Samantha Scam snuggled into the warmth known as her future husband. They'd been in Paris for five days now and both Tim and Sam were loving it. Five days of doing nothing but sightseeing, eating out, and sex all the time made both parties very happy. Especially the male party. She heard the phone ringing and sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She'd taken five steps forward when Tim's arm shot out and he took hold of the boy shorts that Tim hadn't let her take off since they've been here (AN: gross, i know). He pulled her back into bed. Sam squeeked as tim stared biting on her ear. Sam slapped at Tim's hands that were currently trying to take her shorts off. "Mmm...I love it when you play hard to get. Almost as much as you in the devil's outfit last night." Sam blushed and stopped struggling to get away. "Pervert..."

Tim chuckled in her ear. "You know you liked dominating me." "Yeah until you threw me off halfway and started 'punishing' me." Tims hand slid into her shorts and Sam grabbed his wrist, scowling at him. "No, Tim. Let me go, I have to get the phone." Tim pressed hot kisses to her neck. "Fine but when you get back I'm not letting you out of this bed until I'm ready to let you go." Sam narrowed her eyes at him. "Or til I'm ready to let you go." Tim chuckled. "We'll see. If it's anything like last night than I will gladly let you take over me. I just love it, baby." Sam then jusmped out of the bed, walking toward the ringing phone and picking it up, not at all noticing her fiance getting up from the bed. "Hey, Sammie!" "Oh, hey Clover. How's my brother?" "The biggest pervert of all time of cousre. And mine?" "He's just discovred that he likes me dominating him." Clover laughed on the other end, stopping when she heard her best friend moan. "Sammie? Is that perv touching you?" Clover demanded. "Yes and he's liking it very much. Now, go away." Tim hung up the phone and threw a blushing Sam on the bed.

Sam woke up feeling sore. Tim snuggled into her and she blushed feeling his hard on against her thigh. "How can you be horny? We just had sex five times! me on top most of them." Tim licked her throat and Sam shoved him away from her so they would'nt be stuck in bed another day of their trip. "No, Tim. Come on, we have to cath the plane to France for your meeting." Sam jumped out of bed, scrambling for her clothes. "You sound like a secretary." Tim said smirking. Sam scowled at him after she put on her plaid cami, blazer, and denim skirt. "I don't even want to know want you're thinking about right now." Tim laughed and Sam threw cloathes at him. "Just get your clothes on and lets go."

"Mmmm...yes ma'am." A shoe hit him on his head

(1): Tim just likes those shorts on her