Pairing(s): Zoro x Luffy, mentions of Sanji x Luffy


Zoro had watched the captain of Merry Go around the deck for hours. Learning navigation from Nami, striking a pose for Usopp's drawings for 5 minutes max, and the constant yelling for Sanji demanding food.

Zoro always wondered why Luffy never did anything with him.

Maybe it's because I'm boring. All I do is train, train and train, and maybe Luffy doesn't like that.

"Zoro!" Luffy's voice reached Zoro, which startled him slightly. "Yes?"

"I like Zoro!" Luffy exclaimed, earning stares from the other crew members. Zoro was stunned.

Zoro tried to say something, but Luffy did not gave him any time to react. "Zoro is strong, Zoro is dependable, and most of all, Zoro is nice to everyone, which is the best a captain could seek for in his right hand man!" Luffy hugged Zoro in surprise. "Zoro smells nice too!" Luffy muttered against Zoro's chest, which tickled him a lot. Zoro tried hard to fight back his growing blush.

"So, Zoro, can you play with me? I'm boring!"

"Alright." The turn of events was crazy, and Zoro could not do anything but agree.

"Sanji taught me a game yesterday! He says that it's a game that you can play with the one you like!" Luffy stood, and pecked Zoro on his lips.

"Feels nice, right?"

Zoro is at a lost for words.

"Sanji even demonstrated it on me!"

Zoro's vein popped.

"It may be better to put my tongue inside your mouth since Sanji put his into mine and it kinda felt nice to me." Luffy said with his usual innocent tone. Nami, Usopp and Zoro all glared at Sanji.

"What were you doing, Sanji? Harassing Luffy like that!" Nami yelled.

"Yeah! Poor Luffy. His innocence... is now ruined!" Usopp sighed as Nami whacked Sanji over the head.

When all of that happened, Luffy turned his attention to Zoro.

"Zoro? Why do you look so angry?"

Zoro looked in the pair of innocent, black eyes.

"Luffy, tell me what other things that Sanji did to you."

Luffy thought for a while before answering, "Oh! He had also licked my ears and neck, and he said that..."

Two more hits landed on Sanji's head.

"...this is the way to get Zoro to like me!" Luffy exclaimed, his eyes gleaming with joy.

"Oi! Perverted cook! You do anything on Luffy once again, you'll be cooking your own meat, got it?" Zoro warned, before turning back to face Luffy's smile.

"So does that mean I'm Zoro's? Yay!" Luffy then played the game with Zoro, once again.


I just love Zoro x Luffy x Sanji!