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A benefit. The first benefit to be held in Malfoy Manor since the war had ended, to be precise. Draco would have almost preferred a term in Azkaban. At least in that hell, society wouldn't be able to gawk and whisper rumors about him, all the while sipping his champagne and enjoying his hospitality. When he had brought this up with his mother, Narcissa had simply told him he was worrying about nothing. It was easy for her to say – word had gotten out that she had been the one to save Harry Potter's life during the war. When the members of the magical community had heard this, they seemed quite willing to forgive, or at least forget some of the less positive things she had done during her time with Voldemort.

Even just thinking that name in his head made Draco flinch. Clutching the slightly faded mark on his arm he walked through the manor towards his bedroom, all the while passing the familiar rooms that caused him to recall things he wished with all his heart he could forget. A murder in this bedroom, torture in that one, and oh! down that hallway was the room where the muggles had been kept. The Dark Lord had liked to have a small collection handy, just in case the desire for entertainment arouse. As he made it to his room, Draco stripped off his clothes and stumbled into the shower.

One day he would get out of this place. Standing under the hot water, he promised himself that. He had even thought about moving into the muggle world, where his name would mean nothing and the mark upon his arm would not condemn him. The only reason he stayed was for his mother, although since Lucius had died in Azkaban two years ago, she had become more like her old self. She no longer had to worry about her husband rotting in that prison, and now that he had passed away, Narcissa had made peace with the past. She had even gotten back in touch with her sister Andromeda, and the two of them enjoyed visiting. His mother had particularly enjoyed the company of little Teddy on these visits, and had even had the gall to suggest that Draco might give her a grandchild or two in the future.

The suggestion was laughable, and he had told her so. Kids, in most cases, required another person, and after the war, he had served his sentence, made as many amends as he could, and then become a recluse. He worked from home, managing what was left of the Malfoy fortune and adding to it through his business ventures. He rarely went out into the magical world, much preferring the anonymity the muggle world afforded him. All in all, Draco Malfoy had dropped off the map, and his mother was about to ruin that by throwing a benefit.

It wasn't that he objected to raising money – St. Mungo's was and always had been a very deserving recipient, and had done so much good in a world that had desperately needed it. It also wasn't the fact that his mother was opening the Manor up to the public for the first time in years. As far as Draco was concerned, if they wanted to walk into this place, where so much evil had resided, let them. What they didn't know couldn't hurt them, and if they did know and still showed up, more power to them. No, the thing that was weighing heavily on Draco's mind was that he was expected to show up to this benefit, put on his best dress robes and smile, acting as though he didn't know all these people probably hated him. Even if he tried to tell them, show them even, how much he had changed, they would never believe it.

Running his hands over his head, he tried to reason with himself. Surely there was the possibility of something, anything, positive coming out of this train wreck. Stepping out of the water, Draco caught his reflection in the mirror as he walked by. In two days, Draco, along with his mother, would host a benefit that nobody would want him at. Things were supposed to get better after the war, and in many ways they had of course. But sometimes he felt as though he could have died that night at Hogwarts, and it wouldn't have mattered much - at the rate he was living his life, there wasn't much difference.