"There is a motel not to far away from here Bells, we could get a room. And-" his voice got interrupted by "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake, it came from his selfphone.

Thank god!

He has his head in the guts I tell you! I just think it's a bit to early… Actually that's not really true, but… I just don't want to do that kind of stuff with Darren.

I took his selfphone to my ear, that wasn't attacked by Darren's mouth, as a deep womanly voice, as I guess should be sexy? Started talking not waiting for me to say anything.

"Hey Darren I just wanted to say that Saturday was sooo great, we should use that bed of yours again, it was fucking sexy! We should get over to my house tomorrow so we don't get caught by that douche bag of a girlfriend you hang around with!" her voice cut into my ears, as she kept talking.

Who the fuck was that? I looked at the displayer it read Casey.

I took a deep breath as I pressed the end call button.

Darren's face was in deep shock, the same face that a little boy with his hand in the cookie jaw would have plaised on his face.

"What the fuck Darren?" he put his pokerface on but his eyes gave him away; his deep grey eyes I ones could swim around in, was now clouded with fear.

"Who the fuck is Casey" I yelled into his face. Everybody was looking at us now; the only sound was everybody's breathing.

"Erm… I don't know what you're talking about" he said very slowly.

"Don't you dare and play dumb with me!" I screamed and looked into his eyes, in disbelieve.

He started to look around; people hadn't stopped staring, and their mouths hanging wide open.

Their small heads couldn't fill the information that the perfect couple Darren and Bella could fight… They looked at us like we where the perfection. We weren't far from.

"Bella could you please let it go and sit down, people are watching us" he said in an unshed voice.

"I don't care that they are looking at us!" I yelled while throwing with my arms over my head.

I looked down at him again, his pale brown hair as sticky as ever, his eyes as grey as always, and his face was as beautiful as it had always been… But somehow I couldn't get myself to love it, as I had always loved it.

"I-… I think I would… I got to go" I whispered to him, as a frown crept its way onto my face.

I looked around on the students, around us.

I didn't really know anyone here.

College was a weird place, not familiar at all.

It wasn't as familiar as High school had been, I miss High School, that was a time were I could fell happy, a plaice I could fell loved.

I miss Emmett and his laugher when I would trip or fall over the thin air.

I miss Alice and her smile when we would dress up in the finest and newest clothes.

I miss Rosalie and her beauty when we would go out and party.

I miss Edward and his trusting words as I would come to him and talk about everything between heaven and earth.

But mostly I miss Jasper and his kisses when we would lie down in the middle of nowhere and just enjoy our life together…

But of course there weren't really anything to do about that… They didn't love me anymore… None of them… Not anymore…