Hinata's Pro










"10, Ready or not here I came" I yelled into the green forest, I began to walk.

I sighted

"m-maybe I c-can" I muted to myself, butting my hand under my chin, I grinned, "it's n-not really c-cheating" I said happily, I looked around still alone.

I put 2 of my fingers on both hands together, "Byakugan" I whispered, I felt the sudden power bust thought my eye's, I could see everything around me better, I could see thought thing's.

I blinked and began my search

Naruto's Pro

As soon as Hinata began to account, I turn and legged it to my hiding place

"I still thing we should go, but does she Liston to me nooo" I growled angrily, I soon came to my hiding place it was a small hole in a tree,I grinned and jumped in.

"Naruto-kun" Squeal a voice that I would like to forget. I slowly turn around, I gasped as i was knocked to the ground, "TINKERBELL GET OFF" I yelled at the blonde head girl, How was giggling and touching me same were I would like her to stop touching me there.

I pushed her off

And jumped into the corner, hiding my blush "w-why did you jump on me?" I asked, Tinkerbell let her head foll to the side, she blinked her big blue eye's, "well silly were going to get married so why not?" she giggled, I gasped that's it, "TINKERBELL THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL I'LL MARRY YOU" I said pointing at her, sadly she didn't tack the hit.

Then there was a smail giggle out side the tree

Me and sadly Tinkerbell, pocked are head's out to see Hinata sanding there, with a cute smile over her face, "f-found you to l-lovebirds" Hinata giggled, "WHAT I DON'T LIKE HER" I yelled as Tinkerbell giggled.

Hinata's pove

I trun and becan to walk Naruto was on my right shoulder while Tinkerbell was on my other.

"hmmm I wonder were the other's are hiding?" asked Naruto, "w-well that's h-hope there n-not making a lot of n-noise like you to" I said softly then giggled as Naruto huffed and crossed his arms.

I smiled as I heard a soft tump, I saw in the corner of my eye, Nibs fell out of a tree, I ran over to him "a-are you all r-right?" I asked calmly, Nibs looked up at me and laughed, "yeah that was so cool I wanner go again" He said excited, and jumped to his feet, "oh p-plz be c-careful" I gasped as I watch him Clim the tree, "don't be a worry wort Mother" He yelped, I sighted was I really turning into a worry wort? but that's what mother's do right?

And then Nibs jumped down infront of me, he grinned "soooooo how do you have to find next?" he asked, "umm w-well S-Slightly, Tootles, C-Cubby, Twins and P-Peter" I said pocking my fingers together, Nibs nodded, "Okay so if I look for Slightly, Naruto can look for Cubby, Tinkerbell can find Tootle and you look for the Twins, then we all can look for Peter" he said, "I-It looks like y-your the b-brains" I giggled, He smiled brightly.

Naruto blinked "alright just as long as I'm not with her" Naruto said pointing at Tinkerbell then he tock off into the sky, "see yah later Hinata-chan" he yelled, I nodded and watched Tinkerbell wave at us then took off to find Tootles, "c-came on Nibs" I said as we began to walk away.

Naruto pro

I looked around trying to find chubby, err I mean Cubby

I scanned the forest below me, I tried to find the fat bear boy, it shouldn't be that hard right?

"Cubby? came out came out boy, be a good boy" I called, "HAY I'M NO DOG" yelled a voice behind me, I smirk and turn to stair at him, He blinked.

"oh bloody hell" I laughed

Tinkerbell pro

Why couldnt i be with Naruto-kun, I sighted as i tried to fine the little black boy, I could help but smile a little he was the cutest of the lost boys, ofter then Peter of cause, Even thought I'm in love with Naruto-kun I still have a soft spot for Peter.

hmmm I wonder were Tootle's could been hide, he so small he has a lot of hiding place, damn it why did i get him damn you Nibs.

God must love me up there

"oh I see a black tail coming out from a bush" The Bush suddenly giggled, I smiled softly and flew closer to it "do bush's have tails?" I asked in a jokey way, Then Tootles jumped out "nooo Tink its me" he giggled I laughed, "Lets go fine Hinata" I said Tootles jumped up and down excited "yay Mother" he said before running away, I gasped.


