Chapter 1

Rolo-chan: your wondering why in hell am i doing peter pan right? hehe well i watched peter pan with my little sister and i remember why i liked it before so i thought i would do a cross over story.

Today Lady Tsunade had called team 8.

Standing infront of her was a boy with black spiky hair in shape of a duck butt, then there was a boy with his hair up in a pony tail's, then there was a girl with long indigo hair. Tsunade looked at them all "Sasuke, Shikamaru, Hinata and Kurenai Yuhi, i have a s rank mission for you" she said, "yes" Sasuke cheered, Hinata sighted, Shikamaru looked at him, "you will be going to help out a old friend of mine, so don't mess it up" she growled, "w-who!" Hinata asked, Tsunade smiled "her name is Wendy Darling, you will leave now" she said "hai" and they leaved all but Kurenai, "Lady Tsunade isn't Wendy the" she stared, "yes, so keep an eye on Hinata we don't need her going missing for god knows how long" she said crossing her arm's, Kurenai nodded and laved..

Hinata ran home, "f-father i have a mission" she called, and walked into her bedroom and stared to pack, when a little blonde boy jumped out from under her bed, "hay Hinata" he yelled scaring her, "N-Naruto you s-scared me" she said, the blound laughed, "sooooo were you going?" he asked, Hinata smiled "i g-got a s r-rack mission t-today" she replayed, Naruto pulled his head to the side, "for how long?" he asked, "i d-don't k-know, were g-going to h-help W-Wendy D-Darling" she said, "isn't that the lady with the rumor's she has a babe girl right?" he asked, Hinata nodded, "can i came?" he asked flowed in her face, Hinata giggled "i-if you be q-quit, and s-stay in m-my bag i-intill i say so" she said, Naruto just flayed into her bag, and sat on her gloves she keep in her bag, Hinata giggled and leaved for the gate on her way she thought about, when she first meet Naruto.

flash back

4 year old, Hinata Hyuuga sat in her bed room crying tear's.

The door open and a woman walked in she had long indigo hair, her lavender eye's were light like her daughter, "Hinata" She whispered, and sat down next to her, Hinata turn to look at her mother. "Mother?" she asked softly, Hinata's mother sighted, "i know he's being hard on you Hinata, but he only doing it for your best" she said and hugged her, Hinata sniff "but mother, Father he hit me" she whispered, her mother sighted "it was tranning Hina-dear" Hinata mother said, "Hinata would you like to hear a story?" she asked, Hinata looked at her mother with hope, she loved story's. "well this story is about fairy's" Hinata mother said, making her hand's into a fairy shape, Hinata giggled "a fairy is made from a now born baby's laughter, they love to play trick's on people, and they look after tree's plant's and flower's, there a same Special one's out there how are friend's with humans and move around with them, and the human they chose, looks after them" she whispered to Hinata has her eye's began to close, "fairy friend's" she whispered before she feel asleep, Hinata's mother moved out the room.


A girl with long indigo hair walked down the path in konoha into the forest, tear's ran down her face, she was dressed in a black dress, her mother had died, lavender eye's were puffy and red, she this girl was Hinata Hyuuga new 6 year's old, she had became shy. Hinata sat down on a fallen tree, her hand's covered her face, "ouch" said a voice unknown to Hinata, "huh" Hinata looked around only to see, a small ball of light she slowly got up and walked over to it, she got on her knee and looked at the fallen ball, slowly the light dimmed, into a boy, Hinata blinked, "w-what t-the" she whispered, the boy had blonde spiky hair, with dark blue eye's he had whiskers on his cheek's, he was dressed in orange shirt with matching Short's, they were cut at the end's, but that's not what got Hinata, it was his long light blue wing's. "F-Fairy?" she whispered, the boy looked up at her face and grinned, "hello, I'm Naruto" he said, Hinata blinked, "i-I'm H-Hinata" she whispered, the boy flew onto her shoulder, "thank you for saving me" he said, Hinata closed her eye's then open them to see him in her face, "o-oh" she gasped, as he sat on her nose, " so what would you like?" he asked with a grin, "a-a friend" she muted, the boy grinned "I'll be your friend" he said, Hinata smiled "really?" she asked, the boy nodded, since that day Naruto had stayed with Hinata!

end flash back

"The g-good old d-day's, now I'm a-a k-killer, a-a n-ninja" Hinata whispered in her lavender jumper and ninja pants. She waled until she saw her team waiting bye the gate, "hay ready Hinata" asked Kurenai, getting a nodded from the shy girl they stared to walk away from Konoha, unknown to Hinata it would be the last time in a long time. "how much longer" Sasuke Complain, Kurenai sighted "almost there Sasuke" she said, Hinata watched tp the sky with Shikamaru, as they walked, Hinata fleet like something bad will happen but she just shacked it off, "Hay Kurenai senpai, is the rumor's about Wendy true?" asked Shikamaru, Sasuke and Hinata's Gaze turned on her, she sighted "no one knows for sure, but she worked everyone how stay's in house to keep the window closed in one room at night, but she only Say's that to girl's" she sighted "umm i-is it t-true she w-when missing?" Hinata asked shyly, "yes Hinata she did but no one knows were" she said calmly, Hinata nodded, "oh look were here" Kurenai said, the gein looked to see a row of house, the last one was the one they stand in front of, "in there?" Sasuke asked, Kurenai nodded, and watched Sasuke ran to the door and knocked on it.

