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* ~ * Full Summary * ~ *

A family who once had it all, gets bankrupted. The parents have no other choice than make their own daughter: Amu, secretly engage Tsukiyomi Ikuto, behind her back. When Amu finally finds out she has to move in with the Tsukiyomi-family? And what if these two young people doesn't get along? What does that mean? Trouble trouble.

"Papa, why are you dragging me?" I yelled angrily at my father who held my hand and dragged me. "Can you please let go of your daughter now?"

The people around us started to stare.

My father stopped and looked at me. "I'm sorry, but could you please... calm down? Papa doesn't really want to do this, but have to; for Ami and your mama." The way he looked at me made me quiet. His eyes were filled with doubt, sorrow and… pain? He took my hand once again and continued.

Where was he taking me? He told me to have on my nicest dress and heels (which hurt like hell) and my hair curled. And here I was, in my cute peachy little frilly dress with my favorite necklace. Since my family's photo-company got bankrupted I had to sell almost all of my dresses (except this one) to help my family's economy alive. It was hard, but I accepted it and it wasn't going to kill me if I sold my things.

"Honey, we're here." My dad said and stopped outside this fancy restaurant. He hawked and took a deep breath. "Amu, whatever happens; I, Ami and your mom will always love you, you have to remember that."

Eh, nani? Why was he talking about life-or-death-things right now? Excuse me, I'm just 16? Do I have to remind him about that or what?

My dad opened the door and the waiter jumped out of nowhere.

"Hello, welcome to Moon's!" He said and smiled. Wow, talk about white teeth. "Table for 2, no?"

"No, I'm here to meet Tsukiyomi-san." My dad said and hawked once again. I could hear in his voice that he was nervous about something. The waiter straighten immediately.

"I'm sorry, I could have guessed when there's that lovely lady behind you." He said and smiled brighter. "Please, this way. Tsukiyomi-san's in the VIP-room waiting."

VIP-room?Isn't that like… for luxurious people? Why are we going to a luxurious room when we're normal and now, poor people?

"Here it is." The waiter said and turned around. "Have a nice time!"

My dad opened the door and in front me sat a grown-up man. The man had navy hair, silver eyes and he looked so relaxed. When our eyes met, it felt like slow-motion. He smiled a bit, and stood up.

"Hello Hinamori-san," He said and shook hands with my dad. "It's nice to see you again."

"Yes," My dad answered. "The same to you. And here, my daughter; Amu – whom we have talked so much about."

The man looked at me, then smiled. Why was he smiling? And why was I even here for?

"Konichiwa there, Amu-san!" The man said and held out his hand. "I'm Tsukiyomi Aruto, you can call me whatever you want since we're going to be a family soon. Let's sit and talk about the real reason why we're here."

"So," My dad said and looked at me. "Amu, I have something to confess. Something I and your mom haven't said yet."

And right now, I could feel all the two men stares at me. I don't like where this is going…

"N-Nani yo?" I said hesitated. "Is it something bad?"

My dad didn't speak anymore but was quiet for a loooong time. He looked nervously at "Aruto" and then nodded.

"You have a fiancé," My dad said. "With his son."


"W-Wh-W-Whaa?" Was all I could say. "W-With h-h-his son? Who I d-don't even KNOW? Don't screw with me!"

I could feel my heart pumping, how my forehead got hotter and how the hell I wanted to get out of there!

"Amu, it's true. You have a fiancé." My dad said and looked seriously at me but deep inside, I could see sadness.

"Here's a photo of my son," Aruto said and took out a photo from his fat wallet. "He's quite a thing, isn't he?"

There stood a boy who posed right into the camera; navy hair, navy eyes, wearing a white shirt with a thin black leather tie and also grey jeans. He was barefoot, weird. I couldn't deny it; he was a hottie.

"So… this is my so-called fiancé?" I said shortly. "His name and age?"

"Ikuto, 17. Due some issues in France, he couldn't make it back home. He will come to Japan... tomorrow."

"Ahaaa, is there some way that... we can pull off this whole… thing?"

My dad coughed some times while bumping my arm one time. What, did he have to bump my arm 'cuz I said something I wanted to say?

"Amu, let me have a talk with you," He said and took my arm. "Tsukiyomi-san, please wait." He said and bowed.

Aruto nodded.

"Amu, what are you saying?" He angrily whispered to me when we got outside the room. "That man's very powerful in Japan! His company, Tsukiyomi Group is Nr.1 in the whole country! If you marry his son, you can bring food on the table to your family!"

"Dad, have you ever thought about your daughter?" I hissed. "I'm only 16, I want to have a normal life; with friends, maybe a boyfriend, but a fiancé now? It's not the time to think about that!"

"Amu, imagine our place! Your little sister in there, suffering! It's dirty, the air isn't fresh, and we need to share two futon's which isn't enough!"

"Papa, it isn't my fault that your company got bankrupted, why do I need to fix your mistake? Does Ami even know about this?"

"You're my daughter, and you're Ami's big sister!" He whispered back. "As the older sister, you need to take the responsibility instead of your sister!"

