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Abby slid into the shower, enjoying the water as it cascaded over her skin. Her mind drifted back to her night and she smirked. "Soooooo much better than going out dancing."

She looked over to the bathroom counter where Bert still sat.

He was there with her last night as she put her makeup on, and was forgotten because of her visitor.

"I guess you could call that dancing technically, but if I had known, I wouldn't have spent all that time picking out the perfect outfit."

If Bert could have smiled, Abby was sure he would have. Unfortunately for him, stuffing didn't smile too well. Or perhaps, she mused, fortunately. If he couldn't smile, he also couldn't tease her about Gibbs. "Bert... I've decided you are just perfect."

She rinsed the soap out of her hair and quickly shaved before turning the water off.


Gibbs drove straight to the office instead of going home. He neatened as best he could and covered the wrinkles of his dress shirt with his jacket. The problem was his smile. He knew that if it was on his face when he entered, it wouldn't be long before they (meaning Tony) had ideas of what he had been up to.

Gibbs tried to think of things to make him angry, or at least just unhappy, but he couldn't shake thoughts of Abby and her confession. His smile broadened and lit his whole face.

The trip took the same amount of time as it always did, but for some reason, he couldn't recall most of the ride. His mind was racing through every touch, kiss, taste and movement he had made.

He got out of his car and walked inside. The building was business as usual. Except for his team. Oddly, Tony seemed busy, Ziva was laughing and shaking her head at McGee, and McGee looked thoroughly confused. 'Well...' he mused... 'McGee is often confused.'

"Morning Boss" Tony said without looking up. As Gibbs settled in behind his desk he realized he had forgotten his coffee during his effort to put a stoic scowl on his face. "Shit"

With a sigh he looked at Tony, and decided against it "McGee... coffee."

McGee shook the cobwebs from his head and nodded taking off. Gibbs was sure he was glad for the reprieve.

Though Tony appeared busy, and really should have been, he was just scribbling on blank paper as he cataloged all the things that were wrong with Gibbs this morning. He labeled it "anti-Gibbs"

Smile. He can't hide that. WTF?

Unkept hair. Did he sleep in the basement? His car?

Same clothes as yesterday!

In truth, Tony wasn't sure if the jacket was the same or not, but he knew that the pants and the shirt were. A small drop of coffee on the right leg confirmed it when Gibbs had walked in.

'So,' Tony thought 'Just what was he doing last night?' He mulled ideas of a new woman, or a long night with the boat. But the boat didn't seem right, and he couldn't remember the last time Gibbs had eyes that smiled from a woman.

"UNLESS...nah... couldn't be... well...' Tony mulled it over more. Perhaps it was the off comment of McGee's about swearing he heard Gibbs laugh when he was on the phone with Abby.

"Could she be the answer?" he whispered. Tony knew he had to check it out for himself.

He stood up and watched as Gibbs looked over his desk to him. "Going somewhere?"

"Yeah, Abby's. Lab test confirmation."

Gibbs shook his head. And pointed down in in a sitting motion.

"But..." Gibbs leered at him, though the anger/annoyance didn't press outward like usual.

"She's not here yet. I thought you knew that."

Tony sat back down and sighed. 'Great... now how am I going to figure this out? Doesn't he know he's hampering an official investigation? Oh, wait... I think he does know.'

After a few moments he stood back up. The Gibbs stare came through true blue this time and Tony stood his ground. "Bathroom"

Gibbs rolled his eyes and make a quick jerk of his head. Tony walked off without giving his a chance to reconsider and tell him no.

Once he was out of view, Tony quickly changed routes from the bathrooms to the elevator and down to Abby. He knew he would pay for it, but he also knew that somehow Gibbs knew exactly what he was really doing.

The elevator doors opened. To nothing. Tony cocked his head and looked around. The lights were on, but he didn't see her. There was no music playing, but Bert sat quietly on the counter as if beckoning him in. 'Weird' he thought. "Why isn't there music?'

He crossed the floor and stuck an accusing finger at Bert.

Bert, of course, stared back at him blankly.

"What have you done with her?" Tony squared off with the plush hippo like he was a criminal in on of their interrogation room. "I swear, you'll never see the light of day again if anything happened."

Tony turned his back on the hippo briefly and continued talking. "You know... I've heard things about you. Things that could make your situation here better, or worse depending on how you looked at it."

Tony turned back around to look Bert square in his cold, lifeless eyes. Only... Bert wasn't there.

He did a double take and took a deep breath before trying to stealthily slip around the side of the high counter in Abby's lab. Convinced he found he, he jumped around the side screaming "AHA!"

"Well shit." he said to himself. "If she's not here... then how did Bert manage to..."

Tony shook his head and retreated from the lab. The elevator doors opened, and closed and Tony moved back to the bullpen with no more answers than he had before.


Gibbs smirked as he hung up the phone. "Only Abby..."

Tony walked back in as Gibbs composed his stone-cold stare.

"Everything ok?"

Tony nodded and sat down at his desk as McGee brought the coffee in. Gibbs cocked an eyebrow when he saw the Caf Pow container. McGee tried to hand Gibbs his coffee, but Gibbs stood and took the carrier instead, leaving McGee with the one in his hand.

He set the carrier down on Tony's desk, took his coffee and the Caf-Pow and headed down to the lab.

"Good thinking McGee."


Abby heard the elevator ding again and she expected it to be Tony returning.

The trick she had played on him was priceless, and she couldn't have done it without Gibbs.

Quickly she turned the music off and hid behind Major Mass Spec, trying to pull one over on him again.

"Nice try Abbs." came the response in a voice that was most definitely not Tony's.

She smiled and came out of her hiding spot expecting a hug. Instead what she saw made her smile even more. "For me?"

He nodded, "Thank McGee." he turned towards the computers and tried to hide his smile. "So... whaddya got for me?"

Abby looked at him and her jaw dropped. "What? How could I possibly have anything when the only evidence I've seen was completed yes...ter...nice. Real nice."

He turned back towards her with a shrug and a smirk. "Oh... I forgot. Sorry...didn't get much sleep last night."

She nodded, understanding him completely. "Me either. I had a hot date."

His smirk grew mischievous. "Really? And here I was thinking of asking you out to dinner later. I shouldn't have waited. Should have known you'd be booked solid all weekend."

She wiggled her eyebrows at him. "Oh, I'm booked solid... but I think I might be able to squeeze you in somewhere if you give me the rest of the day to rearrange my schedule."

He nodded, content, and kissed her on the cheek. She rolled her eyes at him, and at their game as he retreated back up the stairs.


The rest of the day passed without much happening that either of them remembered. Paperwork for him, and research for her.

Dinner was cozy; a little restaurant that Gibbs saw fit for them. Quiet, reserved, but not so much that Abby would feel uncomfortable. They ate together, laughing, and smiling.

When he waiter asked for their dessert order, Abby grinned and replied that "Dessert will have to wait."

Gibbs met her smile with his own and the waiter left the check. With the money for the bill and a handsome tip left behind, they walked out and into the night, ready to spend the weekend making up for all the years they lost to other people.