A woman with short honey yellow hair open it, she had green eye's that were full of love and care, it made Hinata smile she made her think of her mother, how much Hinata want to be a mother sadly Hinata wouldn't make it that far, "hello you must be Kurenai" the lady asked, Kurenai nodded, "hai you must be Wendy" she asked, the woman nodded and let them in, They walked into her living room and sat down Hinata carefully put her bag down not to hurt Naruto. Wendy sat in front of them with her baby in her arm's "Edward my husband is out at the moment he already know you were coming, anyway your wondering why your here?" she asked, they nodded, "well my cooking and my maid's are off for a few day's you see" she said "oh i see" Kurenai said with a smile, "that's it, the big s ranked misiiton" Sasuke growled to himself, "you must be tired, I'll show you to your bedroom so you can clean up" Wendy said standing up and walked away with team 8 right behind her.

Soon They came to Hinata room, Wendy took her in there, "Hinata is it?" she asked, Hinata nodded, "this will be your room, it used to be mine when i was your age" Wendy said, Hinata looked at her "w-when you w-was 12?" she asked, Wendy giggled and nodded, she was about to leave when she turn and looked at Hinata, "plz Hinata keep the window closed at Night" she said Hinata's eye's widen, "a-alright W-Wendy" she whsipered, Wendy nodded and leaved closing the bedroom's door behind her, Hinata looked around when she was gone, the room had the sea with pirate ship's, Hinata sat down on the bed in the right hand corner, she open the bag to let Naruto out, He jumped onto her shoulder and looked around "wow" he said, with Amazement, "y-yeah" Hinata giggled, Then Naruto flew to the floor and looked around he's orange sandals touched the wooden floor. "hmmmm ship's" he said with his hand's at his side's, "S-Sasuke was r-really nice to m-me today" she giggled, then sight as Naruto's orange light when red with jealousy, "N-Naruto-kunnnnnnnn you k-know i l-lovvvvvvvvvvvve you" she laughed, Naruto calmed down, and smiled, "goooooood" he said swing side to side.

"i s-should go t-tack a s-shower" Hinata said looking at the bathroom, Naruto sighted and flow to the bed "I'll be waiting" he said Hinata giggled, "a-alright N-Naruto" she said as walked away from him.


"bored, bored BOREDDDDDDD" Naruto cried, until a light flew past the window, Naruto Stare at the window for a while, until he shacked his head, "i must be losing my mind" he muted, he heard a clicking sound, he turn his head to the bathroom door as Hinata walked out in a lavender night dress on it hugged her body showing all her Curves, Naruto gasped as a blush covered his cheek's, then suddenly, he when red with jealousy, "w-what's w-wrong?" Hinata asked, Naruto crossed his arm's over his chest, "your going down there in that? with boy's down there 2" he said, Hinata giggled "I'm g-going to p-put this o-on t-two" Hinata said grabbing a night jumper cover all those thing's a boy would want to see, "That's better" Naruto said as he calmed down, Hinata giggled "I'll b-be back s-soon" she whispered Naruto nodded and swayed down from the air backwards and forwards.

Hinata walked into the dinning room with her arm's around her body, she saw everyone sitting "s-sorry for m-making you w-wait" she whispered, "oh dear you didn't make us wait long!" Wendy said, Hinata smiled, as she sat down next to her, as they eat, Hinata sighted feeling excited all of a suddenly.

Later that night Hinata was sitting next to Wendy, "are you alright Hinata?" she asked softly, "oh y-yes you r-remind me o-of my m-mother" she whispered, "oh how lovely you must love her very much" she smiled, "y-yes i d-did" she sighted, Wendy looked at her "did?" Wendy asked, Hinata eye's Widen "s-she died g-giving born to m-my s-sister" Hinata said sadly as tear's stared to fall from her eye's "oh dear" Wendy said hugging her, "it's alright" she whispered rubbing her back, as Hinata calmed down "t-thank you i t-think i s-should go b-back to b-bed now" she said rubbing her eye's Wendy smiled and stand "alright Hinata, remember to keep to window locked, remember locked not closed locked" she called, "h-hai" Hinata said and walked back to her room, as she open the door, a little person flew right to her face, "HINATAAAAAAAAAAA I WAS SO LONLEY" cried the little blonde boy, Hinata giggled and closed the door. "I'm b-back N-Naruto" she said and hugged the fairy, then slipped into bed with Naruto curled in a ball with his Small back pressed against Hinata's arm.