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Chapter Six

Freya hooked herself into the Christa's computer. She knew the risk she was taking. She could accidentally get infected with the virus. "Eww... It's like watching a petri dish explode over with bacteria." she grimaced at the images she was receiving from the computer.

Suzee was underneath the console. "It looks even worse under here..." Suzee grunted as she worked. "Wires are everywhere.... There's some kind of white crust on everything... It's like being in the Pit."

"The Pit?"

"That's one of the various nick names given to the boys' room." Suzee explained. She rolled out from under the console. "How is everything....?"

"Swell... I think I'm going to contract the damned virus if we don't kill it soon..." Freya said through gritted teeth.

Suzee shook her head at Freya. "Why don't you just hook off of there and help me under here? It'll be safer..."

"And you know this how....?" Freya said with a devious glint in her eyes. "Besides... It'll hurt my pride if I hook off... I'm here, I might as well finish what I started...."

"You're a psychopath, you know that...?" Suzee said with a smile.

"Yeah.. Well I'm your psychopath now..." Freya shot back. "Let's get back to work."

"Why are they just sitting there..." growled Commander Goddard. "It makes me nervous that they don't do anything....."

"They have already hit us.. That virus is destroying the ship..." said Harlan with glance at Goddard. "They're waiting for Freya to surrender..."


"Because she is a weapon for that Admiral on that ship in front of us." Radu said.

"We're doomed..." Bova drawled.

"She's a hacker..." said Harlan. "That's why she has that device on her neck."

Goddard started putting things together now. "She can walk through walls by just turning herself into water. She can hook into any computer that you get in front of her.... It makes sense.... She would make one hell of a hacker..."

"I wonder why he wants her to do that?" asked Rosie.

"Any world that the Shekra are in combat with would be an easy target with a few people like Freya on hand disabling the computers and what not..." said Goddard.

"But why just her..." Bova drawled. "Surely he's got a few more of them."

"That's something for Freya to answer... if she can remember it..." Radu stated.

"Admiral.... my sensors are picking up unusual transmissions going on inside of the Christa." said the communications officer.

"Relay them to me...." Chen said silkily.

The officer put the transmissions on the speaker. It was almost a gibberish. Then, there were two voices talking. A boy and a girl. Admiral Chen smiled. Freya was talking to one of the children on the ship.

"I need power, girls..." said the boy.

"I can't give you guys anymore than what I recelebrated." said the girl. "Just try using what you can..."

"We need more power..." said another voice that had not spoken before. "The armor is almost gone from the virus attacking everything." It was another boy. He sounded tired.

"Suzee... just get the virus killed while we figure out the bridge, okay?" said the first voice. Chen realized it wasn't Freya speaking.

"Turn it off...." Admiral Chen growled. The speakers went silent. He thumbed the arm of his chair.

"Sir... they're trying to defeat the virus...." said the second in command.

Chen glared at the boy and the boy went silent. "They won't defeat it.... It mutates as they shoot it with whatever they've got...." he said.

"But sir--"

"Enough! Stay silent or I'll throw you in the brig!" Chen growled. "Then, you'll have to face the Inquisitor...." The second went silent.

"I've got an idea!" called Freya from the console. She had unhooked herself from the computer. Suzee jumped off the ladder that she was on.

"What have you got, Freya...?" Suzee said as she ran over to her.

"I'll need you to go to the infirmary and wait for further instructions. I'll relay everything to the computer in there.... THELMA can help you find the things...." Freya said as she manipulated the crystals under her hands.

Suzee raised an eyebrow. She was bout to counter this, but thought better of it. "Okay... that's the best we've got, so I'll go!" Then, Suzee disappeared out of the Engine room.

Suzee jumped into the nearest jumptube and put in her destination. She raced through it and found herself on the deck in front of the cafeteria. She growled and hit the controls again. Then, she jumped into the tube.

When she came out, she found herself on the level with the infirmary. "We've GOT to find a better system of transportation!" she growled as she walked in.

She looked around. She found the computer and went to it. "I need THELMA as well..."

THELMA appeared right behind Suzee causing her to jump. "GAH!"

"You all always say that when I come...." THELMA said with a blank smile.

The monitor on the wall blinked on. Freya could be seen manipulating a would be camera that was above her. "Testing... Testing... Anybody there?"

"We can hear you...." said Suzee. "What do you need us to do?"

"Okay... Listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna say it all once....."

Admiral Chen was getting suspicious of what they were doing. He still held the conversation he had heard running through his head. "They're going to try to hit us with whatever they've got, but surely they know that it's useless...." He said to himself.

"Sir... I'm registering some kind of disturbance..." said the communications officer. "They seem to have been able to get their armor back...."

Chen leaned forward. He waved his hand dismissively. "It's trivial... they won't last much longer if she doesn't surrender to us soon....." He grinned that serial killer grin. He looked like he just ordered a contract killing.

