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"Lynn DiNovi-Scanlon was a very loving, caring person." The minister spoke. "It's a sad, sad, shame to know her life was ended in such a way as it was."

A shaky, tearful breath was exhaled by a man sitting near to Allison DuBois who, at the moment, was completely oblivious to how or why she was at this funeral.

Wait, did the minister say Lynn? Allison's thought processing finally kicked in. He did say Lynn. He said Lynn DiNovi-Scanlon.

Lee Scanlon.


Allison looked up and saw that one pew over and one up sat her long-time friend, Lee Scanlon, along with he and Lynn's two-year-old daughter, Leigh who was clutching his arm. She seemed perfectly shocked. Almost like she had no idea what was going on.

Lee had a few tears falling down his face and Allison was shocked to see it.
Lee. 'Big-Man', 'Big-Shot', overly-confident detective Lee Scanlon was crying!

Allison looked up to the front of the small chapel, behind the minister. Her breath caught in her throat when she said a very still, very pale, Lynn.

"Oh my God." She muttered under her breath.

"I know. It's surreal isn't it?"

Allison turned and saw that District Attorney Devalos was sitting next to her.

"Mr. District Attorney." She whispered, near breathless.

He was just staring straight ahead, listening intently to the minister's words.
"I don't.." Allison stammered. "I just don't..."
"I know." Devalos stated. "It was so...Malicious."

Allison stared at his emotionless features as he continued staring ahead.

"Excuse me." Allison mumbled after a moment, standing up. She made her way towards the back of the chapel, swiftly and quietly slipping out the door. She looked around, and then headed left towards the 'restrooms' sign.

She entered the women's restroom and was thankful to find it empty. She sighed loudly and looked into the mirror, her hands resting on the counter. She stared at her reflection a moment, realizing that the fact that she needed sleep was very apparent in her sagging face and dark-rimmed eyes.

She looked around the room, trying desperately to remember how she got to this funeral.

Trying desperately to remember why this funeral was taking place.
Her eyes landed on a small table that had a stationary, a couple pens, tissues and...A newspaper! Surely, the death of the Deputy Mayor would be in the newspaper.
With details of how it happened.

And when.

Allison snatched up the newspaper and sure enough, right on the front page, there was a picture of Lynn DiNovi-Scanlon.

She read the story, mumbling it to herself,
"Deputy Mayor Lynn DiNovi-Scanlon passed away this past Thursday after a masked-gunman broke into her and her husband, Detective Lee Scanlon's apartment late that night. Lee Scanlon is a detective for the Phoenix PD. The gunman apparently broke into the apartment, completely bypassing Lynn and Lee's sleeping two-year-old daughter, and went immediately into their bedroom. [Lee] Scanlon was woken up by the gunshot and before he could get his thoughts together to realize what had happened, the gunman fled the scene.

Ballistics, however, matched the bullet that took Ms. DiNovi-Scanlon's life to a gun registered to a George Hammond. Police tracked him down the very next day, at which point he confessed to everything. "She took my daughter away from me, I had to make it even!" Is what Hammond reportedly yelled as the police led him away.

Just two months earlier, Dinovi-Scanlon ruled over a custody battle, awarding guardianship of Hammond's nine-year-old daughter to his ex-wife. She claimed in her report; "In my best judgment, I rule Mr. George Hammond mentally and financially unfit to father a young child."

Just a couple of weeks ago, Hammond's ex-wife and daughter were found murdered in an abandoned warehouse. Hammond was charged with the murder but was cleared once his alibi proved him innocent. Police are now investigating his alleged alibi, hoping that it will show that Hammond did, in fact, murder his ex-wife and daughter.

A small memorial service for DiNovi-Scanlon will be held for family and close friends at Samaritan Funeral Home in Phoenix this Friday, the 20th, and a visitation open to the public will be held Saturday from 12 PM to 7 PM. Her funeral will be Sunday at 2 PM."

Allison set the paper back down, shocked and saddened, but mostly sympathetic towards Lee and Leigh.
Also completely frightened as to why she couldn't remember any of this.
She looked at the top of the newspaper. The date read August 20th, 2010.

She stared at it a few long moments. The last thing she remembered was...

What was the last thing she remembered?

She thought, and thought, but she honestly couldn't...Remember.

But one thing she did remember was, that only minutes ago, it was August 2nd.