward held Bella's face in his hand, gently stroking her cheeks. Edward leans his head closer to hers as he slowly moved his hands from her face. Bella closes her eyes, feeling a string of happiness coursing through her, knowing what will happen next.

His lips laced hers in a soft and gentle kiss.

Bella's body went haywire as she felt Edwards's lips on her. To her disappointment, he pulls away slowly from her but not too far.

"Goodnight, Mrs. Masen." He whispers in her ear; than swiftly turns away from her, walking to his door.

Perplexed, Bella stands there confused. Snapping out of her daze, she runs to him and tugs on his shirt to stop him.

"Edward, don't leave me. Please, Stay." Edward's heart is pounding so hard; he thought for sure that she must have heard it. He turns around to face her.

"I know that I would have carried you into our new home." He whispers as he lifts and cradles her in his arms, carrying her into their room.

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