May or may not be a one shoot, is the possible sequel to "The Mask Symphonia" which itself follow "The Demon King Requiem". Reviews are welcome, about first person I decided to use it there because it made emotions better, however for most conversations and actions scenes then third person will be used, assuming this is enough liked be become truly the sequel.

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Code Geass - Back To Zero

Prologue : An infinite time

Two worlds have changed under my hand

The second fell under an overwhelming power

He found the keys of understanding, sending a planet to destruction in results

We, as humans, fought with all our might against that unstoppable tide of death

Alas our enemy was not human, far from our understanding

miracles can only happens when there is a chance for it to happens, even the slightest one

but there was none, no chance to survive there

save for us...

We stood alone over the mountain of corpses, all fallen people our power couldn't protect

He'll blame himself, cursing his failure as if he was the only one at fault, that's just his character

I glanced at the battlefield once again, the place is their and we're just forgotten

I turned to him, to the man who did so much for the world.

On his knee, his costum in rags, dirt on him as on me, we don't look like angel of devastation anymore, more like people who failed in their goal, in his goal perhaps, since I am only following him.

Yes, I am only a follower unable to be as great as him.

The proof of it lay before me, he distachs his eyes from his late contrator, brushing her long purple hairs while whispering an excuse.

Then he raise his eyes at me, and the proof is so bright that I feel blinded.

His purple eyes are burning with determination, still willing to fight.

He extend his hand to me, I already understand what he wants to try.

I place my hand in his palm, a wave of apprehension running through my veins.

This is impossible, this is totally foolish, this isn't something we should do.

We'll pay an heavy price when we already paid so much, there is little chance to make it happens.

And yet, his eyes radiate of grave confidence, a regret he adress to the fallen ones is the only thing synonymous of doubt. His hand hold tighter on mine and I widden my eyes, my heard beginning to race.

Yes, it'll works, it has to work. But the price will be hundred times higher to pay, can we really do something like that ?

The question is present yet unspoken, we do not need words, not here, not now.

He doesn't doubt if we can do it, he doesn't worry about the price, nothing like that.

He's asking me to let me pay the price alone, that foolish man.

You're way too considerate for your own good, but then you've always knew that.

Above the corpse of who was a caring yet strong girl we made a new pact.

The last one, for never will we reach an higher state.

I briefly remember the church were I received that power but the image fade away quickly.

Since how long wasn't I the one leading in this blue sea of power filled with purple thunder ?

There I see him, how much he changed since the first time we met here, when the roles were opposite.

Did I looked that impassible to him ? Was he admiring me as I admire him now ?

his lips move as his naked arm extend to me once again in this world were we're naked in our psyche.

He ennounces the contract.

And I...

"I shall accept this contract for all times, past, present and future."

It's time to return, another miracle need to be made.

The two immortals aren't enough to protect this world, so only one can change all.

Let's bring back the man of miracle.

Let's bring back Zero.


The world is teared apart, the time switch and change under the broken power of King, I feel my two eyes usually golden being burned in an endless gray. My hand hold tightly on my contractor's, all around us the whole existence that is the 'True Code' or collective consciousness ensnare us and follow us as we progress. Despite my acceptation to take part of the burden, he is trying to get most of it on him. We cannot refuse all those spirits and those fragments of powers for is it the price we've to pay.

We keep walking, closest word to what we're doing, through the essence of time. I see many scenes of myself as I pass by what I did, I can't help but feel a slight unease as I feel his eyes watch the scenes with a strong interest.

Too many scenes to even describe one... untill we arrive to our second parting.

Almost a century ago, when the death of Zero happened, when we had to part for decades. The pain we both feel that time both echoes in our heart, feeling horribly real.

The scene fade and more come, I see our first parting that I thought was definitive, he stares at the me praying at the church, while afar the mascarade he had planned happened. We keep going on silently, still followed by more and more spirits.

Hundred of scenes of our past, thousand of things we half forgot to keep on living, the war that was fought and the lives that were lost.

I felt his hold weaken, the action sending hundred of shiver all over my body. The scene at that instant was the one he considered as his first real mistake, the biggest one that leaded to tragedy. The moment when he ordered a naive princess to make a slaughter.

I feel no rage within him, nor despair, nothing... until his grip become once again firm, the face I can't see behind me back into a mask of impassible determination. I can sense his mind in accordance with his face.

We keep walking, and find the last place. My power is close to its limit, because it's here where or more accurately when we made a contact together, both with the cursed power called Geass.

I can't help but shrug as I approach the me in his arms, the scenes continue to go forward.

Time keep going forward, a little more. I find myself touching the me bounded inside a spherical machine I had forgotten all about.

And I am taken by an infinite wave of pain. The two myself melting together hurt beyond any comparison.

my whole mind and body ached under the forceful connection, all till I am one with the one I was once.


The horror of that pain was overwhelming, somewhere I realized that the difference of level between mine and my witch was the same for different reasons. Her was because she used the power, and mine was because of the change in my body.

Arms and legs were growing larger not without the bones enlargement causing tremendous pain. Without a doubt It'd be called worse than dying, the clothes of the teen were too small to fit the size that was registered years later, when he got the Code.

It was a storm of pain caused by a too fast evolution, each time a part of his body grew in one block, a surge of pure pain as liquid lava burned his senses which were instantly back fully sensible by the regenerative power of the Code.

It lasted five seconds, it felt like an eternity. He caught his breath, unfortunately restricted by his clothes too tight for his size. He stood up in the darkness, his head collided with the metallic ladder. He almost cursed more by frustration than in pain, he had a lot worse just seconds ago than this.

He looked around, they were in a truck which was familiar. The day he first acted against Britannia was one he remembered quite well. The man saw the capsule, instantly he searched for her presence. Losing no time he looked for the panel to open the capsule, his eyes long used to darkness had no trouble seeing the object of his research.

The capsule opened, unnatural light made him blink a few times. He extended his arms which received softly a large form. The two starred into each other eyes for an everlasting moment.

Little romantic though, they both looked at each other attire. If she was raising a tired eyebrow at his too small student clothes, he himself stared at her restraining suit smirking smugly.

"Do you really like that kind of thing that much bad girl ?" he teased her. She glared at him and opened her mouth to answer, yet no sound came out of her mouth. Her eyes fell a little and he quirked an eyebrow in worry while holding her frame closer to his chest.


He nodded while finishing to loosen the parts that uncomfortably restrained her.

And then they heard steps behind them, coming from a dark tunnel. A lone masked soldier emerged running toward them.

"Stop your evil deeds ! Terrorist will bring noth..." He began, but then


The voice was close to a whisper, an deep emotion carried with it and yet perfectly audible in the silence.

"Lelouch ? it's you ?"

"Yes, it's me Suzaku."

At that moment, the young Japanese didn't notice the tone of his childhood friend so surprised that he was to met him here. No, he didn't notice how the one he saw as being at the same age spoke like he just saw a ghost.

In the darkness he didn't noticed either how predatory-like was the smile that appeared on Lelouch face.

'Suzaku, this time you won't get in my way.' He glared briefly at the young Japanese with a mix of sadness and furor. 'This time, I'll crush your ideals !'

And then he smiled gently at his old friend. "Mind lending me a hand ?" he said with mentionning the green haired woman half asleep form in his arms.

More steps echoed in the tunnel, several more people appeared before the three young or not so much friends.

And once again Lelouch made a predatory smile, barely holding back his desire to destroy those arrogant fools coming to retrieve his witch.

And moral be damned, it felt good.