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One Month Later- #BobbysHouse

Lauren sat on the old, brown couch with her feet tucked under her and her notebook in her lap. She chewed on the end of her pen as she went over a few wedding details. She and Dean decided to get married at the end of the month. Nothing big because the last thing they needed right now was to draw attention to themselves and besides, it wasn't like they knew a lot of people anyways. They were going to get married right here at Bobby's house. What's more personal that his house? It would be perfect for them. All Lauren cared about was marring the man she loved. That man was Dean Winchester. They were not perfect and neither was their relationship but that's what made them work.

Just as Lauren sat closed her notebook, she looked over and saw the baby monitor spike as Bailey began to cry once she woke from her mid afternoon nap. "Like clock work." Lauren got up from the couch and made her way up the old stairs. She moved down the hallway towards Bailey's room and opened the door. "There's my sweet girl." Lauren smiled as she moved over to the crib, lifting up her daughter into her arms. "Let me guess. You are hungry again. Aren't you?" Bailey wiggles in her mother arms, her crying turning to screams. 'Ok. Ok. I get it. Calm down, princess. Jeez, you are just like your father when it comes to food." Lauren smiled softly and carried her daughter down to the kitchen to make her lunch. Dean and Sam where due back within the hour and Lauren didn't want Dean coming home to a crying baby. She knew he was going to be exhausted after his long drive.

Bobby walk into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge, twisting off the top, and flicking it into the trash. "You heard from them boys yet?" He asked, addressing Lauren.

Lauren placed Bailey in the high chair before grabbing the jar of baby food. "Yeah. Dean called about half an hour ago and they were about 60 miles away. You know Dean and how he drives so I am expecting him any moment." Lauren laughed softly as she moved a chair in front of Bailey's seat. "You have another job lined up already?"

Bobby took a sip of his beer and pulled the bottle from his lips, shaking his head. "Nah. Been looking but you know how that goes. One minute we up are up our asses in demons and then next..not a damn thing. Ain't too comforting."

Lauren sighed as she nodded. "I know what you mean. Waiting for Lucifer to show up is about as bad as waiting on the cable man." She scooped up a little bit of food and gave it to her daughter. "But, for the moment I am going to act like the silence is a good thing and attempt to have a calm night with Dean. I miss him."

"I know ya do, kiddo. But you know how Dean is." Bobby took another pull off the bottle. "He ain't gonna rest until you, Sam, and everyone else on this God forsaken planet is safe."

"And that's why we love him." Lauren smiled at Bailey. "Isn't that right? We love daddy." Bailey let out a squeal and food came flying from her mouth. Lauren made a face and all Bobby could do was laugh. Something he didn't do much of these days.

Dean pulled into the salvage yard and parked the car. Once he got out, he stretched before grabbing his bag from the back as Sam did the same. "You going to tell Bobby about what Becky said about Bella and this Crowley person?" Sam asked his older brother as he threw his bag over his shoulder.

"Don't really have a choice. We need to find Crowley and get the colt. Might not be the best plan but its all we go right now." Dean said as the two brothers head up the porch. "But, for now lets leave all that for tomorrow. I haven't seen my girl or my kid in two weeks and I need to get laid." Dean smirked as he went inside the house. Sam smiled, shaking his head as he followed.

Dean walked into the house and dropped his bag on the floor. "Yo! Anyone home?!" He called out.

Lauren smiled as she heard Dean. She finished cleaning up Bailey and carried her into the den. "Hey,baby!"

"There's my girls." Dean said with a smile on his face. He gave Lauren a kiss before he took Bailey from her arms. "I think you have gotten bigger, little lady." Bailey bounces and squealed in her fathers arms.

Lauren laughed softly. "I think that she missed you."

Dean grinned. "Yeah? And what about mama?" He arched his brow "Did she miss me?"

"Mmmhmm and I think tonight she is going to show you just how much she missed you." *Lauren winked* "Why don't you go shower and get cleaned up because you and I are going out tonight. Bobby is going to watch Bailey for us."

"Sounds like a plan. We need to talk anyways." Dean hands his daughter back to her mother.

"Uh oh. That is never a good thing. Just...lets try to enjoy tonight ok? Promise?" Lauren asked.

"I promise, baby. You and I are going to have a great night." Dean leaned over and kissed her deeply. "I will be back down in a few to take her off your hands so you can get ready." Dean slapped Lauren's ass before he went upset the shower to get cleaned up. He dreaded telling Lauren about the them going after Crowley but she needed to know or she would kick his ass.

Lauren jumped. "Dean!" She laughed and looked at Bailey. "Your daddy is silly." Lauren carried Bailey into the den to let her play. Lauren knew she a Dean had a lot to talk about and she could already tell by his expressions when he walked in that there was a change that they weren't planning on talking about the same things.

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