Jareth watched as the mortal girl twirled around and round, clearly enjoying her little impromptu party. He, himself, had to watch the festivities from afar. He hadn't been invited. Not that he'd expected to be, he thought with a devilish grin. Sarah would never have summoned him again. Not that she could even if she had desired it, he was no longer hers to command. Still, he sat, like so many times before, perched on a limb outside her bedroom window… watching. Her long dark hair swung wildly, alternately fanning out behind her and splashing across the rounded bones on her rosy hued face.

Her friends, those silly little creatures, flocked closely to her spinning form, reveling in the euphoria of simply being in her presence. That he understood. He'd held her in his arms, had felt what they were all feeling. The power: the power that, unbeknownst to her, flared off of her in waves. His mismatched eyes narrowed when the one called Hoggle touched her fleetingly on the hip. An arch of invisible blue flame jumped into the dwarf's waiting hand. Yes, he admitted thoughtfully, she was truly powerful. Innocence and youth were natural powers in and of themselves and, as yet, she was still little more than a child, but in time, that too would change. It was an inevitable, immutable fact. And, while it wouldn't happen any time soon, it would happen and there in lay the problem.

Cocking his head to the side, he viewed the changing scene before him with forced detachment. Many more creatures from the Labyrinth had joined the throng, stepping easily through the charmed glass of her vanity. At first, he'd given some serious thought to blocking that particular entrance and exit to his world. Now, knowing what he knew, that was no longer an option. Yes, things had definitely changed and while he found it a most fortunate change he knew that once Sarah became aware of the truth of the matter, she would undoubtedly proclaim it 'unfair.' Her laughter, bright and carefree drew him back from his thoughts. He would allow her dreams to flourish, for now. Enjoy your time, dear Sarah," He whispered into the night. "For all too soon your life will be changed irrevocably." The last was said with a modicum of sincere and genuine regret.