When Suzee had finished, she found that she had in her hand a syringe for injecting a ship with anything. "Where the hell did you get schematics for something like this?" She said as she scratched her head in confusion.

"From you... and your files...." came Freya's voice. She sounded a little like she was embarrassed. Suzee briefly wondered what she read in there. "I'm a hacker, not an engineer."

"I see... Thanks THELMA for helping me..." Suzee said to THELMA.

"You are welcome...." THELMA said with that blank smile of hers. Then, she started for the door with her usually awkward gate.

"All right... now... I can't speak over the computers, so I'm going to have to use m mind to give you the instructions...." Freya intoned on Suzee.

"Wh-What? What do you me--" A torrent of water washed over Suzee's senses. It was like she was swimming in a stormy ocean. Suddenly, she saw light. Then, she heard Freya inside of her mind. Make some antibiotics using these ingredients....

Suzee was rushed to her senses, but she still felt a little like she was in the ocean, though it was more calm than before. She worked diligently as she used things that seemed to pop out at her. Soon, she would be finished.

Admiral Chen had enough of waiting for Freya to decide her friends' fate. She had bothered him long enough. At least he would have fun destroying the Christa since she had her armor back.

"Lieutenant! Ready the guns! I'm tired of waiting...." he growled.

The lieutenant jumped into action. He worked his console with speed then, he worked to get the Christa in his sights. "Ready, sir...!"


"Harlan! Commander! We've got a missile headed for us!" shouted Bova.

"Brace for impact!" Commander Goddard shouted. He was too late, though. The Christa rocked and shook as it took the hit. Goddard and Harlan were thrown across the room. Bova had managed to hold onto his console as did Radu. Rosie hit her head on her console.

"Rosie! Are you alright?!" Radu shouted.

She didn't respond. Bova, who was closest to her, ran over to her. He checked her pulse and looked at the bump on her head. "She's been knocked out...."

"Bova! We need you at your post!" Goddard barked as he got to his feet. Another attack hit the ship, sending Goddard on his back again. "ARGH!"

"Do we have weapons, Bova?" growled Harlan as he got to the command console.

"No... They're still at almost zero power level...." Bova said.

"Come on, Suzee.... Get those weapons back...." Harlan muttered to himself.

Suzee readied the syringe. Inside her mind, she knew she had to run back to the engine room. She stuck the syringe and the two capsules in her belt and ran to the nearest jumptube.

She hit the panel on the jumptube and jumped into it. She fell through it and then, she hit floor. She looked around and saw that she had landed in the docking air locks. Her head still felt as though she was in water.

Suzee growled and jumped into the jumptube, hitting the panel on her way in. She hit the ground again, but this time she on the engineering level. The Engine room would be a few meters away.

She ran into the Engine Room and found Freya punching a few crystals in frustration. Suddenly, Suzee felt the waves disappear. She was alone in her head once again.

Freya turned to Suzee. "Your boy toy has been buggin' me for the past few minutes, you mind giving me a hand?"

Suzee took the syringe and put in a capsule. The ground beneath her gave a great lurch. She stumbled and Freya caught her. The intercom sprang to life again. "Armor is almost gone! We need weapons, Suzee!" Harlan was sounding even more frantic than Suzee felt.

"Suzee! Stick in the syringe!" Freya shouted.

"Where?! There's nothing to stick!" Suzee growled.

"In the main engine! Anything with organic material!" Freya shouted.

Suzee saw an area of organic material. Around the giant crystal, there was more than just metal keeping it safe. Suzee stuck the specialized syringe into the engine walls and hit the button. It released the special fluid into it.

"Ready the other one!" Freya shouted. She was punching buttons on the main console. "I'm keeping her busy!"

Suzee shook with adrenaline. She put the second capsule in. "Ready!"

"Stick her!"

Suzee shoved the fluid into Christa. The ground, that had been quaking with tremors, had stopped moving. Freya, who was breathing hard, flashed a smile. She grabbed a wire and stuck it into her implant. "Systems seems to be going back to normal..."

"What was that stuff...." Suzee said as she wiped the sweat from her brow and stood.

"I analyzed the organisms attacking the ship and started looking through THELMA's memory before I unhooked myself. That was how I knew to fix up the stuff... your files had the syringe diagrams in it...." Freya said with another flash of a smile.

The ship lurched again. Suzee was thrown to the floor in an instant. "We forgot about that Admiral Chen!" Suzee growled. She got to her feet and ran over to Freya. "We've got to get weapons back...."

She shoved Freya aside. Then, started rerouting power to weapons. "Bova! You've got weapons now!"

"Thanks, Suzee!" he said through the computer.

"We've got weapons, Harlan!" Bova shouted.

"Fire away, Mr. Bova!" growled Commander Goddard.

The Christa's forward guns splayed across the endless sea of space. Admiral Chen's ship was hit multiple times. Admiral Chen growled as the entire ship shook. "Sir! They've got weapons back!" said the commander.

"Shoot back, damn it! What are you people waiting for!" Chen growled.

