Author's note: So... I may be sneaking around on the Gabby forums looking for something good to write... and maybe I just happened to have a thought at the lipstick prompt. And maybe I can even be convinced to write a second chapter with the rest of the night involved. Maybe.

She stood in the bathroom letting the steam slip out the crack of the door. It was late, and she was exhausted from working all day, but it wasn't going to stop her from going out.

Her fingers ghosted over items on the counter as she tediously picked out the perfect colors to compliment the outfit that was tossed on her bed. Black shirt and skirt with hints of a cool blue hue that ran throughout. The small slivers of color reminded her of someone and she shook the thought out of her mind.

"Keep it up Abby and you're going to drive yourself nuts," she mumbled to herself as she applied her eyeliner and shadow. A charcoal grey highlighted by the same hue of blue that caressed the material of her outfit.

With a look in the mirror at her handy work, she paused and thought over which lipstick to wear. Grabbing four different choices in her hand, she exited the bathroom and walked to her bed.

The pale light from her lamp really didn't give her much help in deciding a color. Still deep in thought over the most important part of her look, she dropped the tubes on the bed and her towel on the floor.

As she bent to put on the lacy sliver of material she called panties she paused, and looked over her shoulder towards the door. Nothing was there... but she swore she heard a noise.

"Real good Abby. Now your mind is thinking... no hoping... that just maybe he's snuck in to ravish you. Riiiiight." She chuckled to herself and scolded her mind.

If she had been paying more attention, or had the lights on in the hall of her apartment, she would have noticed that he was in fact there.

The noise she thought she heard was his breath hitching, caught in his throat. It was his last bit of resolve crumbling. He had only come over to offer to take her to dinner before she went out for the night.

When he got no answer at her door, he had let himself in. His mind told him it was to make sure she was safe. His mind also scoffed at him and appended the proverbial "yeah right" to the thought.

He had heard her in the bathroom - tell tale signs of showering, but still had to move forward. He stopped at the end of the hall and looked through the doorway just as she was walking into the room. With not one, or two, but four tubes of lipstick.

He should have ran off, waited in the living room... or at least cleared his throat. He just couldn't bring himself to do it.

As he watched, Abby slid herself into an equally lacey bra that matched her panties. The choice of color was what really turned him on. He noticed that it matched the highlighted color in her outfit. He mused to himself how much she liked the color... never really putting together the fact that the color matched his eyes.

He continued to observe as she pulled the all too short skirt over her, then the shirt. She slowly did the buttons up as she looked in the mirror. It was a reverse strip tease if he ever saw one. He had to muffle another groan and was surprised that she hadn't heard it.

Only Abby had heard it. The groan was unmistakably his. Her fingers trembled as she finished dressing. She turned away from the mirror and collected herself as she moved to the closet to pull out a pair of boots. Her eyes flicked over the various pairs of boots, and settled on ones that she knew would drive him over the edge.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and slid a pair of thigh high blue stockings on and then the boots. Slowly she pulled the zipper up the inside of her leg, letting her fingers direct the path she knew his eyes were taking.

The style boots she picked were ones she'd bought on a whim, never worn once, and completely covered the top of the stockings she put on. She stood, examining herself in the mirror and smiled at how the boots stopped just short of her skirt. They were definitely not practical for clubbing with the thin heel, but she knew she wasn't going to make it that far tonight.

Her mind went back to the lipstick as she admired herself. Matching her outfit wasn't really an issue now. Any of the four would be perfect. She did however pretend to be lost in color choices as she bent over the bed. Color in hand she walked back to the full length mirror and applied it flawlessly.

Another soft moan from the hallway resonated through her core. This one, though she knew she tried to quiet it, couldn't be muffled. Her lips curled up in a smile as she used to reflection to catch a glimpse of him.

With that last moan, and Abby's eyes locking with his even though he was in the shadows, he knew that she knew he was there. The only question was for how long. Was it before the panties? Or before the boots? Not that it mattered really. She knew... and she was either teasing him because she could, or inviting him to come play.

With a low growl he slid through the doorway and walked up behind her... stalking like a lion after a helpless lamb. A sexy lamb. Damn sexy lamb, he corrected mentally.

It was only when his hand slid on her hips and pulled her around to face him that she stopped smiling. Her face slid into a sultry mock shock. Feigning horror that he had stood there and watched her. Her lips curved into a sexy red "O" that he was just dying to put to the test.

He pushed her legs apart slightly, tapping each of her heeled feet with his own shoe. She complied and he dropped to his knees, palms tracing up her calves and to the top of her thighs, stopping when he reached the zipper. He pulled it down an inch or two, allowing those baby blue stockings to peek out. A repeat of the other leg almost made her fall to the floor.

His hands moved to the outside of her legs and ghosted up as he stood, continuing to her shirt front and popping the top three buttons loose. More of the blue peeked through, leaving him with the sexiest sight he had ever seen.

She took a deep ragged breath and slid her hands under his collar, pulling him with her towards the bed.

She fell backwards with his name on her luscious red lips whispering as he pressed her to the mattress. "Gibbs... there's more if you're interested..."

His growl could have been interpreted as a laugh when he pressed against her, knocking the forgotten lipstick tubes to the floor.