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Chapter 2: Again and Again

Sasuke loved running. He managed to join the university's track and field team, even though, he was essentially a business major. He was fastest runner in his class during high school and even now, he could keep up with the some of the regulars on the teams. At the moment, he was extra on the team but he came to practices regularly.

"Wanna go get a bit to eat?" asked Naruto, slapping him on the back. They just finished their practice and they were packing up.

Sasuke shook his head at Naruto's question. He had to get back home to get ready for his father's corporation banquet later that night. He swing his bag over his shoulder. Naruto followed Sasuke out the locker room. As he exited the locker room, a pinked hair girl jumped out at him. She clung to his arm, he inwardly groaned.


"Sasuke, you were so cool!" squealed Sakara, as she squeezed herself against his arm. He struggled against her grip.

"Geez, Sakura, you are suffocating him," said Naruto, raising an eyebrow at Sakura. Sakura glared at Naruto but recently pulled away from Sasuke. Sasuke continued walking without saying anything. He did not pay attention as the two started to bicker with, he wondered why he was always around loud mouth people.

Naruto stuck to him ever since they meet in junior high school. Naruto's crazy rants about how Sasuke was his number one rival caused the both of them to become the most popular boys at their school. Despite of their so called rivalry, they had become close friends. It helped that Naruto was the mayor's son as well. Since, Sasuke's father always pride on himself on having friends in high places.

"Hey, wait up Sasuke!" called Sakura, running to catch up Sasuke. He didn't know why she constantly hang around him for. She knew that he wouldn't date her, yet she wouldn't give up.

Sakura was one of the daughter of his father's board member. If she wasn't he would already play around with her but, since if he did anything to her. His father's college would assume that his daughter had snatched the boss's son. His father warned him against this type of this behaviour.

Sakura chattered on until they reach the parking lot. Sasuke waved the two of them goodbye as he climbed onto his motorcycle. He arrived home in record time. He inwardly groaned again as he parked his motorcycle beside his brother's car. He's brother was home.

As soon as he walked through the door, his brother stood on the staircase, smirking at him.

"Why are you so happy?" asked Sasuke, slightly annoyed at his brother's happy face. Dumping his bag at the bottom of the staircase and Sasuke made his way to the kitchen for a glass of water.

"I'm just happy to see my younger brother, isn't that enough?"


Sasuke ignored Itachi as he followed him into the kitchen.

"Sasuke, I have a present for you," said Itachi in a sing song voice. Sasuke refuse to look at him, as he grabbed a glass from the cupboard. He really didn't like his brother, Itachi made his life mission to make Sasuke's life miserable.

Itachi waved a black business card in front of his face. Sasuke drowned his glass of water before grabbing the card from his brother's hand. It was business card with the name with silvery, blue font, Blue moon presents Hina.

"Hina? What's Hina?"

"Ah...you never heard of Hina? God, she is like a legend. She is an enchantress of the underworld. Once you see one of her shows, you will be enchanted forever."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. His brother's playground knows no bounds.

"Then why aren't you going?" asked Sasuke, slightly suspicious of his brother's motives.

"I will be out of the country after the banquet and plus I thought you could use the rest," said Itachi, pulling his arm around Sasuke's shoulder.

"Where did you get it anyways?" asked Sasuke.

"One of father's business partners gave it to me," said Itachi, shrugging.

"How hot can she be if old business men go to see her?" said Sasuke, sarcastically?

Itachi whistled, "That's where you are wrong, it cost a fortune to get this card. It's not just given to anyone. So don't lose the card, you won't be able to get in without it."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. He didn't know if he had the time to check it out, but he was curious. A legend of the under world? It was most likely some stripper that old men went to see. Maybe, he would go there for a laugh.

"I'm going to get ready for our beloved dictator's banquet, see you at 7 sharp. You know how the dictator gets if we are late."

Sasuke hummed an agreement as Itachi left the kitchen. Sasuke looked down at the card again, Hina...

She was running to her class because she accidentally fell asleep in the library. She was in such a hurry that she didn't even look at where she going, since her arms were filled with books. She didn't know why she didn't see him as he came towards her. Maybe, it was bad luck, in a moment she was on the floor, books fell around her.

"Oh I-I-I'm so s-sorry...!" stuttered Hinata as she looked to the person, she knocked down. Her heart froze, as she took in the face of Uchiha Sasuke. Their eyes met for a second, before her eyes went straight to the ground. She blushed, her face turning scarlet. She hurried to get her books, as she scolded herself, how her luck would be so bad that she knocked the school heart throb down. She just had to want to get away from him. She didn't even pay attention to him as she hurried away. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest.

Sasuke feel the impact before seeing who he bumped into, as his rear connected with the ground. He looked at the person who knocked him down, for a moment he saw pale, grey eyes behind a pair of glasses. She looked away too quickly for him to get a good look at her face. He could hear her apologizing to him and gathering her belongings that had fallen. She was amazingly fast because before he could react, she was hurrying down the path.

He shrugged, but something caught his eye as he was about to leave. It was a sketch book had fallen onto the ground. He sighed, as he picked it up. The girl who bumped into him must have dropped it and must have forgotten to pick it up. He flipped to the first page, looking for a name. There wasn't name in the first page so he flipped farther into sketch book. His eye widen as sketches of Naruto filled the book. The sketches were quite good, and the last few pages were filled sketches of a woman. A woman wearing a skimpy dress with her long dark hair flowing past her shoulders, and most interesting was her eyes were filled with confidence and mystery.

In corner of the sketch, there was a name, Hinata H.

Hinata slipped silently into a seat, although she didn't need to take this class but he was in this class. She loved to watch him and what she loved more is to sketch him. He a great subject since, he slept often in this class. Today, he was actually paying attention; she could see his profile in the corner of her eye. She reached into her bag for her sketch book but came up emptied handed. Her mind raced, where did she leave her sketch book? At the library, she remembered taking it out at the library because she suddenly had an inspiration then she felt asleep. She gathered her sketch book, along with her books.

Her eyes widen as she remembered, she had bumped into the most popular guy on campus. She must have had dropped when she bumped into him. She mentally kicked herself for her carelessness. Now her sketch book was in the hands of someone she could never get back from. It was just her luck. She hoped that he would just throw it away or maybe just leave it there. She yawned, since she couldn't sketch today, she felt more sleepy than ever. She closed her eyes and began to doze off again.

"Hina...I'm scared..."

"Don't be scared, I will protect you...Hinata, I promise you."

"He is coming..."

She suddenly woke up, her hands sweaty and her heart pounding fast. The memories of her past always this effect on her. Everyone around her was getting up, the class was over. She looked down at her watch; It was time for her part time job.


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