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"Then," Ikuto said. "I'll go and meet Riko. Later." Ikuto kissed my forehead before leaving. "Bye, honey."

And there I was, left on the bed. Speechless. Just forget what I said before about his 'good side'. And welcome to my hell!


"Hey Amu," Someone said and knocked my shoulder. "Wake up."

"Nnnn, later." I mumbled and buried my face in the pillow. So irritating! Just let me sleep, for Kami-sama's sake!

"Hime-sama," Ikuto whispered perverted in my ear. "We're going to be late. Hurry up and change to your uniform and we'll go."

"Ne, when do we start?" I asked tiredly and rubbed my eyes. I didn't want to begin his school but had to.

Ami, look how nice your big sister is, I'm doing this for you. Look how much 'responsibility' your sister takes, this is my 'role', isn't it?

"And get off me." I said and pushed him away with my elbow.

"Our first lesson starts... 9.00," He said and yawned. "Hurry hurry."

I moaned and sat up. I rubbed my eyes and took a fast look at the clock, 8.32. HOLY SHIT. I looked confusedly around, crawled out of bed, took my stuff and started to run but suddenly stopped. "Where's my uniform?"

"Right here," He said and patted it. "It's been right next to me the whole time."

"Sorry Tsukiyomi-san," I said and snatched the uniform from him. "You're not someone who could catch my attention, if you get what I mean." I smirked devilry and locked the bathroom door behind me. It felt like I had control over him, for the first time.

I folded out the uniform. A V low-necked grey sweater with a cute black ribbon under the chest. The skirt was a typical Japanese style; a black, grey and white colored skirt. No problems with the uniform. I could imagine me wearing it. I quickly took it on and posed in front the mirror. (A/N: Picture on profile!)

Someone knocked the door.

"Amu," Ikuto asked. "Are you done yet?"

I didn't answer him. I just twirled a few times in front the mirror. I felt so kawaii in this uniform, like I was in a manga or a movie! I stopped twirling when a thought hit me. What about the new school…? Would I like it as much as my old school? Or would I be the victim of fan-girls to Ikuto? No question that Ikuto had fan-girls, it was just so like him.

"Are you dead?"

I continued to not answer him, and how could he think that I was dead? What a tofu brain.

"If you don't answer me," Ikuto stopped for a second. "I'm forced to smash down the door and do the mouth-to-mouth-thing on you. If you don't resist, that is."

I thought about it, mouth-to-mouth..? With Ikuto…?

"Okay," He said and prepared himself. "Here I go."

"No!" I shouted. "Stop!" I quickly unlocked and opened with a slam. "You don't have to do it!"

"Hm," He looked from top to toe. And then, toe to top. He didn't say anything but had that grin on his face. "You look… sexy." He licked his lips.

"Let's... just go," I sighed. "I don't have the strength to argument."


When the car stopped outside the school gates; I could see how everyone turned their attention to the car and started to create a crowd. I ignored the crowd and looked beyond them. The school looked almost like a castle.

"Is this," I stuttered. "Y-Your school?"

"Yeah," He said boredly. "Let's go out."

When the chauffeur opened the door and Ikuto got out; every single girl started to blush (even those with boyfriends). Some of them looked like they would even faint.

"I-Ikuto-sama!" A girl shouted from nowhere. "G-Good morning!"

I saw Ikuto get eye contact with the girl and smiled nonchalantly. "Thanks."

I guess that pulled the trigger, every girl started to scream his name.

"Ikuto-sama, you look so good and sexy today!"

"Ikuto-sama, can we have lunch together?"


"Ikuto-sama, WE LOOOVE YOOOU!" A fan club shouted.



Ikuto tried to play cool but I could see how he almost would burst of laughter. How easily he had fooled those easy-minded girls. A girl pulled Ikuto's shirt lightly and he watched over his shoulder. I tried to read their lips but failed. Ikuto smirked and whispered something in her ear, the girl blushed immediately. He left her and got eyecontact with... me. He did some signs with his hands that said something like; come here.

But I didn't move. Everyone looked at Ikuto who did some strange signs and they noticed something; he had eye contact with someone. They followed his eyes and stopped at me.

Ikuto shook his head and started walking to me. "Hey, show yourself" He pulled me out of the car.

"O-O-Oi!" I hissed until…

I realized that everyone looked at me. Their eyes said; who's she? Why is she with Ikuto-sama? How does she know Ikuto-sama?

"Ikuto!" I whispered sharp. "This is your fault!"

He ignored me and sneaked his arm around my waist. "Just ignore them."

I could see the fan-girls glaring at me, I did have Ikuto's arm around my waist. I could almost hear how they did sounds with their teeth. "Ikuto-sama, who's that girl?" A girl asked angrily. "How do you know her?"

"She's my…" Ikuto stopped. "Nah, I'll tell you some other time." He took my hand and dragged me out of the crowd.

When we got to the entrance gate there was a green-haired boy with glasses standing there with a list. He had a badge around his left arm written 'School Council'. Every person who went through the door said something to him and he checked off. (A/N; changed 'his' hair-style, picture on profile!)

"Yo," Ikuto said to the person. "Tsukiyomi Ikuto and Hinamori Amu."

The person looked up and then smiled. "Ikuto!" And he looked at me. "May I ask who this is?"