When the thought of Ami, in our house; made me ill. I remember once when we had everything, when our stomach didn't complain and we were all happy. And some time ago, she asked me if I had hidden some food because she was hungry.


"Amu, please. Just do it for now? When papa earns enough money for the whole family, which papa doesn't do now, papa will break the whole engagement, I promise. And Ikuto-kun is someone that can bear your stubbornness."

I sighed.


"That's my girl." My dad said and put his hand on my head. "Don't do anything wreckless while mama and papa are gone."


Didn't have the time to ask before my dad opened the door. Dammit!

"Tsukiyomi-san, it seems like she finally accepted the whole engagement." He said and laughed little. "You know teenagers…"

"Great," Aruto said and smiled. "She'll love Ikuto."


"So Hinamori-san, does she know about the move we'll make tomorrow? Since she'll move into my place, I need to know the important things she wants so I can get her it."

Eh, what 'move'?

"Oh yeah Amu, I forgot to tell you; you'll move into Tsukiyomi-san's house tomorrow." My dad added in.

"Yesyes, that's true. Amu-san, what do you need?"

This was rushed. The only reason I do this stupid thing is so that my family can go back like it once was before, but move in? I mean, move-move in? Move in to a house filled with strangers? No way.

"… Err, I don't know."

"Then I'll just leave that to my wife. She's so eager about making your room."

"Aha..." I said and nodded slowly. The things hadn't melted in my head yet.

"Then I have to go now, I have some important work left to do." Aruto said and stood up. "Amu-san, it was nice to finally meet you. I'm sure you'll like Ikuto as soon you meet him; he's been a troublemaker since child. I'll see you tomorrow, I'm sure that you'll like my wife." Aruto took my hand. "You will be the perfect daughter-in-law." And as he said that, he disappeared.

(L) Take a break here?

When we arrived home, I let my anger out.

"MAMA AND PAPA, HOW COULD YOU USE YOUR OWN DAUGHTER? DON'T YOU KNOW I FEEL? You're so cruel!" I yelled while crying. "Now I'm engaged to some stranger I don't even know!"

My mom took me in her arms. "Amu, we're so sorry. This was the last thing we wanted to do, but we don't have any other choice now. We can't go on while we don't even have a home, or no food."

I shuffled. "I'll try to bear with it."

She kissed me on the cheek. "It won't be long until papa finds a job with good salary."


And so, the next day came and there was a limousine waiting outside. The only thing I brought with me was the outfit I wore yesterday. I didn't have something left in that place, except my family. And off I go, to my new 'home'.

"Amu-sama, we're here." The chauffeur said and opened the door.

"Ah, thank you." I said and tried to smile, but obviously failed. And ohmygod, it wasn't a normal 'house', it was a frea*kin' MANSION!

Out from the door came a running beautiful woman; she was thin, long and had almost like silk, long dark navy-colored hair and beautiful green eyes.

"You must be Amu-chan!" She said and hugged me. "Welcome! I'm Ikuto's mother, Umi! We have so much things to do, and so much stuff to talk about but I heard from my beloved husband that Ikuto will come home about 10 minutes, so hurry up and get dressed, waaaah, that dress you're holding is very kawaii, you can put that on!" She was so honest, and somehow, she sparkled.

"Mira, Chie, please help Amu-chan take on her dress!" She said out in the blue, and out of nowhere, two servants came.

"Hai ojou-sama." They said and took me to a big room. It felt like it just took them 30 seconds to dress me, it was so fast!

When I got out of the room, there was about 30 servants outside and 2 normal people; which was Aruto and Umi. Aruto was wearing normal clothes, but the way he wore it looked so cool and fancy! He wore a white polo and outside a grey cardigan with dark slim jeans. He didn't look like the "typical" rich man you imagined.

"Hey Amu-san!" He said and hugged me. "Welcome, Ikuto's coming soon! If I were you, I would die as soon as I saw him."

Was this Ikuto so special? Why would I die for meeting him? I admit he was like… the most elegant and hot guy I ever seen, but after what my family went through; I wouldn't just fall for his looks.

"Amu-chan, there he is!" Umi-san said and pointed behind me. "Woah, my handsome little boy!" She chuckled.

When I turned around I saw the boy I saw in the picture. His navy hair stood out in all directions, like he just woke up. He was wearing exactly the clothes he wore in the photograph. And there he stood up on the stairs; looking down on me. But this time, he looked more handsome. Once his eyes met mine, my mind went blank.

"Shishué, okaa-san, I'm home." He said and smiled a bit and hugged them. (Shishué: More old-fashioned way to say father). He looked at me and pointed at me. "Who's this?"

"Ikuto, that's your lovely fiancé I and your mother talked so much about." Aruto said. "She's adorable."

"Hmmm…" He said and walked around me. He looked from top to toe. "She's not so bad. She'll do." He spoke as he was picking some toy. Wtf, was I the toy?


I guessed Ikuto heard that, 'cuz he looked at me with suspicious eyes. He smirked.

"Her name?"

"Hinamori Amu."

"Oooh Amu. You and me; so. much. to. do." He whispered pervish in my ear and.. he l-l-licked my ear? "Look forward to it, my fiancé."

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