Summary: Winter and summer. Fire and ice. A match made in heaven or hell?

Author's note: This is a bit different oneshot, so if you love it, tell me why. If you hate it, tell me also why. You can read this they way you like. The words are here. You decide what they mean.


by: Niphrehdil

Years of pain. Cold fathers, absent mothers, bling revenges. Innocent, pure people. Bad, lost people. Lonely, mad people.

Years of snow.

Years of ice.

Years of Uther.

Years of warmth.

Years of love.

Years of...

Winters. Summers. Autumns. Then just winterns. All over again. Winter winter winter.

Cold, cynical and bittersweet thoughts that even power can't consume. Long nights heavy metal pressing forehead down, crown of jesters.

One silent night. A lake. The same lake.

Freezing water with some ice floating here and there. Crown prince's feet, numb. Warlock's hands, warm but deadly powerful. Icy rain.

That made the hair freeze to hard sticks.

Lightless night with thunder. Raindrops hitting the lake, raping the surface.

Shaking friends. Panting breathes. No lies. No empty words.

A bow nearer to the ear. Remember..." whispered.

That I will save you..."

Old fire flashing in the blue eyes. Spring's marks on his neck. Pulse. Pulse. Beating through the fatal rain.

Icy rain. Broken but not empty promises. Strokes of dark hair. Strokes of dark magic. Strokes of years of winter. Tell me not being the last one to stand. Because then there is eternity to be alone...

Rather quick giving-ups than long springs of fire. Sources of life. Sources of death. Bounds over life and time. Bounds over blood, over titles.

Simple. Cold. Fire. Ice.

Fire melting the ice. Ice smothering the fire.

Long rays of smoke burning the rain. Mountains like matches. Stars like arrows.

Space like between.

Cold hands. Fierce summer.

Meltdown. Turning to mist. Mist of an island. Island beyond time.

Grey shades of blue. Love that's stronger than his hate.