Nibs pro

I grabbed Mothers hand as we walked, She looked down at me "w-were does S-Slightly like t-to hide?" she asked, I smiled "well Slightly likes to hide in dirty place and the twins like to hide in caves and staff like that" I muted as my eyes scanned are round abouts.

"S-So then S-Slightly will be i-in something l-like a m-muddy place?" Mother asked kindly, I smiled "like the muddy flied" I cried out happily "M-Muddy f-filed?" She asked confused, "well it a filed, duh but it's not green it's Browne yellow and muddy it's at the beginning of Indians space" I said nodding my head and pulled mother along.

As we walked along the river, Mother was brushing her hand along a few of tree's, "there" I called Mother's gaze followed my hand, She gasped because infront of us was the most dirty filed I'm saying that at Mother's home fields were bot this dirty, hehe.

"oh s-should we go i-in?" Mother asked, I nodded and pulled her in

The weed''s brushed against are skin leaving mud marks on are skin, I smiled as Mother's Indigo hair flew into air as it blew past us

Suddenly there was a cry of pain, I gasped and jumped "N-Nibs" Mother gasped and catch me, I feel into her arms. I looked down to see that I had stepped on "S-Slightly are y-you alright?" Mother asked as I wrapped my arms around her neck, I was very short so it was alright to stay in her arms, and beside I'm a little scared to get down Slightly might kill me.

Hinata Pro

I watched Slightly get up, as Nibs wrapped his arms around my neck, "I'm fine Mother" Slightly growled as he narrowed his eyes at Nibs, Poor Nibs, I felt him shack in my arms, I slowly put him down, then her wrapped his arms around my wast, "S-so now I f-found you, w-we need t-to look f-for the t-twins" I smailed as Slightly calmed down "alright lets go" Slightly said as he began to walk off, I giggled and began to walk to keep up, Nibs whimpered and ran to catch up to us.


Nibs jumped and looked at Slightly, "y-yes Slightly" he gasped, "were do you think the twins might hide?" he asked, I giggled again, "um how about the tree house?" Nibs said tapping his chin, "why would they go back there?" Slightly said crossing his arms over his chest, "I-It couldn't h-hurt to c-check?" I said softly, Slightly sighted but nodded and the we took of to the tree house.

As we climed the hiden stair's, I watched Nibs and Slightly picker at eachother, I could't hlep but lauther at them. Nibs pushed the wooden door open, and poked his head in, his brown eyes looked around fast, "nope not here" he muted then suddenly we heard giggling, "are you sure?" Slightly asked

Then there was a tump followed with a cry of pain, all 3 of us blinked, as the twins came rolling out, when they stop they looked at each other "new looked what you've done" Growled twin one "me it was you how hit your head" twin 2 yelled, Slightly grabbed the back of there shirts "looked it was both of your flouts" he said calmly "and we have found you" he added, "aww damn" the cryed.

Then suddenly, we heard an angry cry, we turn to see Naruto running away from Tinkerbell it was soo cute, then from under them ran Tootles and Cubby, "yo" Nibs and the twins said at the same time, "so were off to fine Feter" Naruto said nodding his, "on sacred thought lets let him rot" he said glowing red, I shacked my head "no fairy boy he's are leader and a good friend AND it's Peter" Tootles said cutely, "MY NAME IS NARUTO" He yelled angry, I grabbed him just as he was about to attack Tootles, "I-If you k-keep being a p-pain i'll l-let Tinkerbell h-have you" I said Tinkerbell cheered, "no no no i'll be good" Naruto cried with anime tears, I giggled.

We began to walk again but this time we didn't get to far, because once again with hear Peter's call, We looked up down came the leaf boy, His blonde,brown hair covered the front of his face, covering his eyes, He quickly pushed it out of his eye's, what had changed once again now there light baby blue, He did his cocky smirk "sorry guys but I need to cut this game short" he said happily I looked at him, "but mother almost found everyone, all she need to find was you Father" Cubby said, Peter raised his eye brow and looked at me "well well, That was pretty good...for a girl" he smirked, "for a girl?" I asked angry, "well most girls don't find everyone" he smiled, most girls? how many girls have he took here? before I could ask, "why cut the game Father?" Asked Nibs, "well the Indians have something they would like us to go see, they said it was important" Peter smiled.

I wonder what was so Important that it could wait.

I bet it's not Important

How worng was I

Very very worng