"She's Amu. She's my f-"

Ikuto didn't end his sentence until the green-haired boy went down on knee and kissed my right hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Hinamori-san."

I blushed immediately. This boy really had some manners in him! And his eyes, blue as the sea.

"I'm Sanjou Kairi. I'm the president of the school council, please call me Kairi."


He smiled warmly. "I've heard about you; you're the new student in Ikuto's class, right?"

In Ikuto's class..?

"Money can make anything happen," Ikuto whispered in my ear. "You'll miss me otherwise, ne?"


"Then Hinamori-san and cousin, I'll see you later on. I still have some work to be done." Kairi said. "I'll see you around."


"Sure," Ikuto said. "Amu, you need to go to the teacher's room, need to fill in some papers."

"Where's the teacher's room?" I asked. I wasn't surprised that he wouldn't take me there.

"Go about… 12 meters and then turn right, go upstairs then turn left, when you've turned left you're going to see the big notice board," He explained. "The teacher's room is just beside the notice board."

… Was he expecting me to remember all that stuff? Just pretend that you remembered all that stuff, get away from the hentai!

"Uhuh," I pretended. "Got it."

"Then, we'll meet again in the classroom, see yaa." He said and left me.

There I was; no clue which direction I would head. I looked around, wanted to ask somebody for help; but resisted when all those stares looked weirdly at me. I started to go randomly to every corner I saw, without thinking where they would take me.

Going back and forth made me feel sick, in the end; I kind of gave up. I started bumping my head against a pillar and last, I hugged it. I sighed and closed my eyes. I guessed I looked like a real idiot now.

Someone knocked on my shoulder. "Hinamori-san?"

I looked who it was; Kairi.

He was carrying a few cartons on each other, stuffed with every possible thing you could imagine. He looked… worried?

"Ah, it's really you!" He said with a smile. "Why aren't you with… my cousin?"

"Your cousin?"

"Yeah," He looked surprised at me. "Ikuto, you didn't know that?"

"No, I didn't."

"So," He said and took a better grip on the cartons. "Where are you heading?"

"Uhmm..." I stuttered. "To the teacher's room, Ikuto told the directions but I kinda forgot."

"Then you're lost," Kairi laughed. "The teacher's room is completely the other way. I'll help you since I need to go there too."

"Oh, arigatou!" I said and smiled honestly for the first time. "Do you need help? I can help you carry half of those."

"Nah," He said and tried to smile. "I'm fine."

"No," I said and tore three boxes from him. "This is the least I can do for your help."

He tried to argue but gave up. "Fine, it's this way." He smiled.

I walked very near Kairi, felt much safer. I looked down on the floor of the shyness.

"So," He asked. "How do you know Ikuto?"

I was surprised by the question but after I thought about it; I would probably get that question a lot.

"… He's my," I stuttered. "He's just a random person."

That's when we reached the teacher's room, I swallowed a glunk.

Tihi. (h'

After I filled in the papers, I met my teacher; Nikaidou-sensei. He had messy orange hair and olive-colored eyes. And he seemed… clumsy.

"Today," He said with a childish voice and coughed. "We have a new student in our class. Welcome."

When I stepped into the classroom, I saw how everyone focused on me. I could feel how they looked from head to toe and that gave me a jittery feeling. I stood beside Nikaidou-sensei.

"So, please introduce yourself." He said and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Uhm," I said and looked down. "I'm… Hinamori Amu..."


I looked up and I saw… Kairi. He was sitting behind two people but my eyes met him and he smiled. His eyes told me 'you can do it'. And that gave me the kick. Just get this over with.

"So, like I said; I'm Hinamori Amu," I took a deep breath. "I'm new, but I hope that we'll all get along and I'll do my best to fit in. Yoroushiku." I looked at Nikaidou-sensei. "I'm done."

He looked speechless at me but coughed a few times until he was back on earth. "Oh," He said and pushed his glasses back on place. "Then you will sit beside Ikuto-kun."

"EEEH?" The girls went. "That's not fair!" They mumbled for themselves.

I hadn't seen Ikuto in this classroom…? My eyes started to search for him, and I found him; behind Kairi. He had this usual awful smirk on his face saying 'I can't wait until I torture you to death'.

"O-Okay…" I started to go slowly to his place. It felt like it would take ages until I got there.

I slooowly pulled my chair out; knowing that Ikuto watched every move. I pulled my desk some centimeters from Ikuto's desk and I clutched myself to the edge of the desk, almost like it was my life-savior.

"You won't be getting away," Ikuto said quiet enough to just let me hear. "Run, and I'll catch you."


When it was break, I chatted with Kairi. He had turned himself to me, and his arms were resting on his chair's back. He was listening very interested in me.

"Yeah, so I got my little sister Ami; she's adorable, you should meet her sometime! And then, I have otou-san and okaa-san they're really—" I got interrupted by a girl who was hanging over Ikuto.

"Ikuto-samaaa~" She said childishly and bulged her lips. "I've been thinkin' since mornin', how do you know Amu-saaaaan~?"

I looked at Ikuto who looked boredly at the girl. He met my eyes and was quiet for a moment. He sighed.

"Well, you're all gonna know sooner or later," He said and smiled so little that no one would notice. "I'll tell you; she's my fiancé."

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