Title: Hide and Seek

Pairing: Diggy. hinted Kenaya. a little Scott/Summer

Summary: Ziggy does something he probably shouldn't have and is searching for a hiding spot. Crappy summary, I know.

Note: This story is dedicated to dgcakes giving me the inspiration to write this.

Disclaimer: If I owned, I wouldn't be writing stories on here. And it would probably be on an adult channel.


Okay, so maybe it had been a bad idea. Well, definitely a bad idea on his part. He would never understand why he did half of the things he did. The other Rangers joked about him being an idiot( at least he HOPED they were joking) but Ziggy was starting to believe it. He was also starting to believe that he was suicidal and really didn't want to live anymore. Yep, there was definitely something not right with him. Ziggy came to this conclusion because: Ziggy Grover, Ranger Operator Series Green, had just kissed Dillon, Ranger Operator Series Black and Hardcore Resident Badass.

Yep, Ziggy had kissed Dillon. The urge had come from nowhere and instead of bashing the urge on the head, he had leaned forward and pressed his lips to the slightly chapped yet surprisingly soft lips of Dillon. After realizing what he had done, he took off. Which brings him to the here and now. He had to find a hiding spot.

He would just hide in his room but seeing as he shared it with Dillon, that wasn't a good idea. He figured he had about 10 minutes before the shock wore off and Dillon came looking. His first try was the lab. Walking in, he noticed that Dr. K and Tenaya weren't in there. That gave him more of a chance to hide because K couldn't kick him out if she wasn't there.

Looking around, he couldn't find a decent spot. Then he heard the gasping and moaning coming from K and Tenaya's and decided it was a bad place to hide anyways. He runs to the kitchen to see Flynn making a smoothie. This room was out. Flynn would tell Dillon in a heartbeat if Ziggy hid in here. So Ziggy goes to the roof…to see Scott and Summer having a picnic with each others faces. Nope, roof was off limits. He goes to the laundry room and sees Gem and Gemma doing clothes.

He groans. Was no room in the place empty? This only left the garage and…good idea. Hiding in plain sight. He made his way to the garage. Seeing it empty, he slides quietly into the passenger seat of the Fury and slinks down to hide himself better. This could possibly be his last time in the car and he wanted to remember everything about it.

He must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knows is waking up to someone licking and biting along his neck. Blinking his eyes open, he sees Dillon's hair. Bringing his hand up to pet the hair he realizes that he's not dreaming, Dillon is really doing this.

" Dillon? Whatcha doin'?" He asks, sleepily.

" You didn't give me the chance to respond when you kissed me earlier…" Dillon replies, pulling away.

" You…didn't mind me kissing you?" Ziggy grins.

" no…I've been waiting since I met you…it took you long enough…" Dillon chuckles.

Ziggy's only response is to pull Dillon back down for another kiss.