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A missing scene from the pilot. Kind of Chuck/Jenny, what we didn't see before his pathetic attempt of rape. For now it's a one shot but I may had other chapters not directly related.

Because sometimes the purity of the lamb can touch the devil himself.

- Oh gosh, i don't like it...i mean, except if you think it's cool, do you think it is ? Cool, I mean. Cause you know it's not this gross...if you want I can do it...

I can see the despair in her eyes. Stupid little girl , so willing to please me.

I'm not going to lie and pretend I don't like it, cause come on who am I trying to fool ? I'm still a teenage boy, you know with needs and all the hormonal package. But really, sometimes I just want to kill her. By her I don't means specifically that blue eyes thing standing in front of me, but all of those girls, so desperate to please me. They'll do anything for me. All that because apparently whatever I do, I still manage to stay popular, and they want a little of my fame. Infamous is famous.

I smirk to that poor thing, confusing her even more but she's brave enough to smile back. The smile of innocence.

Too bad that, when I will be done with her, she would never be able to smile like that again. This thought only makes stronger my urge to destroy her.

I can feel the adrenaline and alcohol burning in my blood. I grab her hips and pull her closer.

I see her hands shaking, and her fear makes me smile. A smile of pure devil.

Lust, Envy, Pride, Warth and the rest of the Seven deadly, they're all in this smile. I almost can see the manichaeism fight between our souls, my dark and ugly one against her's shiny and clean one.

Clearly some part of me is obsessed with destruction.

A typical Chuck Bass smirk on my lips, I lean over her, until our faces almost touch. She seems to stop breathing.

-I will carve my name into your skin and then claim you as mine.

Lust is a weapon. A deadly one, I think before pressing my lips on the tender flesh of her neck to fulfill my promise.

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