Deep In Thought

Often, when I want to be alone with my thoughts, I fly up onto a crag which is so high no human could scale it and even most Flying Pokemon would have difficulties following me. I sit up here, contemplating the world around me and everything that has happened in my long life. As a Dragonite, I have a life expectancy much longer than a human's; indeed, some of my kind have lived for over a thousand years, or so I've heard. I myself have lived for nearly three-hundred years and I've gained much wisdom in that time.

While I am on my crag, I have the solitude I need to concentrate on my thoughts; there is no-one to distract me. Don't get me wrong - I don't mind company - but there are times when a Pokemon needs to be alone to think about things. And, as a Dragonite that has lived for two-hundred-and-ninety-odd years, I have a great deal to think about, to contemplate.

The subject of humans is one that often occupies my thoughts. We Dragon Pokemon are a proud and noble breed and we will not give our loyalty to those we deem unworthy. However, to those lucky few, we are the most dependable friends they can have, as well as being some of the strongest Pokemon, other than the Legendaries, in existence. Unfortunately, not all humans share our nobility; there are those who will try to catch us for personal gain or simply to claim bragging rights for having caught a rare Pokemon.

And, when I was a Dratini, I had the misfortune to encounter one such human.

As I sit on my crag, gazing out over the mountains, my thoughts turn to that day, the day I encountered the net.

I was swimming in the lake I called my home, not thinking about anything in particular but idly wondering what I might find if I swam up the river which led into the lake. Suddenly, I found that I could not swim any further; there was something, a net, in the way. I instinctively tried to swim backwards, away from the net, but, before I could do so, I felt it closing in around me. The next thing I knew, I was being lifted out of the lake and into the world I had previously only glimpsed on the occasions when I rose to the surface for a few moments.

As I was lifted clear of the lake, I saw for the first time the one who had trapped me, a scrawny man with white-blond hair and a long, pointed nose. He was looking at me with an expression of utter triumph on his face. "Finally!" he cried, rubbing his hands together with glee. "The elusive Dratini! Giovanni will pay good money for this!" It took me a moment to figure out what he meant, but, then, I remembered. Giovanni was a name I'd heard before, from an Octillery who'd managed to escape from something called Team Rocket. I did not know what that meant, but I could sense it was something bad.

I had to escape. I powered up a Thunderbolt, hoping to break free of the net, but it didn't work. Clearly, I realised, this guy remembered that Dragon Pokemon can learn Electric Attacks and had taken precautions. But had he also remembered what other kinds of Attack we have in our arsenals? Could the net stand up to, say, a Fire Attack? One Flamethrower later, I received my answer.

"You're wasting your time," the guy who'd caught me said, grinning evilly. "That net can withstand any sort of Attack you can throw at it. So you might as well give up now." He looked at me for a moment, then added: "I'll get a nice, fat bonus when I bring you in!" And, laughing, he picked me up and put me on what I later learned was called a motorbike and side-car; I was in the side-car and he climbed aboard the main bike, which quickly roared into life and took me away from the lake that had been my home.

As the bike took me further and further from the lake, my thoughts turned to one thing. How was I going to escape from here? I could tell this guy's intentions were not good, that he only wanted to use me to get that "bonus" he'd mentioned, that he was not the sort of person to whom I, as a Dragon Pokemon, could give loyalty. Pokemon can sense when someone has bad intentions; it's a kind of sixth sense, which is augmented in those that can learn Psychic. I couldn't, but I could still sense that the guy who had caught me was bad. I had to escape from him. But how? I already knew I couldn't break out of the net.

Or could I? As my captor continued on his way, with me as a very reluctant passenger, a thought suddenly occurred to me. I'd only used one Attack at a time when I was trying to get out of the net earlier, but maybe if I used several Attacks at once . . . It was risky; I'd never used more than one Attack at a time and I had no way of knowing if it would work. But, since the alternative seemed to be captivity at the hands of someone I could sense wanted to exploit me for financial gain, I had little choice. I started with Aqua Tail, a move which enabled me to spray a jet of water from the tip of my tail, before following through with Thunderbolt, one of the moves that had failed to break me out of the net earlier. This time, however, I had a plan. I was counting on one of the most fundamental facts of life - that water conducts electricity.

Sure enough, when combined with Aqua Tail, my Thunderbolt was powerful enough to break the mesh of the net. Within moments, I was free and I decided I was going to teach the guy who'd caught me a lesson. I was going to teach him not to mess with Dragon Pokemon. He seemed surprised that I'd managed to escape, but he quickly got over it and made a grab for a red-and-white ball at his belt; I did not know what that ball was for, but I knew I had to stop him from using it. I launched into a powerful Dragon Rage, summoning a tornado and sending it in the direction of the human who'd tried to capture me. Caught in the middle of the storm, he went flying through the air and disappeared from view, yelling something about "blasting off again" as he did so.

Suddenly, I felt a strange sensation come over me, a sensation like nothing I'd ever felt before. It was as if I was glowing and, at the same time, changing form, my body becoming longer, my scales changing to a deeper shade of blue. Two blue orbs appeared on the tip of my tail, while a third appeared at my throat. And my ears became long and feather, making ideal wings, wings with which I could fly far away from here and find the solitude I needed to be alone with my thoughts.

I had evolved into a Dragonair.

In my new form, I flew high over the land until I found a range of mountains which looked as though it should deter all but the most determined humans. That was where I made my home and it is also the place where I evolved into the Dragonite I am today. I never saw the guy who tried to capture me again and, since a human lifespan is so much shorter than my own, I never will. Unless Celebi were to appear and take me back in time, but I try to avoid thinking about him as much as possible. He wanted to exploit me and did not understand that Dragon Pokemon - well, all Pokemon really - should be treated with respect.

Instead, I spend my time sitting on my crag, easily the highest point in the land. From here, I can see in all directions; on a clear day, I can even see out to sea and I sometimes catch glimpses of Lapras colonies swimming on the surface. On occasion, I have even flown down and spoken with them, but I have never been tempted by their offers to make a life for myself out in the open ocean. These mountains are my home and I intend to make sure they remain my home for as long as I live. Which could be another seven-hundred years or more . . .

If you happen to be within sight of these mountains at sunset, take a look at the highest point you can see. If you're lucky, you might see the outline of a Dragonite silhouetted against the setting sun. That will be me, perched on my crag, deep in thought.