The Christa's forward guns fired again. Chen's ship shuddered again before the lieutenant could fire. Chen was thrown from his chair. He hit the floor with a splat.

On the Christa, Commander Goddard was hyperventilating as he tried to stay in one spot. "Damn it! We need more than the forward guns to get rid of these guys!" He growled.

"I've got an idea!" said Suzee.

"Well? What?" Freya said with a glance at Suzee.

"Are you hooked into the computer?"

"Yeah... what are you thinking...? I don't like that look on your face... yer creepin' me out..." Freya said as she tried to scoot away from a grinning Suzee.

"Get into weapons... I want you to feed power into them... meanwhile... I'm about to perform a miracle..." Suzee said as she grabbed a screw driver and ran deeper into the engine room.

"We've got...." Bova was dumbfounded. He stared at the read outs and saw that the weapons were getting more power into them. Even the other guns were back. "We've got more weapon power, sir..."

Commander Goddard walked over to the command console. "Bova... E--"

"No wait! Let me, sir... I've been wanting to do this..." Harlan intervened.

Goddard sighed then nodded. Harlan struck a defiant pose and glared at the menacing ship. "End this..." he growled.

Bova rolled his eyes at Harlan and punched the appropriate buttons. Instead of seeing the forward guns going off.... a strange blue light came out of no where and flew towards Chen's ship.

Chen saw the light headed for his ship. Blood trickled out of his mouth from one of the hits he sustained. He glared at the console in front of him. He knew what had been launched. It was a torpedo and it was heading straight for Chen.

He got to his feet as fast as he could, but flew forward as the torpedo hit one of the vital systems. The ship lurched under the impact.

"Launch another one of those things!" Commander Goddard shouted.

Bova gave a shrug and hit the crystals again. Another blue light shot out from the Christa. It hit Chen's ship and they all saw something like electricity surging around the ship.

Suddenly, the ship exploded. In a blinding flash, Chen's ship blew up. Harlan was knocked away from his console. The Christa shuddered from the blast. He hadn't thought bout moving it away.

Bova was shot away from his console by a massive electrical surge. He hit the wall behind him as his console spark and sputtered.

Radu ran over to him. His hair was standing on end and his eyes were rolling. "Are you alright, Bova?" Radu asked frantically.

Bova gave a great yawn. "I think I should have breakfast soon...."

Commander Goddard grinned at Harlan. "Take us away from here, Harlan..."

"Aye, commander..." Harlan manipulated the crystals and the Christa moved away. Her sails contracted t her body and her head scrunched in. Then, she was off in a flash.

After letting the Christa jump for a couple of minutes, Harlan deactivated the jump drive. The Christa flew on a leisurely pace now.

"Nice work, Suzee..." he said into the intercom. There was no response. He tried again. "Suzee?.... Freya....?" Again, there was only static. Harlan was getting extremely worried. "Suzee?... Suzee, Freya... answer me!"

Radu watched Harlan as he frantically hit the console to get a response. Radu was getting anxious as well. Bova, Rosie and Commander Goddard could only watch and wait. They all did.

"Suzee here... we had a bit of a problem with the computer. It shorted out again..." came Suzee's breathless voice. Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief. "I'll be in the infirmary with Freya..."

In the Infirmary, Commander Goddard and Rosie consoled a badly shaken Miss Davenport. THELMA had treated her cuts that she had received when she fell out of bed and was hit with the debris.

Harlan and Radu talked to Suzee. Freya was passed out on a bed. "W-What happened to her down there...." Radu said.

"She was hooked into the computer boosting the power levels to the front and secondary guns. She took most of the electrical surge...." Suzee said. "She should be fine though..." She said with a smile.

Harlan smiled at Suzee. She smirked at him. "It seems that you were worried about me when I didn't answer...." she said.

Harlan's smiled crawled away. Then, it came back with a devious glint in his eyes. "What if I was...?"

"Maybe you check that ego more often... It's beginning to take up most of the room in your head.... You won't be able to make those REALLY BIG decisions..." Suzee said sarcastically. Then, she walked over to Radu.

THELMA was poking one of her fingers into the implant on Freya's neck. Sparks flew and Freya only twitched. "What's wrong with her, THELMA...?"

"She has taken quite a lot of electricity... She is not responding to me...." THELMA said with that blank expression.

Radu knelt down next to the bed and stared at her face. He was thinking. Then, he heard her eyelashes twitch. She opened her eyes and gazed up at THELMA and Suzee. Radu stood up and looked down at her.

"Are you alright, Freya?" asked Suzee.

Freya didn't answer. She just looked blankly at them. She looked over at Radu and stared blankly at him. "Who are you all?"

"Uh oh... It looks like the surge screwed with her memory..." Harlan said.

"Do you know who you are?" asked Suzee.

"Who am I?" Freya said.

"The ditz is back...." Bova drawled.

"This is going to take a long time...." Suzee sighed.