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I was riding in Edward's Volvo, him at the wheel and me in the passenger's seat. We were on the way back from his house to mine. The family had invited me over for a movie night. I love Edwards's family they are what I think families should be like. His mother and father, Esme and Carlisle where the type mother and father figures. Carlisle was the 'breadwinner' of the family and was so kind and compassionate. He loved his job as a doctor and worked at fork's hospital. Esme was kind and sweet and so loving. She loved her children and husband so much, I knew that from the first time I had seen her year and a half ago. Even then she still thought of me as a daughter just knowing me mere hours.

All of Edward's siblings were very different. Alice was like a little pixie, so small but so hyper. She loved shopping and playing Bella Barbie with me and was always happy. Rosalie was a little more hostile and liked to get her own way. However I stills aw her and loved her as a sister. She was very very pretty and caused a male to drop to his knees by just walking by him.

Edwards's brothers were Emmett and Jasper. Jasper was very funny once you got to know him and was very protective over his family. Like his brother Emmett was very protective of his family however he was like a big kid. He loved playing jokes and thinks my clumsiness is really funny. When you look at him you would think he is a tough, as he is huge with muscles on muscles, however once you know him you would realise that he is just like a giant teddy bear.

And Edward is my own personal Adonis the nicest guy you will know, and so good looking. He is my life as well as my fiancée. As I was saying the Cullen's are like your perfect American family. Well on the outside. But they hold a secret, a secret that I will be come one day. They are vampires.

I have often wondered if other creatures exist. I know werewolves do as I found out when my (ex) best friend turned into a werewolf in front of my very eyes when I was in 'the dark days' when Edward and his family left me for 'my protection', but have never dared ask as I knew I would get laughed at. However, we had just watched E.T so I felt as though this question would not sound as ridiculous as it would randomly. I turned to face Edward, whose eyes yet again were not on the road but were on me, and asked;

'Edward, do aliens exist?'

He looked shocked for a minute and then replied 'Yes!'

I had to double take. I was not expecting that. 'What?' I stuttered

'Aliens exist' he repeated calmly.

'How do you know?' I asked

'I've meet them before' he stated of hand as if he had just told me it was going to rain in Forks again tomorrow. Why hadn't he ever told me this before I would love to know how and why he meets them!


I looked at Bella again. She was looking at me with ega eyes. I had been waiting a while for her to ask me this question, but she had never shown an interest in the area. Infact I had met a few aliens.

I turned around and said 'Where do you think vampires originally came from? Doctor Who? And many other famous aliens you have heard of?' She blinked once, then twice, then a third time.

'You're an alien?' she asked me. I chuckled

'Well im not exactly, human am I?'

'But vampires are made from humans' she replied. Ahhh I see how she was getting confused.

'Bella' I said stroking the side of her face, 'No one is sure where vampires came from, I mean how it first started. Some say more logical things like evolution and other people tell stories of more….outrageous tales, one of which been about aliens. It is said that a few 1000 years ago an alien came down to earth. It possessed all the…..better qualities of us vampires, by which I mean the speed, the strength etc. Now some say this alien bit a women and this create the first vampire, while other stories say this alien mated with a beautiful human female, which is where vampires get their beauty from. However this story goes on to say once the alien had left to go to his own world the human had a baby, a vampire. Of course no one really knows the truth and there are so many different stories about where we first originally came from that any of which could be possible. So yes I may possibly be an alien, or part alien!'


Wow I wasn't expecting that. That's an interesting thought though, where did the first vampire from? I noticed Edward watching me he was expecting a reply

'Interesting' I said, I moved on wanting to know about these other aliens 'and doctor who?' I asked.

'Is an old friend of Carlisle's' he replied smiling slightly

'Wow have you seen his police box? Does he really take humans with him? Does he look human? When was the last time you saw him? What for?' Edward just chuckled


She was so cute. All of her questions. She was looking up at me with wide eyes looking so adorable but reminding me to answer her

'Yes I have seen his police box, it is a lot different on the inside though than it is on the television. It is bigger and had rooms, not just one large open space. Yes, he does sometimes take humans with him…. And vampires…that's how Carlisle knows him! He does look human when he regenerates into one however obviously not like the blokes on TV. The only reason he allows the programme to continue was because everyone thought he was a fictional character like us vampires. The last time I saw him he popped in to visit Carlisle this was about 10 years ago.'

'Can I meet him if he comes back?' Bella asked

'Of course love, he visits Carlisle about once a century, so you will be vampire by then.'

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