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I was sat in Alice's and Jaspers room. Alice had been playing Bella Barbie for some time now. There had been a subject that I had been meaning to bring up with Alice for some time now but I never knew how to go about it. It was also quite embarrassing, which is why I only wanted to ask Alice alone when no one else was around. Now was the ideal time as the rest of the family had popped out to do some hunting meaning it was just me and Alice and no one would hear. I had been trying to ask Alice for the past few hours; however every time I went to open I mouth I would chicken out. It was just too embarrassing.


I had seen Bella opening and closing her mouth for the past few hours obviously wanting to ask me something but then changing her mind at the last minute. Ii knew that if I did not ask her what was wrong my family would be back before she had time to even start asking. Obviously I knew what she wanted to ask I just thought it would be more amusing to let her ask than just answer her questions. Plus it would do her some good. I mean if she can't ask about it how can she ever do it.

Eventually I had to come straight out and ask;

'What is it Bella?' Naturally she went bright red, from pure embarrassment, a trait that Emmett finds incredibly funny.

'Erm… well I erm….I just had a few…. A few question' she stuttered out.

'A few question about what Bella,' I had to fight really hard to keep the smirk off of my face. This was going to be hilarious she couldn't even say she had a few questions to ask. I mean we hadn't even got onto the subject yet!


Oh god I couldn't say it!

'Erm about… about me and…..Edward' I said.

'What about you and Edward?' she asked. I could tell she was fighting really hard not to laugh. Great she had had a vision about it. I knew she was going to make me say the word so I may as well have got it over and done with

'Um, well, me….and Edward… been physical'

'You mean playing sports' Alice asked sweetly... I knew she knew what I was on about. Annoying little pixie.

'I was just wondering about…about' I took a deep breathe 'Sex'. There I said it!


I was nearing the house. I had given up hunting because Edward was brooding over Bella he was changing Jaspers emotions who was affecting everyone else's. It was putting me off hunting bears and I wasn't enjoying it as much as I usually do so I decided to head home before everyone else. I was at the very edge of the forest and that's when I heard her. Bella.

Ha she was asking Bella about sex. This was going to be great. I stayed where I was and listened. I didn't want Alice to hear me if I tried to get any closer to the house. I also didn't want her to see me so I decided to come up with a prank for Edward whilst I was listening to their conversation.


Thank god she had finally said it. Took enough time. I Bella around and sat down with her on mine and Jasper bed smiling.

'What would you like to discuss about it Bella,' I asked. I had been expecting this conversation since that night her and Edward where left here on their own and they made their compromise (Eclipse).


I was worried about Edward since that awful night he had turned me down. I just wanted to know some….details and some facts.

'Well erm first, I'm worried Edward doesn't want me in that way' I said getting upset. 'I'm worried that he doesn't feel the same way about me as I do him and that he doesn't want me in the same way'.

Alice grabbed a hold of my hand. It was clear to anyone I was getting myself upset again over it and I was fighting back the tears. 'Bella,' Alice said 'I know for a fact that Edward defiantly wants you that way. It's just that he is scared. Scared that he will hurt you. Scared that he won't be any good!'

What Edward thought he wouldn't be any good with….me 'What he thinks he will be bad in bed' I voiced my thoughts

'Yes!' Alice said 'However I know if defiantly wants you in that way, if you get what I mean' I….didn't get what she meant

'Erm….No' I asked 'What do you mean'

'Well'shereplied'he enjoys your company especially when he's alone' Hey that didn't make any sense how can he enjoy my company when I am not even around?


I sighed. Bella still looked confused. Was I going to have to spell it out for her? Obviously. I took a deep breathe and stated 'He masturbates over you,' he was going to kill me!

Poor little Bella looked like a deer caught in the headlight of a car

'WH...WHAT?' she half whisper yelled.

'He masturbated over you' I repeated. Bella sounded like she was choking on something and I was starting to get worried.


He masturbated over me yet he would have sex with me? Why? I was so confused

'So why wont he have sex with me?' I asked puzzled

'Hes scared' Alice repeated herself from earlier.

I decided that I would drop this conversation for a while but filed away the new information for later. I went on to ask her some more of my questions.


Edward. HA. Masturbates. Over. Ha. Bella. Omg this is gold. The stuck up prude who I thought didn't even know what a dick was actually masturbates. I have to carry on listening to this conversation. It's great!



'Yes, Bella'

'Does it hurt' I asked. She knew what I would be talking about.

'Yes it can your first time' she replied. 'You will most probably bleed as well, which is one of the reasons why Edward is so worried about having sex with you when you are still human.'

Oh I hadn't thought of that. I didn't want to make it hard for him when we did eventually…do it; I wanted him to enjoy it.' Which brought me onto my second question, which was the best position, do boys prefer something that girls don't. 'What about…..positions….I want him to have…….is there a position better than others?'

'No everyone's different' Alice stated. Phew I was worried she was going to go into detail about her and jasper!


Bella wanted to know positions. I am defiantly the man. I couldn't hold off and headed straight to the house.

Bella turned around shocked. Alice just looked annoyed.

'Bella baby, you want to know positions, I can tell you positions from a male point of view too.' I grinned massively. This was going to be fun. 'Missionary is great, Edward can defiantly get some good angles out of that and hit some top spots, doggy style is ok and defiantly better than spooning position. The cowgirl is great I'm sure Edward would like that one. It's great to get a good look at a chicks boobs bouncing as you have sex. One of my favourites with Rosalie. Standing is also good can get a good bounce…..'

I trailed off; Bella had gone from bright red, to deathly white. Alice moved to the left and caught Bella as she fainted…..

OOPS! Edward was going to kill me!

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