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Warnings: Slash, Sam/Cas - Sassy, Dean finds out.

Dean entered the motel room he shared with Sam and his eyes immediately went wide. There on the motel's bed sat his half naked baby brother and an angel of the lord. Their lips had been locked just moments before. Sam now looked like a deer caught in headlights and any other time Dean would have found it amusing, he definitely wasn't laughing now however.

"What the hell is this?" he demanded motioning his hands in-between the pair on the bed. "I uhh... Cas... umm..." Sam's heart was beating rapidly in his chest and he couldn't seem to form a sentence. Castiel looked over at him with a confused expression, "Sam and I were kissing and I was rather quite enjoying it. Hell did not have anything to do with it." Castiel deadpanned. "It's an expression and I saw that!" "Then I do not understand why you asked." Sam's eyes went even wider as he looked from his brother to his lover and back. Dean ran a frustrated hand down his face.

"How long has this been going on?" he asked as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "About six months." Sam answered as he looked down at his hands, his voice quiet. "Six months?" Dean said incredulously, "You never felt the need to, oh I don't know, tell me?" Sam snorted looking up, "Oh yeah because that would have went over so well, 'Hey Dean, I'm fucking an angel. Oh and not just any angel but the one that raised you from Hell'." he paused, looking down at his hands again which began picking at the cover that was under him, "And just to make things even better, I think I'm in love with him."

Dean's eyes grew wide again at the statement and he looked from his brother to Castiel and back repeatedly for about 30 seconds. Sam was refusing to look up and Castiel had remained the same as earlier, his expression mostly blank with a confused look every now and then. Dean let out a sigh, "Well Cas?" Castiel tilted his head, "Well what?" "Do you love my brother?" Sam's face turned red and he held his breath, panicking slightly. "I have great affection for him, yes." Sam let out the breath and smiled for a second. Dean saw this and his face softened, "Okay." "Okay?" Sam asked looking up with a confused look. "Okay. I'm not gonna say I exactly approve but if he makes you happy, then okay."

Sam jumped up off the bed and hugged his brother. "Urgh, Sammy... can't... breathe." Sam let go, "Sorry." "It's okay." Dean said with a slight sideways smile, Sam smiled too before he walked back to the bed where Castiel was still sitting and kissed him softly. Dean groaned, "This is way too chick-flicky." He of course wouldn't let them see the smile that'd been on his face just seconds before they turned to look at him.

Author's note: Woot, first ever Sassy attempt!
Sassy has quickly become my third favorite pairing (after Wincest and Padackles). There isn't nearly enough stuff for them though. *pout*
I know this is short but thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. :)