Neeext. Porn, basically XD.


Walking down the hall, Draco had no idea what the twins wanted from inside the steamy, secluded Prefects' bathroom. Actually, scratch that. A thousand things had occupied Draco's mind as guesses, with the top thousand of them involving bodily fluids exchanging.

But that would mean he'd have to miss that stupid meeting with Dumbledore.

He weighed his options. Either go to Dumbledore's boring office, and be told miserly war stories that would most likely drag on for ages, all the while avoiding being magically groped, or go to Fred and George, and submit to Merlin knows what those twins want to do to him—with him, he swiftly corrected.

He shook his head, his golden hair smoothly cascading in ripples.

Fred or miserly war stories? George or magical groping?

Jamming his hands into his pockets and sighing heavily, he started towards the Headmaster's office. He was just going to see what was going on then leave as soon as he could. He hoped the twins didn't mind him being late.


"You know, you could be having sex with me right now, against this wall right here. Or this wall, or this wall, or that suit of armor ..."

"Harry, shut up."

They walked in silence, Harry having no idea what got Tom so pissy.

"What's got your knickers in a hard twist?"

Tom's face looked thunderstruck, then cast a glance at Harry, blushing.

"Look, i don't like being watched."

Harry brushed him off. "So what? Fuck Dumbledore. Don't you want—" he ran his hands along his body in an obscene manner, like forming a Coke shape with his hands, "—this?"

The Dark Lord stared at him. "That was ridiculously unsexy, Harry."

"I know," Harry admitted. He stepped closer to Tom and ducked his head.

"It's just ... I can't take it anymore. I don't know. I want to feel you against me, without the effing clothes or the restraints."

Tom took Harry's chin and looked into Harry's shining green eyes.

"We need a place where Dumbledore can't monitor us."

As if something was jammed into Harry's ass, he jumped, and promptly kissed Tom, who widened his eyes in surprise.

"That's it, Tom! C'mon!"


He changed his mind after the first step. Before long Draco was uttering the password to the Prefects' Bathroom without much fuss, lithely keeping to the shadows as he entered to remain unseen. He was trying to be as prepared as possible for whatever it is the twins had in store for him.

Seeing nothing at all using his super sneaky Death Eater Spy powers, he walked out of the darkness.

The twins weren't there, and nothing was out of the ordinary, except for a lone pensieve by the large prefects' pool/tub.

A notecard was placed atop the glowing basin, and Draco warily took it scanning the card quickly.

A little preview of what's to come. ;)

Love, P and G.

Draco blushed heavily, feeling weird, not amusing feelings about the twins. Oh, look at that—they left a tiny wink; how cute ...

He shook his head rapidly, trying to banish any thoughts leading to anything too sentimental. Instead he stared at the pensieve.

Shrugging, he positioned himself next to the basin, and dunked his head in the magical memory water.

Draco fell into what seemed to be a luxuriously decorated bedroom, candlelit and vamped up with anything and everything that apparently turned Draco on.

He saw some movement on the wide, king-sized bed, and approached.

What he saw among the sheets made his jaw drop, and his cock subconsciously twitch.

Fred was on his knees and elbows, fully naked, his ass in the air, and George was in front of him, also fully naked. George's cock was appearing and disappearing into Fred's mouth, and Fred was trying to swallow George's full length. That glorious tuft of red hair forming at the base of George's cock tickled Fred's nose, and soon the heavy scent of George's manhood had Fred fully hard.

Draco saw George take Fred's hair into his hands and fist them, and jam his dick straight down Fred's throat. George let out a low, resounding moan that found its way directly through Draco's hardening prick.

Draco's eyes turned half-lidded as he started touching himself through his trousers, this time George coming down to kiss Fred full on the mouth.

They shared what seemed to be a single moving tongue as they swapped saliva, and Draco heard a loud, groaning noise, only to realize it was him who made that noise.

Before long Fred had his hands on the headboard for support, and George was parting his ass, and Fred shiver-cried as George plunged his tongue down Fred's soft pucker, as George forced him open—Draco noted how utterly impatient George was getting—and Fred biting his lower lip off in pleasure.

Draco couldn't take it anymore. His pants were down, his dick warm and encased with his knuckles—he was fucking his hands at the same rhythm George was thrusting his cock into Fred's hole—and he was saying, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuck, shit, why the hell didn't I think of this before, fuuuck, you two are so fucking hot I wanna join you guys," until he came all over his hands, in one spectacularly explosive ejaculation.

Draco didn't want to take his eyes off George taking Fred through the bed—somehow Fred had sank onto the bed and George was still pummeling his ass into the mattress, in such a rigorously divine manner that Draco wished he could experience—

until he was out of the memory, and in the Prefects' bathroom, with his pants down and sticky seed all over his hands, the pensieve, and the tiles.